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  • A generalist is ignorant from the point of view of a specialist and a specialist is stupid from the point of view of a generalist.
  • All great stupidity is created by geniuses.
  • All stereotypes are true; the fact that you recognize a slur proves that it isn’t.
  • Anything you’re afraid is true is true.
  • Before most people get to the point of being able to tell their ass from a hole in the ground they’re already assholes and it’s too late .
  • Concentrating on something important can make you lose track of your soap opera .
  • Debunking the bunk is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Don’t ask me to pay for anyone else ’s mistakes. I make enough of my own.
  • Even those who possess real magic must beware of being misled by “magical thinking .”
  • Everyone knows what shit tastes like.
  • Exclusive occupancy of a private room is a basic human right.
  • Fair compensation for genius is wealth.
  • God's not perfect , so it's a pretty good bet that you're not, either.
  • Good institutions help to overcome human moral inertia.
  • I am not one of your little friends .
  • If a dimension is anywhere it’s everywhere .
  • If God’s not crazy , why are you?
  • If one makes a promise one shouldn't have made it cannot stand against the obligation to do the right thing .
  • If you odn't give a certain amount of attention to filtering distractions, every distraction is a catastrophe.
  • If you don’t know what your duty is, your duty is to find out.
  • If you’re not an animal , then you must be a vegetable.
  • If you want to get along you have to get along with those who don't want to get along.
  • If you whine whenever anybody messes with your crutches you can’t claim not to be crippled.
  • I hate an unfair fight , so I need to be ganged up on.
  • Inattention is not O.K.
  • Injustice in your vicinity is your business—particularly your own.
  • It is not enough to refrain from bearing false witness against your neighbor . When he is falsely accused it is your duty to bear witness to the truth , no matter what your opinion of him generally may be.
  • It isn't stupidity that bothers me; it's the reign of stupidity.
  • I want to separate the sheep from the goats; I have no use for sheep.
  • I want what I want. Don’t offer me any substitutes . When there ’s a problem I want a solution. Don’t offer me any half measures.
  • Literal-mindedness is good.
  • One of the biggest energy- wasting manifestations is the compulsion to begrudge energy.
  • One need not have a better theory to object to a theory’s defects.
  • One needs more energy, higher frequencies, more bandwidth, and less interference in order to sustain a finer quality of attention.
  • One who has authority over others is responsible for deterring them from behaving unustly toward one another and for effecting the redress of injustices when they occur .
  • One who is not still looking for answers is either a buddha or a damn fool .
  • People say that they want to be "loved for themselves" but I find that insulting . I want to do things that are worthwhile and be admired because my actions are admirable, not for foolish subjective reasons .
  • People think that they “make up their minds,” and they’re right, but not in the way that they think. Their choices are not their own and what they call their “mind” is a fabrication.
  • People won't be interested in your ideas unless you demonstrate your mastery of their ideas.
  • Science is like country music—those guys can't resist a clever turn of phrase.
  • Some of the worst warmongers are frustrated peacemakers.
  • Stuff that’s “over your head” is only a problem if you don’t look up.
  • Technology should be made idiot -proof but it should not thereby be made genius-proof.
  • The bullshit isn't all in one place .
  • The fact that there’s demand for your stuff does not mean that it’s true, beautiful, or ethical.
  • The heart must go out but it must not bleed.
  • The mind must be used to navigate through the complications of the mind.
  • The only animal in the forest that deserves to be hunted is the hunter .
  • The only real superpower is the power to pay attention.
  • The only thing wrong with strong epithets is their misapplication.
  • There’s a stupid way of thinking that would make doing the right thing contingent on whether the right thing has been done in supposedly-analogous cases . It's simply irrelevant. You should do the right thing no matter what the rest of the world does.
  • The sincerity of a man’s remorse is measured by whether he can refrain from taking potshots along with expressing it.
  • To one destined for purgatory, God says , “You try again .” To one destined for hell , He says, “I’ll try again.”
  • Unless he's more intelligent than himself , there's no hope for a man.
  • Wants should subsidize needs.
  • We need to expand our sense of the possible and contract our sense of the probable.
  • What good is it to be able to read someone else’s mind if you can’t read your own?
  • When a moron meets a lesson, they annihilate one another.
  • While there is only one human race, there are lots of human losers.
  • Willingness to volunteer and suitability for the job to be done are two completely different things.
  • You can remember that you are only if you forget who you are.
  • You can't answer someone who asks you to shoulder your burden of proof by asking him to prove something else.
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    Kelly Rosen: aga mulle meeldis see ;)
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    Mirell Põllumäe: aitäääh ,
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