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Connecting Ideas Logically and Effectively (0)


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Connecting Ideas Logically and Effectively

aim of the section is to assist you to produce an effective topic outline : a skeleton of your document . If this stage of the production process is done properly all you really need are the language control techniques to connect your ideas logically and effectively.
you have a well documented list of techniques to connect your ideas
effectively the writing process is less formidable. You will want to know how to join similarities, compare and contrast certain facts,
introduce the next topic, offer a supporting idea , or refer to
previously presented facts. You will also need to know how to present different shades of argument to produce logically a recommendation you wish to make. This requires an ability to
certain facts and ' bury ' others. However , all facts need to be linked to give a logical flow.
unit will give you language practice in this impor­tant aspect of
producing written documents.

Evaluation Exercise 1 Connectives

the following two versions of the same text and decide

the ICN equipment was first introduced, it was found to provide a
flexible and advanced system. Its speed of operation was greater than comparable hardware then available . In recent months major faults
have developed in the equipment. The local agent appears incapable of providing a reliable repair service . The system is regularly out
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Writing in the Business World

UNIT 1 Writing in the Business World Writing gives structure and form to our ideas. In the business world this is done for a purpose: to persuade, recommend, offer advice, give an order, etc. The business text must therefore be easily and quickly read and its message must be understood exactly as intended. If you learn to recognize and avoid the more common errors of information control, grammar and style, you will achieve this aim.

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600976-teacher-guide-for- writing-c1-advanced

How to assess writing for C1 Advanced...............................................................................................22 • communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level Sample tasks with examiner comments..............................................................................................33


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Overview 76 "Use" in a roughly Wittgensteinian sense 77 Objections and some replies 79 Inferentialism 83 Summary 84 Questions 85 Further reading 85 7 Psychological theories: Grice's program 86 Overview 86 Grice's basic idea 86 Speaker-meaning 88 Sentence meaning 92 Summary 96 Questions 96 Further reading 97 8 Verificationism 98 Overview 98 The theory and its motivation 98



e) What does he say about his new colleagues? f) Is his new job easier than the one he had in London? g) How does the writer feel about his new situation? Informal (friendly) letters are normally written to relatives, friends or other people we know very well. A good informal letter should be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with one aspect of the subject and start with a topic sentence which gives the main idea of the paragraph. Tenses Present Perfect and Past Simple are often used in letters giving news. The Present Perfect is used to refer to recent activities and the Past Simple to refer to activities which happened at a stated time in the past. TASK 7 Read the following letter and correct the mistakes. Write S for spelling, P for punctuation, WO for word order, G for grammar or WW for wrong word. Dear Jenny , How are you ? I hope that you're very well

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English structure revision for the exam

water, money, furniture  Proper nouns – Are actual names of people, places, objects etc. For example: Thomas, Earth, Africa, Audi etc.  Abstract nouns – concrete nouns  Abstract nouns – Are nouns that stand for objects that can’t be touched. They are not physical, they are ideas or concepts. For example: love, hate, justice etc.  Concrete nouns – Are nouns that have a physical appearance. They can be observed with at least one of the senses. For example: dog, cat, apple, table etc. Nouns in English can be divided into primary or default class, but sometimes it is possible for

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2-stroke tuners handbook tuners

entire power stroke. Knowing what those pressures may be in a given engine is useful, but more useful still is knowing what they should and are likely to be, as such knowledge can keep you from that futile exercise commonly known as flogging a dead horse - and from believing a lot of lies about how much power various people are getting from their engines. Engineers have an overall efficiency rating called “brake mean effective pressure” (bmep), which they calculate by working their way back through torque readings observed on the dynamometer, the leverage provided by crankpin offset, and piston-crown area. Thus, bmep says little about peak cylinder pressures (those measurements being taken with a pressure transducer and oscilloscope) but it is an excellent relative indicator of performance and highly useful in projecting power output from a modified engine. 2 FUNDAMENTALS


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3 components. 1) the happening has duration 2) the happening has limited duration 3) the happening is not necessarily complete The three verb senses of state, event, and habit are differently interpreted with the progressive: (a) the state progressive (b) the event progressive (c) the habitual progressive The perfect progressive: The happening (a) has (limited) duration (b) continues up to the present or recent past (c) need not be complete (d) may have effect which are still apparent (e) `temporary habit up to the present' The category of voice:Preliminaries: syntactic and semantic valence. Mary gave a book to a small boy. syntactic/functional [NP NP PP] (Categorial) subcategorization: [SUBJ OBJ IOBJ] (Relational) lexical transitivity: (arg1 arg2 arg3) semantic/thematic: (Generic)

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The others-representatives of certain charitable agencies, for instance-have had the best of intentions. No matter. With personally disquieting frequency, I have al- ways found myself in possession of unwanted magazine subscriptions or tickets to the sanitation workers' ball. Probably this long-standing status as sucker accounts for my interest in the study of compliance: Just what are the factors that cause one person to say yes to another person? And which techniques most effectively use these factors to bring about such compliance? I have wondered why it is that a re- quest stated in a certain way will be rejected, but a request that asks for the same favor in a slightly different fashion will be successful. So in my role as an experimental social psychologist, I began to research the psychology of compliance. At first the research took the form of experiments per- formed, for the most part, in my laboratory and on college students. I wanted to



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