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layout - design of integrated circuit Avaldamata informatsioon Autoriõigus ja naaberõigused BC 1-21 koos lisaga jäävad jõusse, v.a 6bis Arvutiprogrammid ja andmebaasid Rentimisõiguse piirang (programm, film, fonogramm) Kaitsetähtaeg 50 a teose avaldamisest v tegemisest, esitusest v salvestusest, 20 a saatest Õiguste piirangud tasakaalus autori huviga Esitaja, fonogrammitootja ja ringhäälinguorganisatsiooni õigused RC ja BC 18 kehtivad piirangute osas

Pooljuht komponentide simuleerimine arvutil - Labori aruanne

TALLINNA TEHNIKAÜLIKOOL ELEKTROONIKAINSTITUUT Egert Pärna Pooljuht komponentide simuleerimine arvutil laboratoorne töö juhendaja:Argo Kasemaa Tallinn 2008 Töö eesmärk Laboratoorse töö eesmärk on tutvuda integraalskeemi projekteerimisega. Töö käigus saadakse ettekujutus, kuidas tehakse kristallil...

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- Before planning residential area - Calculating the costs - Consumer preferences - Defining space and blocks arrangement Before planning residential area... You need to know about... - possible buyers in this area - how big amount of money the developer would like to spend on it Why need to know about possible buyers? because then you know about...

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Famous castles of Scotland

Its maintenance is the responsibility of Historic Scotland.Crookston Castle sits atop a natural hill.To the north is a steep drop to the Levern Water. The castle has a rectangular main block, which was strengthened by a tower at each corner. This formed an irregular 'X-plan' shape, an unusual layout also seen at Hermitage Castle. Only the north-east corner tower survives to its former height, as well as the basement of the south-east tower. The two western towers were destroyed in the 15th century and never rebuilt, repairs in the 19th century have obscured even the remains of these. The main body of the castle measures about 19m by 12m, with walls up to 3.7m thick, and the north-east tower is around 6m square. The entrance is on the north...

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Wordi kasutusjuhend


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ArcGIS juhendmaterjal EESTI KEELES

ESRI® ArcGIS Desktop Juhendmaterjal ©ALPHAGIS 2007 Sisukord SISSEJUHATUS 3 1.1 A RCGIS KASUTAJALIIDES 3 1.1.1 ArcMap 4 1.1.2 ArcCatalog 4 1.1...

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FGI 1811 Proseminar I. Ladusseva 1 10.09.2002 At the defense aspects that are considered are: - your own contribution (whether it is there and is sufficient) - theory (you should have at least 6-10 connected pages discussing the state of the art) - mechanics (the layout of the paper: font size 12, double space, etc.) - answering questions - performance (pronounce distinctly, make good impression, no language mistakes, etc.) - extra linguistic part (how you stand, how you speak, etc.). Will be checked student's ability to classify, to describe material, to draw conclusions (e.g. you give an example and then comment on it). Internet sources: it is nice to have some Internet sources to show your sophistic...

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Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium KOLUMBIA MAJANDUS Referaat Getri Mitt G1B Juhendaja õp. Marge Kurm Pärnu 2007 SISUKORD....................................................2 SISSEJUHATUS...

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äri-inglisekeel sõnad

4 tegevdirektor - a Managing Cirector tootmisjuht - a Production Manager firma töötajad - employees at the firm kaadriülem - a group leader müügijuht - a Sales Manager tootmisinsener - a Production engineer 5 töökas, hõivatud kontor - working, busy office vastutustunne - responsibility algpalk - starting salary sõltuvalt east ja kogemustest - depending on age and experience edutamise väljavaated -...

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Harjutus 2

The assessment must be made before young people begin work and when there is any major change in working conditions and must pay particular attention to the following points: (a) the fitting-out and layout of the workplace and the workstation; (b) the nature, degree and duration of exposure to physical, biological and chemical agents; (c) the form, range and use of work equipment, in particular agents, machines, apparatus and devices, and the way in which they are handled; (d) the arrangement of work processes and operations and t...

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Lühendite seletus

ce CSTA Computer-Supported Telephony Applications CSU Channel ServiceSwitching Unit CSV Circuit-Switched Voice + Comma-Separated ValueVariable + Common Services Verbs (interface) [Microsoft] C2T Cable Changing Technology C&T Chips and Technologies CTB Cipher Type Byte CTC Channel To Channel + CounterTimer Chip CTCP Client-To-Client Protocol CTI Computer-Telephony Integration CTL Complex Text Layout CTOS Cassette Tape Operating System + Computerized Tomography Operating System + Convergent Technologies Operating System CTP Community Technology Preview [Microsoft] CTPA Coax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter CTRCO * Calculating,Tabulating,Recording Company (The name of this company was changed to "International Business Machines" by Thomas J. Watson, Sr.) CTRL Control CTS Clear To Send + Computer Telephony Solution [IBM] + Cu...

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Open Office ja MS-i võrdlus

org VÕRDLUS Microsoft Office on tasuline tarkvara võrreldes OpenOffice.org-ga. OpenOffice.org on saadaval internetis tasuta ,kui MS Office on tasuline. MS Office on programmide ja võimaluste poolest sarnased (nt. OpenOffice.org Writer ja Microsoft Office Word). Menüüde suhtes on OOo Writer ja MS Word sarnased. Programmisisesed aknad on MS Wordis...

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SÕNARAAMAT A accomodate kohandama adapt kohandama affordable detached house taskukohane eramaja affordable low rise apartments (no lift) ilma liftita taskukohased madalal asuvad korterid amenity standards hüve standardid...

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Bridges presentation

Palladio built several truss bridges, the most important being the Bassano Bridge (1561) over the River Brenta in the Veneto region in northern Italy. Destroyed several times, it has been carefully rebuilt faithfully following the original layout and exists today as the only example of one of Palladio's bridges. The truss form, derived from the Romans, represents one of the Renaissance's most significant contributions to bridge building. Renaissance engineers also devised daring innovation in arch forms - the segmental, elliptical, and multi-centred. The Hungarian, Janos Veranscics, reviewed these and other achievements in the structural arts at the end of the Renaissance in Machinae...

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Beowulf(poem and Grendel(book) comparison

The differences lie in the language use, character types, speakers, layout etc. In the original "Beowulf" epic Grendel displays nothing but the most primitive human qualities. He is a grotesque monster who terrorizes a small community of Danish warriors. Therefore he can be called a flat character. In the book "Grendel" the protagonist and antagonist have been swapped. Gardner greatly alters the monster's characterization. In his novel, very little separates Grendel from his human counterparts: he has a high...

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Uurimistöö Printeritest

Printer on arvuti väljundseade, mida kasutatakse teksti ja piltide kandmiseks paberile või muule materjalile. Printer on ühendatud arvutiga kas otse (LPT, COM või USB pordi abil) või võrguprinteri korral arvutivõrku. Sel juhul on printeril sisseehitatud võrgukaart. Printerite liigid: Laserprinterid töötavad umbes samal põhimõttel nagu koopiamasinad: terve leheküljetäis infot võetakse arvutist korr...

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Ford escorti käsiraamat

7.33 Fuel feed pipe union at the warm-up 7.35 Injector pipe unions at the fuel 33 Relieve the fuel system pressure by slowly regulator - XR3i and Cabriolet distributor - XR3i and Cabriolet loosening the fuel feed pipe union at the warm-up regulator (see illustration). Absorb fuel leakage in a cloth. Reference to the fuel- injection system layout in Chapter 4, Part B, or D, as applicable will assist in identification of the relevant components where necessary. 34 Disconnect the vacuum servo hose from the inlet manifold. 35 Disconnect the two fuel pipe unions at the warm-up regulator, the single pipe to the cold start valve and the four injector feed pipes at the fuel distributor (see illustration). Recover the sealing washers located on each side of the banjo unions and seal all discon...

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Newspapers in Britain

Britain's press is unusual in that it is divided into two very different types of newspaper: the quality press and the popular press. The term quality press is used to describe papers, which follow the tradition of the journals of the 18th and early 19th centuries. The 'quality' papers are printed on large papers, have an undramatic layout and are serious in tone. They have editorials which comment on important issues and reflect the political views of the editor. They are more expensive than tabloids. Examples of the quality dailies are The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times. People choose a paper that reflects their own political opinion. The popular press is mainly represented by papers founded after the launching day of the Dail...

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AutoCad I

Eesti Põllumajandusülikool Tehnikateaduskond Mehaanika ja masinaõpetuse instituut Enno Saks Joonestuspakett AutoCAD 2000 (versioon 15.0) I Kahemõõtmeline raalprojekteerimine Tartu 2000 Käesolev kaheosaline lühijuhend käsitleb tarkvarafirma Autodesk tuntuimat produkti ­ joonestu...

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The 4 oldest Churches in Tallinn

Records from the middle of the century already concern donations for the construction of a church or a chapel. The present church is considered a 14-century building; besides, it ise the only one of the old churches of Tallinn to have retained its main shape through the ages. The shape of the church is defined by a two-nave main building and a one-nave choir space. The two-nave layout is explained with the fact that it combined the functions of a town government church on the one hand and those of a hospice church on the other. Accordingly, the services were attended by the wealthiest burgers and the poor; this provided a way of segregation. An eight-sided tower is located at the western wall of the building, which was fitted with a Baroque spire and a weather vane bearing the date 1688 after the fire of 1684. The earliest r...

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"Career and Employment" Homereading

Grants and bursaries are available. Nurse Most people do a diploma or degree. Training providers vary in terms of entry criteria. The Government pays tuition fees and students get a bursary for living expenses. Garden designer Most people get started with a diploma in garden design. Students are guided through the design process, from initial client briefing, to garden layout and planting plans, details and visuals. Most projects involve a real garden. http:www.independent.co.ukstudentcareer-planningchanging-career-these-days-i- go-home-feeling-relaxed-783829.html Don't quit your job until you're ready Professor Russell Smith, founder of the Business Boffins consultancy, helps you find your entrepreneurial spark Adventures in micro-business National surveys show repeatedly that around one in 10 adults woul...

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