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Maturita  Solutions Advanced   Workbook  Key
Unit  1
stand bananas and coffee ! It’s a bit 
3  1  to 
8  of
uncanny  really . Is it  something she’s 
2  about 
9   century
passed on to me genetically, or is it 
3  like 
10  assumed / 
1A Memories  page 3
learned behaviour? Who knows?
4  of 
   thought  /
5  any 
1  See exercise 2
2  ”
1  I take after my mum
6  fought 
11   between
2  1  disorientated 
5   withdrawn
2  the spitting image
7   granted  
12   Although
2  distraught 
6  preoccupied
3  a strong family resemblance 
3  bewildered 
7  circumspect
4  1  F  2  T  3  F  4  F  5  T
4   overwhelmed
4  lot of my dad’s  traits
5  1   ignore
2  broadened out
3  1  f hindsight 
4  c evocative
5   comes  to, more in common
2  a recall 
5  b recollection
6  she’s passed on to me 
3  a shred
3  d reminisce  
6  e ingrained
4  plausible
5   obsolete
4  1  I’ve asked  you time and time 
3  1   There ’s a strong resemblance 
again to keep the noise down.
between Paul and Joe.
1D Sporting  origins  page 6–7
2  She recognised him at  once .
2  Phobias can be genetically 
3  He’s  working at his  father ’s  shop  
1  1  staunchly / resolutely
for the time being.
3  When it comes to politics
2  By and large
4  They’ll be here any moment now.
Edward and his dad have a lot in 
3  swiftly
5   Everybody   makes  mistakes once 
4  loosely
in a while .
4   Luke  is the spitting image of  Matt  
5  categorically
6  My brother  was still a baby at the 
6  widely
5  Personality- wise , I take after my 
7  resolutely / staunchly
8  strictly
5 unaffected 
9  gravely
immobile disapproval
4  1   never used to
irresponsible illogical
2  always used to
2  A   France  B  USA  C  USA
6  1  self-employed 
4  supersensitive
3  used to
3  1  A   2  C   3  C   4  A   5  B   
2  undercooked 
5  co-starred
4  would help / helped
6  C   7  B   8  A   9  C   10  A   
3  anticlockwise  6  misheard
5  didn’t use to
11  A   12  B
6  was  thinking
1B Inheritance  page 4
7  didn’t use 
4  1  F   2  F   3  T   4  F   5  T   6  F
8  used to resent
5  1  railings  
5   accomplishes
1  ”1 T  2 F  3 F  4 T  5 T
9  are forever mistaking
2  vault  
6   took  off
Transcript WB 01
 10  think
3  heroic exploits   7  emulating
 11  didn’t / didn’t use to
Hmm. That’s a very  interesting question 
4  subterfuge 
8  surge
... Well, physically, I take after my mum, 
 12  say
Challenge !   Students ’ own answers
I suppose . Our facial   features  are pretty  
 13  don’t / won’t
similarsame eyes , same-shaped 
 14  borrowed
1E Phrasal  verbs   page 8
forehead . I’ve seen photos  of her when 
5 (possible 
she was my age and apart from the 
1  Well, you will go to bed late every 
1  1  go  ahead  
5   come to
eighties hairstyle we’re the spitting 
2   fall   through  
6  bring about
image of each  other ! Some people 
night .
3  tip off  
7  go down with
say that they can see a strong family 
2  Well, you will  refuse to wear a 
4  mistake for  
8  come up with
resemblance between my dad and me. 
coat .
I can’t see it  myself , not facially anyway 
3  Well, she would keep driving too 
2  1  bring about  
5  go ahead
– although there are certain similarities 
fast  in the town.
2  fall through  
6  go down with
in our physical   build . I also seem to 
4  Well, he would keep misbehaving 
3  tip off  
7  come to
have inherited his big feet , unluckily 
in  class .
4  come up with   8  mistake for
for me. It was the  first thing my  parents  
5  Well, you would keep eating too 
noticed when I was born!
3  1  Laura was offered a place at 
Personality-wise, I’ve got a lot of my 
Manchester University  but she 
dad’s traits in me. We’re both quite  
1C The origins of  English  
turned it down.
bubbly and friendly  (or so people 
page 5
2  Whilst some people are in favour 
say), and we share quite a laid - back  
of the monarchy,  others  think we 
approach  to life. When it comes to 
1  1  Anglo- Saxon  
8  Conquest
should do away  with it.
taste , though, I reckon I’ve got more 
2  farming 
9   printing press
in common with my mum. She’s got 
3  I keep meaning to sort out my 
3  borrowed 
10  dictionaries
a knack of choosing really  brilliant  
photos but I never get  round to it.
birthday  presents  for me, be it clothes, 
4   alphabet  
11  spelling
4  After my boyfriend broke off our 
pictures or whatever, basically because 
5  Old Norse 
12   influenced
relationship I bought some new 
she likes  the same kinds of things 
6  evolve 
13  non- native
clothes to cheer myself up.
as I do. We also share a liking for the 
7  disappeared
5  My father was offered a job in 
same kinds of food, like olives and 
New  York  but after thinking it 
strawberries , and neither of us can
  A  honeymoon   B salary  C posh
over he decided not to go for it.
 Photocopiable  ©  Oxford University Press 
Maturita Solutions Advanced Workbook Key
4  1  let me down
Leo  Well, in some parts of  Africa and 
2  been thrown away
Asia there are thousands of people 
suffering from blindness caused by a 
3   brought  up
lack  of  vitamin A. Now there’s a new 
4  to put up with
type of rice which has been engineered 
5  be looked after
to contain   massive  amounts of vitamin 
6   drop me off
A. So there you are ... problem solved!
7  to lay off
Rosie  Yeah, these are good  
8  turned up
intentions, but not if we end up 
poisoning people in the long run. I 
1F Discussion  page 9
don’t  know , I just  find the whole thing 
unnatural. I don’t think we have a right 
1  1  laboratory  
5  crops
to ‘play God’ in this way.
2   controversy   
6  harmful
Leo  I see what you mean . But to be 
3  discredited  
7   term
honest with you, people have been 
4  campaign 
8   crisis
crossing breeds for hundreds of  years
It’s just the methods that are new.
2  ”a, c, e, f
Rosie  Well, I think we’re going to 
have to agree to disagree here ... 
Transcript WB 02
Anyway, talking about food, what  shall  
Leo  Did you watch that  documentary  
we ...?
about the latest advances in 
genetically modified food? They’ve 
developed a way of genetically 
1  unknown
adapting pigs so that they produce 
2   consequences
low-fat  bacon .
3  tolerate extreme
Rosie  Well, I won’t be eating it.
4  disapprove of
Leo  Why not? What’s the big fuss 
5  long run
about GM food?
6  to disagree
Rosie  It’s unknown territory. We 
don’t know enough about what  effects  
4  ”
it may have on the human body . You 
1  h 
know, they  talk  about how GM food 
✓    2  e  3  d ✓    4  a ✓   
could affect  our digestion, cause  
5  b ✓    6  c  7  f  8  g  
allergies , that sort of thing.
5  1  unfriendly
Leo  There’s a lot of controversy 
2  incorrect
around it, but no actual evidence to 
3   completely
prove that GM food does us any  harm .
4  totally
Rosie  I don’t agree with that 
argument, I’m afraid . There may be no 
5  perfectly
evidence right now, but it’s the long-
6   wrong
term effects that I’m concerned about.
7  virtually
Leo  Well any change  has potential 
8   highly
consequences. You could make exactly 
6   Students ’ own answers
the same argument against  mobile  
phones , or any new technology . Of 
course they may have harmful side 
1G Describing an event 
effects but you have to weigh those up 
page 10
against their huge benefits.
1  1  like 
4  as 
7  as
Rosie Like 
2  like 
5  as
Leo  For a start, it could help solve 
the world food crisis, by creating food 
3  as if  
6  as
crops which can tolerate extreme 
2  1  I opened the door .
agricultural  conditions , like droughts 
2  irritated
or floods. It can help farmers in 
3  as red as a beetroot
developing countries produce more 
3  1  unwilling
Rosie  Er, no, starvation in developing 
2  apprehensive
countries isn’t about the quantity of 
3  perplexed
food produced – it’s just that it is not 
4  remorseful
distributed to the right  places . So that 
5  uptight
argument doesn’t make  sense – try 
another one!
6  petrified
Leo  All right, that’s a fair point I 
4–5 Students’ own answers
suppose ... but what about using GM 
food to fight  malnutrition? Surely you 
can’t disapprove of that?
Rosie  All right, give me an example.
 Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 
Maturita Solutions Advanced Workbook Key
5  Because the boys  are in the 
2C  Arthur Miller and All my 
Unit 2
middle of a frenzied feast.
sons  page 13
6  He realises that the boys have 
2A Compound adjectives 
1  1  dramatist
behaved in an unacceptable 
page 11
2   immigrant
way and have lost   touch with 
3   experienced
‘civilised’ society.
4  hardship
1   broad  
5  handed
4  1  stumble upon  
6  disprove
5  overemphasis
2   hair  
7  witted
2  summon 
7  dwindled
6  status
3  cool 
8  skinned
3   urge   
8  ensues
7  prestigious
4   assured
4  frenzy 
9  savage
8   awards
5  lurking
9  guilty
1  blooded 
6   action
 10  undermining
Challenge!  Students’ own answers
2  hearted
 11  sympathies
2  1  time-consuming
 12  verdict
2E Narrative tenses   page 16
2  long-lasting
2  That he was responsible  not only for 
1  1  past  perfect   continuous
3   light -hearted
his family but also to wider society.
2  past  simple
4  absent- minded
3  past continuous
5   wide - eyed
3  1  set  
7  on
4  future in the past
6  fair-skinned
2  tells  
8  on
5  past perfect
3  made  
9  for
3  1  well-behaved
6  used to
4   during / in  
10  that
2  far-reaching
5  who  
11  only / just
2  a 2  b 6  c 4  d 1  e 3  f 5
3   strange -sounding
6  over  
12  why
4  eye-catching
3  1  been seeing
5  opening
4  1  Because the planes  they were 
2  have  gone
6  shoe- string
flying had faulty parts which 
3  looked
7   heart -throb
caused them to crash.
4   forgotten
8  blockbusters
2  He says  he did it for his family 
5  was taking
and for Chris ’s future.
6  been waiting , forgotten
Challenge!  Students’ own answers
3  Because although the pilots are 
4 There 
was once a wolf who used to 
prepared to give their lives  in 
2B What’s on the box? 
wander out every night in search of a 
the service  of their country , their 
page 12
lamb for his  dinner . But recently this 
deaths are a result  of Joe’s lack of 

wolf has had been having difficulty 
1  rubbish 
8  as
a sense of service to wider society.
getting enough to eat because 
2  well-drawn 
9  series
4  They were horrified by it.
the shepherds in the area were 
3  story-lines 
10   half
5  Both attack the ‘American 
particularly  vigilant. One day he was 
4  unlike 
11  set
Dream ’ as a way of life with its 
coming   came  across a sheep ’s fleece 
5   such  as 
12  unwind
overemphasis on making money .
which a sheep shearer had been 
6  portrayed 
13  slushy
5  1  protagonist 
4  livelihood
throwing thrown on the floor and 
7  like
2  exonerated  
5  integrity
forgotten. It had given   gave  the wolf 
2  1  like 
5  like
3  deceit  
6  reiterated
a cunning idea . He decided that  later  
2  as 
6  as
he is was going to put on the fleece. 
3  like  
7  as
2D Lord  of the Flies  
Thus disguised he would be able  
4  like  
8  Unlike
page 14–15
to sneak up on the sheep without  

the shepherd noticing him. So that 
1  I sometimes do my  homework  
1  1  dismal
evening , just as the sun had been 
in front  of the TV, as does my 
2  vicious
was  setting , he went  out in his new 
3  wailed / was wailing
disguise. He was strolling strolled 
2  She talks about  soap opera  
4  scrambled
confidently into a field where some 
characters  like they are real  
5  ungracious
sheep grazed were grazing. He 
6  smudged
had spotted a juicy- looking lamb 
3  Her father works  as a TV 
7  twitch
and was just going to pounce on it, 
8  mimicking
when a shepherd, who looked was 
4  Unlike Kate, I don’t like reality  
2  1  E   2  B   3  D   4  H   5  G   
looking for a sheep to slaughter for 
shows .
6  C   7  A
his own dinner, quickly was grabbing 
5  I love animated films  such as 
grabbed the wolf, thinking it was a 
3  1  The boys were being evacuated 
sheep, and killed it.
6  I don’t watch a lot of television
from a war zone.
like Steve.
2  He is the holder of the conch, which 
5  Students’ own answers
is seen as a symbol  of  authority .
4  Students’ own answers
6  1  c   2  a   3  g   4  d   5  f   6  e   
3  They are worried that there is some 
7  b   8  h   9  j   10  i   
sort of  beast  lurking on the island .
4  He promises to protect  them from 
7  Students’ own answers
the beast.
 Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 
Maturita Solutions Advanced Workbook Key
If  necessary , in a weaker class
2F  Photo comparison  
2G Review  page 18
brainstorm ideas  about both 
page 17
1  1  all-time
pictures  before starting. Students 
1  1  skipping  
5   kicked
2  highly acclaimed
work  in pairs  to do the task .
2  get  
6  kick
3  divided
•  Writing: Read through and discuss  
3   hanging  
7  sleeping
4  story
the task together, then refer 
4   walked  
8   hang
5  involving
students to the Writing Bank  for 
guidance . Students plan an article 
6  consequences
2 Sample 
or review to be written at home or 
7  strengths
1  they both show a person or 
in class.
8   ability
people who are travelling
•   Reading1 T, 2 T, 3 F, 4 T, 5 F, 6 T, 
9   times
2  the first photo shows a man who 
7 T, 8 T
 10   ending
is  alone and the second photo 
•  Use of  English1 c, 2 a, 3 b, 4 b, 
 11  lovers
shows a group of people
5 a, 6 d, 7 d, 8 c, 9 d, 10 d
 12  recommend
3  in the first  picture , the man 
•   Listening1 a, 2 c 3 b, 4 c, 5 d
appears  to have a lot of  luggage  
2  1  a fairly  complex  novel
Transcript WB 05
and is in an airport  setting, 
2  extremely well- observed
About 9,000 years ago, when migrating 
whereas in the other picture, the 
3  utterly superb
hunter -gatherer societies turned to the 
group are travelling without any 
4  a little cheated
settled life of farming, they began to 
luggage and are possibly in a 
5  highly recommend
develop ways  to record the number of 
train compartment
3  1  perspectives
animals  they  owned , or the amount  

of crops, and to keep a calendar for 
”See transcript
2  atone for
proper crop planting. The first  attempts  
3  well-observed
Transcript WB 03
at writing it all down were ‘clay 
4  a real page- turner
The photos are similar in that they both 
counting tokens’, which were found in 
5  futility
show people who have just  arrived as 
the region which is now modern Turkey 
immigrants  in a foreign country. The 
and Syria. These tokens were simply 
  Students’ own answers
most obvious  difference between the 
lumps of clay shaped like spheres, 
photos is that the first picture shows 
disks or cones and could either be 
Get  ready  for Maturita 1 
a man who is alone and the second 
plain or decorated. Each of them stood  
page 19–20
shows a group of people who have 
for one word. However , carrying them 
•  The Workbook Get ready for Maturita 
travelled together. The man in the first 
around was bothersome and gradually 
lessons can be used as  extra  
picture is at what  looks  like an airport, 
a transition from three-dimensional 
classroom lessons, as controlled 
so he may have travelled legally, 
tokens to two-dimensional signs 
exam practice or as independent 
whereas those in the second picture 
began. Around 4000 BC the ancient  
study  for homework. All the audio  
seem to have travelled in the back of a 
Sumerian scribes  started to imprint  
material  for the listening tasks is on 
lorry, presumably illegally.
shapes into clay tablets to represent  
the Solutions MultiROM.
the tokens. Now one tablet  could 
4  Students’ own answers
•  Reading: Elicit  strategies  for 
contain more than one word.
dealing with the true / false task. 
Originally, these pictures simply 
5  ”See transcript
Remind the students to identify 
represented whole concepts such as 
each  statement  in the article which 
names  and numbers . But with time 
Transcript WB 04
provides the answer .
they were simplified and refined 
The man in the first photo seems  to 
•  In a weaker class, work on the first 
and eventually evolved into signs 
have a huge amount of luggage with 
statement together and then ask the 
representing the consonants of the 
him. I imagine he is  planning to stay  
students to work individually.
language . The first true alphabet was 
for a long time. He looks bewildered 
the Semitic alphabet which appeared  
Use of English: 
and rather disorientated. It must  feel  
around 1700 BC, followed, about 700 
lonely and pretty overwhelming to go 
students to read the whole text 
years later, by the Phoenician system. 
to a country where everything feels 
first to grasp the overall  meaning. 
At this point the alphabet as we know 
unfamiliar, including the language. 
Remind them to focus  on 
it today was almost  in its final form. 
He’s probably  feeling anxious about 
grammatical correctness  within the 
The final touch was added by the early  
finding a job and somewhere to live
whole article.
Greeks, who introduced vowel  symbols  
guess he must be  missing  his family 
•  Listening: Remind the students 
to their alphabet. The descendants of 
too. I wonder if he has emigrated 
that in this type of task the order of 
this alphabet were Latin and Cyrillic, 
because he wants to escape a political  
the statements fits the order of the 
which were then spread far and wide 
regime that he doesn’t agree with. Or 
information in the recording.  Tell  
by their respective users . The fact  that 
he might be an economic   migrant  who 
them to prepare  for the listening 
Latin was the  official alphabet of the 
has come here in search of a better 
by reading the sentences  carefully 
Roman Empire , which at one point 
standard of  living .
and underlining any key  words
covered most of  Europe , helped to 
Encourage them to eliminate the 
establish this alphabet as the accepted 
6  ”
wrong answers as well as identifying 
way of writing across the continent .
1  seems to 
5  probably
the correct  one. Play the recording 
Along with their alphabet the Romans  
2  imagine 
6  guess, must be
popularised the particular way in which 
3  looks  
7  wonder
•  Speaking: Elicit strategies for the 
they wrote their letters  – the script
4  must  
8  might
task from the students. Remind 
The reason behind the shapes of the 
them to talk about each picture, 
early Roman script is very simple: 
7  Students’ own answers
the Romans loved writing on their 
comparing / contrasting them 
buildings. The technique of engraving
rather than just describing them. 
 Photocopiable  © Oxford University Press 
Maturita Solutions Advanced Workbook Key
letters onto stone  requires letters 
made up mostly of  straight  lines. 
This script was the ancestor of the 
‘Times New Roman’ font  we find on 
our computer screens today. Another 
feature familiar to computer users is 
italics ’. Initially, characters written by 
hand resembled the carved letters, but 
gradually scholars began to change 
the form of their writing, slanting 
letters and connecting them. The 
credit  for inventing Roman script using 
capitals and small letters  goes  to Aldus 
Manutius of Venice, in 1495 AD. The old 
Roman capitals and Greek   letter forms  
were thus transformed into the twenty -
six alphabet letters that we know 
today, with both upper and lower - case  
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Aeg2013-03-14 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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Solutions Advanced Workbook vastused/key
Solutions , Advanced , Workbook , key


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