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10 days of my life

Personal diary
Student :Anton Štšeglakov
Teacher :Evelin Pähn
School:Haapsalu Gümnaasium
Grade :10b
First snow in 2008-23 november
On 23
November the first snow of year 2008 was falling down from the sky
all day long.
was caused by strong wind, and it was very interesting to look how
everything was going white.It had been a long time since I saw snow,
so I was looking forward to see it.But I didn’t expect it to come down in such huge quantity.
I could sit behind the window for hours , observing the power of nature.It
made me forget everything negative I felt that time and gave me an
unforgetable memorial .
Travel to
Riga on 26 October
I woke up 15minutes later than my father .My eyes were still closed and I couldn’t open them before I got a cup of hot coffee .At 8 o’clock we started driving to
Riga.We also had GPS in our car, so it wasn’t so boring, because it
had some voice commands on and it was interesting to watch the route
we were driving on.
The weather was cloudy .In Pärnu one of turbosensors broke down.So we
had a little lack of enginepower and it was pretty hard to past some
cars with nonturbo diesel.
At 1pm we arrived to Riga and drove to our relatives, who were living there .Everyone was happy to see me, my father and my granny once again in a long time.
After 6
hours of communicating with all our relatives there, we started
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Aeg2009-01-15 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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