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Fridrick douglass (2)

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Frederick Douglas

Author : Kristin Liiv
Supervisor: Martin Sillaots

Tallinn 2007
Frederick Douglas 3
Life as a slave 3
Early education 3
Abolitionist activities 4
Autobiography 5
Travels to Europe 5
Pre- Civil War 6
Lincoln 's death 6
Reconstruction era 7
Later life 7
Death 8
Douglass' works 8
Famous quotes 9
References 10

Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglass ( February 17, 1818 – February 20, 1895 ) was an American abolitionist, editor , orator, author, statesman and reformer. Called "The Sage of Anacostia" and "The Lion of Anacostia," Douglass was one of the most prominent figures of African American history during the 1800s, and one of the most influential lecturers and authors in American history. Douglass was a firm believer in the equality of all people, whether black , female , American Indian, or recent immigrant. He spent his entire life advocating the brotherhood of all humankind. One of his favorite quotations was: "I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong ."

Life as a slave

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, who later became known as Frederick Douglass, was born a slave in Talbot County, Maryland near Hillsboro. He was separated from his mother , Harriet Bailey, when he was still an infant. She died when Douglass was about 7. The identity of Douglass' father is obscure; Douglass originally stated that his father was a white man, perhaps his master, Captain Aaron Anthony, but later said he knew nothing of his father's identity. When Anthony died, Douglass was given to Mrs. Lucretia Auld , wife of Captain Thomas Auld. Mrs. Auld then sent Douglass to Baltimore to serve the Captain's brother , Hugh Auld.

Early education

When Douglass was 12 years old, Hugh Auld's wife, Sophia , broke the law by teaching him some letters of the alphabet . Thereafter, as detailed in his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (published in 1845), Douglass succeeded in learning to read from white children in the neighborhood in which he lived, and by observing the writings of the men with whom he worked. When Mr. Auld discovered this, he strongly disapproved, saying that if a slave learns to read, he would become dissatisfied with his condition and desire freedom ; Frederick later referred to this as the first anti-abolitionist speech he had ever heard.
In 1833, Capt. Auld took Douglass back from his brother after a dispute ("as a means of punishing Hugh", Douglass says).
Dissatisfied with him, Thomas Auld then sent Douglass to work for Edward Covey, a poor farmer who had a reputation as a "slave-breaker," where Douglass was whipped regularly.
Sixteen- year -old Frederick was indeed nearly broken psychologically by his ordeal under Covey, but finally rebelled against the beatings and fought back. Covey lost out on a confrontation with Frederick and never tried to beat him again . This incident was kept under wraps possibly because Covey was afraid the news of Frederick's victory would ruin his reputation as a "slave breaker" or he was simply ashamed of his defeat .
In 1837, Douglass met Anna Murray , a free African-American, in Baltimore while he was still held in slavery. They were married soon after he obtained his freedom; Douglass escaped slavery on September 3, 1838, boarding a train to Havre de Grace
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