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shift - click with the In the Control panel, click Show Handles Direct Selection tool on For Multiple Selected Anchor Points ( ), the other anchor point to the right of Handles, to see the direction to add it to the selection.

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Wifi (2002)

TALLINNA TEHNIKAÜLIKOOL Infotehnika teaduskond Informaatikainstituut Tarkvaratehnika õppetool Anneli Kaldamäe Wireless LAN Referaat Juhendaja: K.Allik Tallinn 2002 1 Sisukord SISUKORD...

Informaatika - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Side 3 labor(RS-liides ja aeglased modemid) kontrollkysimuste vastused

Kontrollküsimused a) Millist andmeedastusprotokolli toetas meie NOKIA modem laboris? V.21 is an ITU-T recommendation for full-duplex communication between two analogue dial- up modems using audio frequency-shift keying modulation at 300 baud to carry digital data at 300 bit/s. It is a variant of the original Bell 103 modulation format. Audio frequency-shift keying (AFSK) is a modulation techni...

Side - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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1 Sissejuhatus............................................................................................................................................. 1 1. Objektid...

Visuaalprogrammeerimine - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Loogika ja programmeerimine

Programmeerimise algkursus 1 - 89 Mida selle kursusel õpetatakse?...................................................................................................3 SISSEJUHATAV SÕNAVÕTT EHK 'MILLEKS ON VAJA PROGRAMMEERIMIST?'......3 PROGRAMMEERIMISE KOHT MUUDE MAAILMA ASJADE SEAS.............................3 PROGRAMMEERIMISKEELTE ÜLDINE JAOTUS...

Arvutiõpetus - Kutsekool
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It is not just knowledge in certain areas that we're losing, but vernacular knowledge as well, by which I mean the knowledge that people have of their places. In the words of Barry Lopez: "[I am] forced to the realization that something strange, if not dangerous, is afoot. Year by year the number of people with firsthand experience in the land dwindles. Rural populations continue to shift to the cities.... In the wake of this loss of personal and local knowledge, the knowledge from which a real geography is derived, the knowledge on which a country must ultimately stand, has come something hard to define but I think sinister and unsettling." In the confusion of data with knowledge is a deeper mistake that learning will make us better people. But learning, as Loren Eiseley once said, is endless and "In itself it will never ma...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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CTRL kiirklahvid

CTRL + C Kopeeri CTRL + V Kleebi CTRL + Z Võtatagasi CTRL + Y Üks tegevus edasi CTRL + H Asenda CTRL + S Salvesta CTRL + 5 Reavahe 1,5 CTRL + 1 Reavahe 1 CTRL + Enter Uus leht ALTGr + s S ALTGr + z Z Shift+Ctrl+0 Alaindeks Ctrl+? Ülaindeks ...

Arvutiõpetus - Kutsekool
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Fridrick douglass

Garrison had publicly demonstrated his opinion of the Constitution by burning copies of it. Douglass' change of position on the Constitution was one of the most notable incidents of a division that emerged in the abolitionist movement after the publication of Spooner's book The Unconstitutionality of Slavery in 1846. This shift in opinion, as well as some other political differences, created a rift between Douglass and Garrison. Douglass further angered Garrison by saying that the Constitution could and should be used as an instrument in the fight against slavery. With this, Douglass began to assert his independence from the Garrisonians. Garrison saw the North Star as being in competition with the National Anti-Slavery Standard and Marius Robinson's Anti-Slavery Bugle...

Kirjandus - Keskkool
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Wordi kasutusjuhend


Arvuti õpetus - Põhikool
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Lõuna Aafrika rahvusköök

White varieties still represent more than two-thirds of the total, but this has moved from an imbalance of 15% red and 85% white in 1990. In 2000 more than 80% of all new plantings were red, with shiraz, cabernet and merlot at the top of the list. At the same time, 87% of all vines uprooted were white, mostly chenin blanc, white French and colombard. There is a shift from chardonnay to sauvignon blanc, a varietal which lends itself to a larger range of styles and quality levels. All in all, in the year up to the end of 2000, 6 042.7 hectares of new vines were planted. In 2000 the total grape crop was about 1-million tons, from which 830-million litres of wine were made by 355 active cellars, of which 185 were non-estate "private producers", 92 registered "estates", 69 co-operatives and nine producing wholesalers...

Kokandus - Kutsekool
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MAATRIKSID 1.1. Üldmõisted Definitsioon 1. Maatriksiks nimetatakse riskülikujulist arvuliste elementidega tabelit, mis sisaldab n rida ja m veergu : Lühidalt maatriksit võib tähistada erinevate sulgudega (või kahekordsete püstjoontega): [ ]...

Matemaatika - Keskkool
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Lineaaralgebra täielik konspekt

M.Latõnina 1. MAATRIKSID 1.1. Üldmõisted Definitsioon 1. Maatriksiks nimetatakse riskülikujulist arvuliste elementidega tabelit, mis sisaldab n rida ja m veergu : Lühidalt maatriksit võib tähistada erinevate sulgudega (või kahekordsete pü...

Kõrgem matemaatika - Eesti Maaülikool
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Writing in the Business World

It is very important to revise your work thoroughly in order to identify and eradicate these mistakes. TASK 1 Sentence Construction 1 Are the following sentences complete (and therefore acceptable)? a) Because he is regularly absent. b) When he left the company. c) Sometimes Ivan behaves badly. d) Although Pedro is a competent worker. e) After the shift he went straight home. f) Before a decision is made. g) When does the shift start? h) Work cannot begin until power is restored. i) I request further information on this matter. 2 Rewrite the following short texts putting in full stops, commas, and capital letters. a) the six gulf states recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their strategic grouping this was formed to realize the region's economic str...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Tallinna Tehnikaülikool Infotehnoloogia teaduskond Raadio- ja sidetehnika instituut Iseseisev töö aines IRZ0060 Häirekindlus Töö koostaja: Aet Udusaar 030740 IATM Tallinn 2007 Ülesanne Uurida ja analüüsida joonisel 1 antud skeemi. Joonis 1. Infoedastussüsteem...

Häirekundlus - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Lühendite seletus

Basic Operating System BOT Beginning Of Table + Beginning of Tape + Robot BP Base Pointer BPB BIOS Parameter Block BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit Berkeley Packet Filter BPI Bits Per Inch BPL Branch If Plus + Broadband Over Power Lines BPM Business Process Management [Microsoft] BPP Bits Per Pixel BPR Business Process Re-engineering [Linux] BPS Bits Per Second + Bytes Per Second BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying BR Bad Register BRGC Binary Reflected Gray Code BRI Basic Rate Interface + Brain Response Interface BS Backspace BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method BSC Base Station Controller + Binary Synchronous Communication .BSC Boyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications] BSCS Bachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science BSD Berkely SoftwareStandard Distribution BSF Bit Scan Forward BSI Br...

Informaatika - Kutsekool
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The reforms replaced collectivization of Chinese agriculture with privatization of farmlands, increased the responsibility of local authorities and industry managers, allowed a wide variety of small-scale enterprises to flourish, and promoted foreign investment. Price controls were also relaxed. These changes resulted in mainland China's shift from a planned economy to a mixed economy. China became a member of the World Trade Organization in 2001.[55] China's accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO) was a goal achieved after nearly fifteen years of exhausting negotiations carrying many legal, political and social implications for all parties. China was finally able to convince WTO members that without China, the WTO is only partially a worldwide trade organization. The ro...

Geograafia - Keskkool
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Exeli kodutöö nr. 1

Ülesanne 1 Andmed ja valemid Kujundage sellele lehele "kirjanurk" kõrvaloleva näite järgi (tekstid, raamjooned, vajadusel ühendage lahtrid), sisestage nõutud andmed Tallinna Teh Informaatik Töö...

Informaatika - Tallinna Ülikool
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Funktsioonide kasutamine

Matemaatikafunktsioonid Kasutatavad arvud 72 12,4 18 5 2 75 0,3 2 2 0 sqrt SQRT(A4)/SQRT(A5) 2 pi PI() 3,1415926536 roman ROMAN(A4) LXXII power POWER(1000*31...

Informaatika - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Klaviatuur ja hiir

KLAVIATUUR Klaviatuur on arvuti sisendseade tähe-, numbri- ja teiste märkide sisestamiseks ning korralduste andmiseks. Arvutit on võimalik ka ainult klaviatuuri abil juhtida. Klaviatuuril on tavaliselt 101-102 klahvi (laptop'i klaviatuuril on 85-86 klahvi). Klaviatuurid on mugavdatud erinevate riikide jaoks. Nt Eesti klaviatuuril on ,,õ" tähe saamise võimalus. Klahvide paigutus vastab tavaliselt nn...

Informaatika - Keskkool
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Spikker vene keeles

, , (. ). DSSS , 2). DFE , . , DBPSK (differential binary phase shift keying) . DQPSK (differential quadrature phase shift keying) . DFE FHSS GFSK (gausian...

Sideteooria - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Autodes kasutatavad pneuma-ja hüdrosüsteemid

Air brakes use compressed air to maximise braking forces. Design and Function A compressed air brake system is divided into a supply system and a control system. The supply system compresses, stores and supplies high-pressure air to the control system as well as to additional air operated auxiliary truck systems (gearbox shift control, clutch pedal air assistance servo, etc.). How airbags work The design is conceptually simple; a central "Airbag control unit"[14] (ACU) (a specific type of ECU) monitors a number of related sensors within the vehicle, including accelerometers, impact sensors, side (door) pressure sensors[15], wheel speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake pressure sensors, and seat occupancy sensors. When the requisite 'threshold' has been re...

Auto õpetus - Kutsekool
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