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Unit 7-8 sõnavara (2)

Unit 7-8 sõnavara #1 Unit 7-8 sõnavara #2 Unit 7-8 sõnavara #3
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Unit 3-4 sõnavara

UNIT 3-4 Retailing - Jaemüük ­ the business of selling goods to the general public Retailers - Jaemüüjad ­ sellers Shop ­ store ­ Pood - place, where you can buy things Outlets - Firma esinduspood ­ a retail outlet Retail chains - Jaeketid - one company but many shops Shopping centres - Ostukeskused - malls Hypermarkets or superstores ­ hüpermarketid vs supermarketid Retail Park - Ärikeskus - there is number of large stores Department store - Kaubamaja - large shop which sell a wide variety of products Assuming ­ Eeldamine ­ expecting Consumer ­ Tarbija ­ person who buys goods for their own use Bargain hunter - Otsima allahindlusi - look for cheap goods High fidelity - Suur usaldusväärsus Flexibility - Paindlikkus Suppliers - Varustaja Sales pitch ­ what salespeople say to convince you to buy Quirky or unusual, untypical ­ Veider vs ebatavaline Alternative or not traditional ­ Alternatiivne vs ebatraditsiooniline Pushy ­

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Unit 4 words

Solid- SCIENCE a solid substance is firm and hard and is not a liquid or a gas Steep- a steep slope rises quickly and is difficult to climb Terraced house- a house in a row of similar houses joined together on both sides. The American word is row house Utility room- a small room in some houses that contains equipment such as a washing machine Virtually- used for emphasizing that a statement is almost completely true Winding- a winding road, river etc has a lot of bends in it Yard- a unit for measuring length. There are three feet or 36 inches in a yard. One yard is equal to 0.91 metres. Unit3 words Maintenance job- work that is done to keep something such as a building, machine, or piece of equipment repaired and in good condition Milk float- a small truck used for delivering milk to people's homes Obsessed- considering someone or something as so important that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people

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PRODUCTS and BRANDS 1. product catalogue - a list of different products of one company 2. product mix - a range of similar in some way products considered together 2. product range - different particular and specific products of a company 3. product lifecycle - the stages of product lifetime and amount of people who use it at each stage 4. product positioning - is how we see a product or how a company would like us to see it in relation to other products 5. product placement - hidden commercial of a product. Customer can see a product in films, music videos and so on. 6. raw materials - basic materials from which products are made or manufactured 7. finished goods - are goods(products) that have completed manufacturing process and are ready to be sold and used by the end user 8. consumer goods - goods which are produced to satisfy consumer current needs and are bought for individual use 9. consumer durables - long time lasting products, such as home appliances, cars and so on 10. fast

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Inglise keele sõnad ADVERTISING

THE INTERNET AND E-COMMERCE 1. ISP ­ it is a organization that provides internet access. The internet service provider. 2. e-tailing - the selling of goods and services on the Internet or through e- mail solicitation. 3. B2C.- business-to-consumer, selling to the public on the internet. 4. e-procurement - 5. B2G ­ business-to-goverment, business applay for government contracts and pay taxes. 6. shopping cart ­ Shopping cart is where you put product you have purchased from online shop. 7. last mile problem ­ how to deliver products, purcased on internet to the customers 8. bricks-and-mortar shop ­ Brick and mortar shops are physical shops where customers interact face-to-face. They are opposite to online shops. TELEMARKETING 1. telemarketing ­ for of direct marketing, where telemarketers call to their customers 2. cost per inquiry, cost per order ­ its how they measure the success of telemarketing compaigns 3. cold calling ­ It

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Business peculiarities in Russia

TRADERUN MOODUL TRADERUN MODULE BUSINESS PECULIARITIES IN THE EU, RUSSIA AND EASTERN PARTNERSHIP COUNTRIES ÄRI ERIPÄRAD EUROOPA LIIDUS, VENEMAAL JA IDAPARTNERLUSRIIKIDES Lecturers: Ryhor Nizhnikau (responsible) Giorgi Gaganidze, Sergei Proskura, Andres Assor P2EC.00.202 (UT code), RIE 7044 (TLU code) Reading materials: Business peculiarities in Russia Lugemismatejal: Äri eripärad Venemaal Created by Sergei Proskura Tartu 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ....................................................................................................................................... 3 1. LEGALIZATION OF A COMPANY WITH A FOREIGN OWNER IN RUSSIA ....................................... 4 1.1. Laws ...............................................

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descriptive law (kirjeldav õigus) - laws which simply describe how people or even natural phenomenas usually behave nation (riik) - country with its own goverment citizen (kodanik) - person native of a country; realationship between country and a person stranger (välismaalne) - person who is unfamiliar, from another country penalty (karistus) - punishment fixed by law, as for a crime or from any soical groups goverment (valitsus) - organization which controlls a stre or community System of Courts (kohtusüsteem) - organization applying law in the name of states to commit a crime (kuritegu läbi viima) - breaking a law, usually given out by the goverment fine (trahv) - certain sum of money person pays for breaking a law corruption (korruptsioon) - dishonest or unethincal conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority suspension (kõrvaldamine) - form of punisment that people recieve for violating rules and regulations Civil Action (tsiviilhagi) - lawsuit between two privat

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Business peciliarities in Ukraine and Bealrus

The windfall Ukraine enjoyed meant that industry did not have to diversify or become more sophisticated--two characteristics that are necessary for competition in today's markets. In 2000, metals and mineral products accounted for half of Ukraine's exports. Adding agro-food and chemicals took the proportion to just over 70 percent. In 2008, the shares remained quite similar, with agro-food increasing from 11 to 16 percent. Steel export unit value grew more than four times between 2000 and 2008, while steel export volume grew only little between 2000 and 2004, and then stagnated. Missteps in Domestic Economy With a windfall to rely on, Ukraine not only failed to diversify its exports but also mismanaged its domestic economy. Since 1992 Ukraine has had just one year, 2002, with a 8 balanced budget. Income growth has been huge, and the ratio of domestic savings declined

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ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iii CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement B R I A N T R AC Y JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page i CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page ii ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iii CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE How to Unlock Your Full Potential for Success and Achievement B R I A N T R AC Y JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. ccc_tracy_fm_i-xviii.qxd 7/7/03 3:22 PM Page iv Copyright © 2003 by Brian Tracy. All rights

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