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Creating objects with the Shape Tools

I want you to select the Elipse tool first. We’ll select the Elipse tool and we’re going to draw a circle. Now if I place the cursor over the center here and start to draw you’ll see that the elipse comes out from the center diagonally and I can make it long and slim, or short and fat, or the opposite. And if I hold down SHIFT as I’m drawing it will constrain it to create a perfect circle. Now if I hold down ALT while I’m drawing it will start to draw from the center and thats a keyboard shortcut that I like to use just to draw from...

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Today, Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia, with a population of about 400,000. Tallinn boasts a wonderful medieval Old Town where the atmosphere of the 15th and 15th centuries can still be strongly felt. Its narrow cobbled streets, medieval buildings with various decorative elements, attractive weather-vanes and soaring spires are very special and draw visitors in large numbers. Only a few town in northern Europe have medieval districts as well preserved as in Tallinn. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The rest of the capital could be called the New Town, dating mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries. Tallinn is a mixture of the modern and the medieval where tradition goes hand in hand with the most recent trends. Its cross-cultural history has given the city a spe...

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Even an untraveled child, sitting at home, can be transported by a book into any place or time. Fantasy and facts weave together, but the result is almost an unmitigated improvement. If a bookworm grows up to be antisocial or worse, it is not because of too much reading, but because something else was lacking in the education or caregiving. Hands-on learning is another factor difficult to overrate. Imagine trying to learn to draw from listening to a lecture. You must draw, draw, draw, and with time and tutoring, will improve. This is a truism, just like saying "reading is valuable." I imagine nobody complains about children spending too much time working. If anything the contrary complaint rings loudly. What I don't begin to know is the ideal breakdown, according to age, of reading, listening to instruction, and working or hands-on time. What about technology in exc...

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99 ebareeglipärast tegusõna

99 Ebareeglipärast tegusõna 1 seisma stand stood stood 2 kleepima stick stuck stuck 3 rääkima tell told told 4 aru saama understand understood understood 5 võitma win won won 6 omama have had had 7 hoidma hold held...

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Nokia Report

I aim to find what gives Nokia an advantage to other businesses and how is it that a small firm which started out as a pulp mill became the world leader in mobile communications. I believe that Nokia shows a lot of self-confidence and persistency in its development in the years. Therefore Nokia has a lot to teach other businesses. I would like to draw attention to Nokia's vision and strategy. Nokia has an interesting idea of competition with other telecommunication firms. Nokia's main focus is on its own products and its own strategy and vision. This kind of strategy has worked because Nokia is the number one manufacturer of telephones. On the other hand Nokia has won the heart of many phone users by staying to its brand and always making products that are customer-friendly. I have also used Nok...

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Carl Lewis

Then, while attaining his first gold in the long jump, Johnson was disqualified for drug abuse and so Carl became automatically Olympic champion and owner of the world record (9"92). When Olympic games finished Carl came back home with two golds and one silver. A fact that makes notice for anyone else, but not for Carl Lewis. So, since the following year, Carl tried again to sing and continued to draw suits for his club. Meanwhile a sprinter of his clan, Leroy Burrell, brushed against his world record: 9"94 and beats him at Goodwill games. In the long jump Mike Powell becomes dangerous, and Carl won long jump just for 4 centimeters in the same games. In 1991 he faced these ones at the world championships of Tokyo. He arrived in Japan as the number two of the sprint and the best of the long jump for 1 centimeters. Well, he came out from J...

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Means of communication

23. Means of communication Introduction A few centuries ago people knew only a few kinds of communication. They could speak to each other, they could send their message from one place to another by smoke signals, they used mail. Later on, they also had some newspapers. The first expansion of media was when the radio and television were i...

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Fridrick douglass

The book was an immediate bestseller and received overwhelmingly positive critical reviews. Within three years of its publication, it had been reprinted nine times with 11,000 copies circulating in the United States; it was also translated into the French and Dutch languages. The book's success had an unfortunate side effect: his friends and mentors feared that the publicity would draw the attention of his ex-owner, Hugh Auld, who could try to get his "property" back. They encouraged him to go on a tour in Ireland, as many other ex-slaves had done in the past. He set sail on the Cambria for Liverpool on August 16, 1845, and arrived in Ireland when the Irish famine was just beginning. Douglass actually published three versions of his autobiography during his lifetime (and revised the third of these), each time expanding on...

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Charles dickens

He wrote novels that exposed terrible lives of the poor during the nineteenth century in England. His novels draw attention to the dreadful conditions in which so many of London's poor lived at that time. Those novels reflect Dickens' own childhood. Oliver Twist tells the story of an orphan, who after spending his early life in a workhouse is sent to work for a hard taskmaster. Oliver runs away to London, where he joins a gang and become a pickpocket. By chance a gentelman takes pity on Oliver and takes him into his house. Although Oliver is forced to re...

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Health, Healthy habits and sports

At the modern Games, Olympic medals are presented to the winning athletes. The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius, which means Faster, Higher, Braver. Summer Games are held in a major city, and the Winter Games in a winter resort. The Summer Games and the Winter Games are scheduled to occur on four-year cycles, two years apart. The Summer Games are held in various months and draw as many as million spectators during the 16 days of competition. A sport must be popular in at least 75 countries on four continents before it can be considered for the Summer Games in men's sports and in 10 countries on three continents in women's sports. The Winter Games are held in January or February. A sport must be widely practiced in at least 25 countries on three continents to be considered for the Winter Games. For many years Finland, Norway...

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0 AP Kab. 420 03.09.2002. Writing a term paper (this spring) and graduation paper. To get a pass: one written task (part of introduction, thesis statement) Term paper should be printed (20-25 pages long). Graduation paper should be printed (50-60 pages long). First write term paper, and choose a topic right now (theme of term...

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Stilistika loeng

420 2 AP Ends with an exam; lasts only for 1 semester. At the exam you get 2 questions and an exercise (50 sentences: establish the device used, recognize it, and name it). Care about the pronunciation of the terms....

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Exami kysimused-vastused

STYLE The term "style" is polysemantic (has many meanings): a Latin word "stilus" originally meant a writing instrument used by ancient people. Already in classical Latin the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift defined style as "proper words in proper places". In present day English the word "style" is used in about a...

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äri-inglisekeel sõnad

4 tegevdirektor - a Managing Cirector tootmisjuht - a Production Manager firma töötajad - employees at the firm kaadriülem - a group leader müügijuht - a Sales Manager tootmisinsener - a Production engineer 5 töökas, hõivatud kontor - working, busy office vastutustunne - responsibility algpalk - starting salary sõltuvalt east ja kogemustest - depending on age and experience edutamise väljavaated -...

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Presentation vocabulary

Let's look at ... If you look at the screen, you'll see ... This tablediagramchartslide shows ... The next slide shows ... On the rightleft you can see ... If we now turn to ... Let's move on and look at the figures for ... The chart compares ... The upper part of the slide gives information about ... The top half of the slide tells you ... In the lower part of the slide you can see ... You can see here ... I'd like to draw your attention to ... NoticeObserve the ... More dramatic Have a look at ... Look at ... What is (particularly) interestingimportant is ... In the next slide notice ... I'll let you read this one. (pause) THE MAIN POINTS TO REMEMBER Flip chart & whiteboard Overhead projector (OHP) Big & bold Use a mask to show one point at a time Use drawings...

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Harjutus 2

(g) collective protection measures andor, where exposure cannot be avoided by other means, individual protection measures; (h) hygiene measures, in particular regular cleaning of floors, walls and other surfaces; (i) information for workers; (j) demarcation of risk areas and use of adequate warning and safety signs including 'no smoking' signs in areas where workers are exposed or likely to be exposed to carcinogens; (k) drawing up plans to deal with emergencies likely to result in abnormally high exposure; (l) means for safe storage, handling and transportation, in particular by using sealed and clearly and visibly labelled containers; (m) means for safe collection, storage and disposal of waste by workers, including the use of sealed and clearly and visibly labelled containers. Article 6 Information for the competent authority Where the results of the assessment refe...

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Lühendite seletus

CDR CorelDRAW (file name extension) [Corel] CD-R Compact Disk - Recordable CD-RAM Cached RAM CD-RDX Compact Disk - Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard CDRL Contract Data Requirements List CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory CD-ROM-XA CD-ROM Extended Architecture CD-RTOS Compact Disk - Real Time Operating System CD-RW Compact Disk - Rewritable CDS Current Directory Structure CDSA Common Data Security Architecture CDSL (See DSL) .CDT Corel...

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Open Office ja MS-i võrdlus

org VÕRDLUS Microsoft Office on tasuline tarkvara võrreldes OpenOffice.org-ga. OpenOffice.org on saadaval internetis tasuta ,kui MS Office on tasuline. MS Office on programmide ja võimaluste poolest sarnased (nt. OpenOffice.org Writer ja Microsoft Office Word). Menüüde suhtes on OOo Writer ja MS Word sarnased. Programmisisesed aknad on MS Wordis...

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Exeli kodutöö nr. 1

Ülesanne 1 Andmed ja valemid Kujundage sellele lehele "kirjanurk" kõrvaloleva näite järgi (tekstid, raamjooned, vajadusel ühendage lahtrid), sisestage nõutud andmed Tallinna Teh Informaatik Töö...

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