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Art and Aesthetics in Early Childhood Education (0)

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and Aesthetics in Early Childhood Education
Irving B. Weiner . Handbook of Psychology, Educational Psychology.
2003 lk 288-290
The very concept of artistic development and some long-standing models developed to
describe it (e.g., Gaitskell, Hurwitz, & Day, 1982; Lowenfeld &
Brittaind, 1964; Luquet, 1977) have in fact become a subject of
criticism in recent years . Four particular issues have been
identified in this collective body of criticism. First , questions have been raised about the appropriateness of unilinear conceptions
of development in explaining a wide range of pictorial imagery produced by children . adolescents, and adults. Second, a disparity
has been noted between the breadth of the world of art and the
narrowness of the focus on visual realism that has served as the
endpoint in these developmental models. Third, cultural biases that
mark these models have been identified theoretically and empirically.
Fourth, insufficient recognition has been paid to the role of other modalities of expression in some forms of pictorial
representation(e.g., Duncum, 1986; Golomb, 1994; Kindler &Darras,
1997b, 1998; Korzenik, 1995; Wolf , 1994; Wolf & Perry , 1998) .

Critics of the traditional stage models of development argued that alternative explanations are necessary to account for the range of
pictorial systems that children begin to develop early in life and to engage in research relating to the reasons for selecting specific pictorial solutions. It has been pointed out that even very young
children have at their disposal more than one pictorial system and
they choose among them as a function of their representational
intentions and purposes (Bremmer & Moore , 1984). The notion of

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Challenges of childrens participation A Case Study of active citizenship in Cadle Primary School

active citizenship in Cadle Primary School Gerli Orumaa – 662974 9th of May 2014 Word Count: 8,800 `Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of B.A. International Relations` Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Chapter 1: Citizenship, Children`s Rights and Participation: from the UN to the UK 6 Chapter 2: Citizenship Education in Wales………………………………………………14 Active Citizenship in Cadle Primary School: A Case Study 20 Conclusion 29 Bibliography 32 Appendices Appendix 1: The United Convention of the Rights of the Child Appendix 2: Interview with Jamie Richards, the Head Teacher of Cadle Primary School 2 Abstract:

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.........................10 2 Introduction This chapter documents the advent and rise of automated essay scoring (AES) as a means of both assessment and instruction. The first section discusses what AES is, how it works, and who the major purveyors of the technology are. The second section describes outgrowths of the technology as it applies to on-going projects in measurement and education. In 1973, the late Ellis Page and colleagues at the University of Connecticut programmed the first successful automated essay scoring engine, "Project Essay Grade (PEG)" (1973). The technology was foretold some six years earlier in a landmark Phi Delta Kappan article entitled, "The Imminence of Grading Essays by Computer" (Page, 1966). At the time the article was provocative and a bit outrageous, though in hindsight, it can only be deemed prophetic


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a Discourse of Forest Trees, a scientific disquisition on the art of arboriculture and the cultivation of the informal garden. Evelyn’s diary covers the period of 1620-1706, from the reign of James I to that of Queen Anne. The first part of the diary was an account of his family, his youth, and an educational tour across Western Europe during the time of the Civil War was written retrospectively in 1660. The second part dates from the early 1680s, and only the third part, dealing with the years from 1684 onwards, is actually a contemporary diary. (Sanders, pp. 239- 242) 11. 17th century religious prose (Donne, Andrewes, Bunyan) John Donne delivered his sermons in a way that was quite focused on helping the listener visualize, while also relaying important information. Donne used plenty of metaphors, in accordance with the vivid imagery that describes his general work. His work is witty, intelligent,

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SSRI-s, that block serotonin reuptake when it is in the synapse, causing it to act for a longer time than normal and increasing the available serotonin that is needed for mood regulation. Using one or more examples, explain functions of two hormones in human behavior. Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced by the hypothalamus after being stimulated by the pituitary gland. It is released with touches and hugs. Oxytocin is associated with bonding between a mother and a child and as well as between lovers. If oxytocin is given to healthy individuals, it seems that their brain circuits involved in fear are affected and there is an increase in trust and generosity. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Melatonin levels peak in the middle of the night and decrease towards the morning. As the days get darker, we become tired more early. The use of artificial light can increase the awake time dramatically


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against the Unified Modeling Language (UML) several years ago in the race to become the industry standard notation? •The OML was superior in many respects to the UML, but it unfortunately didn't garner the market mindshare that the UML did. •It is possible that once again the best candidate will be out marketed by the second best, which more often than not is the norm in our industry. 9. RUP— THE APPROACH The Spirit of the RUP – Essential Principles – Attack major risks early and continuously…or they will attack you – Ensure that you deliver value to your customer – Stay focused on executable software – Accommodate change early in the project – Baseline an executable architecture early on – Build your system with components – Make quality a way of life, not an afterthought The Iterative Approach • It accommodates changing requirements • Integration is not one "big bang" at the end of a project


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