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"vocabulary" - 172 õppematerjali


Inglise keele stilistika II

1 SYNTACTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES SYNTACTIC STYLISTIC DEVICES are based on a peculiar place of the word or phrase in the utterance (text, sentence, etc).This special place creates emphasis irrespective of the lexical meaning of the words used. Categories: syntactic stylistic devises based on: SDD: based on ABSENCE OF LOGICALLY REQUIRED ELEMENTS OF SPEECH ELLIPSIS ELLIPSIS or ELLIPTICAL SENTENCES means leaving out one or both principle members of the sentence that is the subject or predicate. NT: Where is the man I'm going to marry? - Out in the garden. (no subject) What is he doing out there? - Annoying father. Here, in the dialogue, ellipsis creates the colloquial tone of the utterance. It also renders realistically the way the characters speak. The elliptical sentences convoy/render carelessness, familiarity, harshness. It...

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Inglise leksikoloogia

Lexicology as a science L. studies the voc of lg as a system. Word-learning, lexis-logos. The task of L is to establish the general features of modern Engl voc. Theoretical L. gives a complete picture of voc. Practical value lies in using and appretiating the lg more conciously. There is diachronic (historical) L that studies origin and development; syncronic studies voc at a given historical period. There are general L (studies words disregarding particular features of any particular lg); special L (studies specific features of a separate lg, there is Engl that bases on general L); contrastive (compares vocabularys in different languages). 2. Connection of L with other linguistic disciplines a) the word performes a certain grammatical function (nt, he always misses the class, how many misses are there; the girl powders her nose, soliders face powder)In speech words are combined according to grammatical rules. The plural of nouns m...

Inglise kirjanduse ajalugu - Tallinna Ülikool
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Kureishi This book takes place in London and its surroundings. Publiced in 2001 · Gabriel ­ the main character (boy whose twin-brother was dead, Gabriel's ,,gift" was his ability to share with others what he felt and lived through by painting and drawing · Gabriel's mother Christine ­ in the good old days designed trendy clothes for various rock stars. · Gabriel's father Rex - a washed-up rock musician who played in pop icon Lester Jones's band · Gabriel's parents were the parents who began to grow up with him, for Gabriel it was more difficult, because there was no one with whom he could talk about the so-called grownup things · Gabriel's dead twin Archie - (Gabriel had a very strong emotional connection with him) · Hannah - au pair (mom wanted someone to keep an eye on Gabriel an look after the house because she worked most of the day and often...

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Stilistika materjalid

Style, stylistics, a survey of stylistic studies The term ,,style" is polysemantic. Latin ,,stilus"--a writing instrument used by the ancients for writing on waxed tablets. Soon, the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift said: ,, Style is proper words in proper places" Present day--half a dozen meanings: · the characteristic manner in which a writer expresses his ideas (Style of Byron) · the manner of expressing ideas characteristic of a literary movement or period (symbolism, romanticism) · the use of lg. typical of a literary genre (comedy, drama, novel) · the selective use of lg that depends on spheres of human activity. These are called functional styles or registers (fiction, newspaper) Stylist...

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Enviromental problems

This includes both human (man- made), social and physical (natural) features. Natural features include soil, the atmosphere, vegetation and wildlife. Human features include things such as culture, language and political systems. Geographers are concerned about human action in the environment. Human interference with the environment causes problems such as soil erosion, global warming and acid. You may ask how we as individuals can have an impact on the environment. Our actions can help to increase the problems highlighted above. For example turning off lights that are not being used helps to reduce global warming. Until recently, concern about the environment revolved almost exclusively around local and national problems. Over the past two decades, however, scientists have increasingly focused attention on more far-reaching environmental threats,...

Inglisekeelne geograafia - Keskkool
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Essee Eesti ja Usa haridussüsteedide võrdlus

TALLINN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING INGLISE KEEL Essee Differences between Estonian and USA school and education systems. Juhendaja: Koostanud: 2009 Differences between Estonian and USA school and education systems. Question is, how different are our own and this big country they call United States of America's education. Or maybe there is no difference at all, and our systems about school and education are more similar than they appear at first sight. After reading all the materials and all sorts of notes about USA's education systems and their school household. All at once I realized, that they are not so different at all. Like for example USA's kids have to go to school exactly the same amount of time as our Estonian children. And basically learn same amount of same things. Like everywhere there are always...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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sajandi kunstivool, mis hakkas kujunema Pariisis 1907. aastal Pablo Picasso ja Georges Braque'i töödes. Kubistide eelkäijaks oli Paul Cézanne. Mõiste "kubism" võttis kasutusele prantsuse kriitik Louis Vauxcelles ja see vihjab kuubist lähtuvale kujutamisele. Kriitik kirjeldas Braque'i töid 1908. aastal väljendiga bizarreries cubiques (kuubilised veidrused). Kubistide eesmärk oli vabastada teos jutustavast sisust ja kujutada asju (muusikainstrumendid, natüürmordid, maastikud jne) geomeetrilistena (kuup, silinder jne), tükeldatud pindadena või stereomeetrilistena (kujutada esemeid ühekorraga mitmest vaatevinklist). Algset kubismi, perioodi, mis algas 1909. aastal, nimetatakse analüütiliseks kubismiks. Seda perioodi iseloomustab motiivide (majad, puud ja natüürmordid) lahutamine justkui algosadeks (geomeetrilisteks kujunditeks) ning nendest uue pildi ülesehitamine. Teine, hilisem vool kub...

Kunstiajalugu - Keskkool
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Geisha Autor Vocabulary Becoming a Geisha Appearance Geisha and prostitution Personal relationships and danna Vocabulary Geisha Maiko Okiya Ozashiki Onee-san Minarai Becoming a Geisha Apprenticeship: Strict Learning traditional arts Minarai Onee-san Ozashiki ­ sit and observe ->potential clients Erikae White collar Hairstyle changes Maiko Minarai Appearance Makeup Most recognisable characteristics White base, red lipstick, red or black eyes and eyebrows Dress: kimono with obi and zoris and tabis Hair Hair-combs and hairpins No pillow wig zoris tabis Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level A geisha, when she is working, is just that: the illusion of female perfection. Geisha and prostitution Geisha is not a...

Akadeemiline inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Keskonna nõue transpordile

ENERGEETIKA NEGATIIVSE KESKKONNAMÕJU VÄHENDAMISE ALAMPROGRAMM JA VÄLISÕHUKAITSE ALAMPROGRAMM Sisukord Sisukord..........................................................................................................................3 1.1 Seletuskiri.................................................................................................................4 1.1.1 Alamprogrammide koostamine, eesmärgid ja prioriteedid................................4 1.1.2. Esitatud taotluste ülevaade prioriteetide lõikes................................................6 1.1.3 Rahastamisettepanek ja eelarve eelnõu tabel.....................................................7 1.2 Riiklikud projektid, eesmärgid ja ettepanekud.........................................................8 1.3 Eeldatav mõju prioriteetide lõikes..........................................................................13 Lisad: Lisa 1. KIK-ist laekunud rah...

Keskkonnaõpetus - Kutsekool
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The history of the English language

The history of the English Language Kristin Klaus, 10a Short history · Started with the arrival of three Germanic tribes who invaded Britain during the 5th century AD · The tribes: the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes · At that time the inhabitants spoke a Celtic language · The invadors pushed them west and north Germanic invaders entered Britain on the east and south coasts in the 5th century. Old English · 450-1100 AD · The Germanic tribes spoke similar languages which developed into Old English · Did not sound or look like English today · About half of the most commonly used English words have Old English roots · Be, strong, water Part of Beowulf, a poem written in Old English. Middle English · 1100-1500 · In 1066 William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy (part of modern France), invaded and conquered England · The new conquerors (called the Normans) brought with them a kind of French, which became the la...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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The English Language

The spoken and written laguage berween 400 and 1100 AD is referred to as Old English. Many words used today come from Old English. In the 9th and 10th centuries, when Vikings invaded England, Old Norse words entered the language English from about 1300 to 1500 is known as Middle English. It was influenced by French and Latin. French brouht many words connected with goverment. Modern English eas greatly influenced by the English used in London and changed a great deal until the end of the 18th century. Many words were introduced from Greek and Latin to express new ideas, especially in science, medicine and philosophy. Nowadays 80 percent of the word-stock is foreign-born. So we can say that most world languages have contributed some words to English at some time, and the process is now being reversed. Purists of the languages are resisting the arrival of English in their vocabulary . The standard English oh today is known as BBC English. Few British people know much about grammar, since it is not usually taught in schools. Spelling and pronunciation seem to be the most difficult aspects of the English language for foreign students. English is very rich in synonyms. The huge vocabulary is due to the free admission of words from other languages and the easy creation of compounds and derivaties. English vocabulary numbers at least 750,000 words. Educated English speakers use approximately 5,000 words in speech and up to 10,000 in written communication. Shakespeare used a vocabulary of 33,000 words. Old English, had several inflections to show singular and plural, tense, person, but over the centuries words have been simplified. Adjectives do not change according to the noun and gender is not a problem in English. The loss of inflections has made English very flexible language where the same word can...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Surfing (esitlus)

Surfing Mathias Nöps 11c General idea · Surfing is a surface water sport · longboarding and shortboarding · Respect for the land, the ocean and the people who grew up surfing here · Surf with a friend or 2 · Know the water · "A man has to know his limits" · Have Fun · basic principle · speed, control, and power · Most radical maneuvers generating power and speed · 0-10 · ASP World Tour History · Origins of surfing are unknown · oldest practiced sports · in the late 1700s · Western Polynesia · fishermen · sport emerged · Surf culture · fashion, music, literature, films, jargon..... Kelly Slater · February 11, 1972 in Cocoa Beach, Florida · surf together with his two brothers · Kirra (Australia) and Pipe (Hawaii). · airs and barrels · WCT victories: 42 · World titles: 9 · youngest and oldest · movies Stephanie Gilmore · Murwillumbah, New South W...

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Estate Planning Basics Referaat

Estonian University of Life Sciences Institute of Economics and Social Sciences Economic Accounting and Financial Management Report Estate Planning Basics By Attorney Denis Clifford Complied by: Tartu 2010 This book explains, what most people need to know about estate planning. It will give the legal knowledge, what you need to know preparing your estate plan. ,,Estate Planning" essentially means two things. First, it means deciding who gets your property after you die and choosing the wisest legal transfer methods for leaving your property to those you want to receive it. Second, it means makeing some important personal decisions, such as who will provide care for your young children, if you have any, if anything happens to you and the children´s other parent, and who should make medical and financial decisions f...

Inglise keel - Eesti Maaülikool
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Life in the future

Many factories already use robots. Big companies prefer robots- they do not ask for pay rises or go on strike, and they work 24 hours a day. By 2050, we will see robots everywhere- in factories, schools, offices, hospitals, shops and homes. In the 2050 every human have an opportunity to go on space travel, because space travels will cost less. Even the poor people can allow this. Schooling will be much better and cheaper (in the long run) in 2050. The word ,,school" will no longer be in our vocabulary . School will be called a ,,work force". There will be no more textbooks, paper, pens or pencils. Everything will be done electronically. Classes will be conjoyned together such as, English and History, Math and Science, etc. School will be more interesting and fun, plus school days will be shorter. By 2050 the work will be much easier. People will use computers to do their job. Everyone will have equal pay. The work days will be shorter. Humans have to work only 5 hours. In transport, cars will run on new, clean fuels and they will go very fast. Cars will have computers to control the speed of the car and there won't be any accidents. Today, many cars have computers that tell drivers exactly where they are. By 2050, the computer will control the car and drive it to your destination. On the other hand, space planes will take people halfway around the world in two hours. In the 2050 people can order the drinks and foods what she or...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Strings of the first type are made of regular English words and, because they are grammatical from a superficially syn- tactic point of view, there is a kind of illusion of understanding. Since these are the kinds of strings of words that often do say and mean something, they produce in us a feeling of familiarity. We have the feeling that we know what they say. And in a weak sense we do: We can parse them grammatically, and we understand each of the words that occur in them. But it does not follow that these strings of words do, in fact, mean anything as wholes. Objection 3 The Verification Theory leads to bad or at least highly controversial meta- physics. Recall that a verification condition is a set of experiences. The positivists meant such verifying experiences to be described in a uniform kind of language called an "observation language." Suppose our "observation language" restricts itself to the vocabulary of subjective sense impressions, as in "I now seem to see a pink rabbit-shaped thing in front of me." Then it follows from verificationism that any meaningful statement I succeed in making can ultimately only be about my own sense impressions; if solipsism is false, I cannot meaningfully say that it is. And neither can anyone else. Even if instead we loosen our notion of "observation" and include what Hempel (1950) called the "directly observable characteristics" of ordinary objects, it remains true that verificationism collapses a sentence's meaning into the type of observational evidence we can have for that sentence, without remainder. For example, we are driven to a grotesquely revisionist view about scientific objects--the instrumentalist view that scientific statements about electrons, memory traces, other galaxies, and the like are merely abbrevia- tions of complex sets of statements about our own laboratory data. W...

Filosoofia - Tartu Ülikool
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English vocabulary cosists of six units: Simple words- fall Complex words- prefall Phrasal word- face up to Compound word- face lift Multiword expression- face the music Shortened forms- prefab (prefabely?) 2) Core and pherifery English has been heavily influenced by other languages. 31.8 % comes from old english, 45% comes from french, 16,7% comes from latin, 4,2% other germanic languages and 2,3 other languages. The very core is mono-syllabic (93 of the first 100 words nad the other seven are two-syllabic). The core vocabulary is predominantly germanic. 3) Native and foreign elements Native vocabulary: INDO-EUROPEAN- mother, foot, heart, father, sea, night etc GERMANIC- friend, bidge, ship, life, heaven OLD-ENGLISH- bad, bird, woman, lady and gospel LATIN- cheap, pepper, street, mile, butter, cheese, wine, inch, ounce, pound...

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) Accommodation in Vienna Hotel Beim Theresianum 3*** (100EUR) Hotel Mercure Imlauer Nestroy 4****(200EUR) Vienna Grand Hotel 5***** (One day 305 EUR) Weather Variable Snow in the Alps Sunny in Vienna o January 5 o July 30 Activities Skiing Snowboarding Coneing Trip in Alps IceSkating Places Cities (Salzburg) Museums Abbeys Waterfalls Parks Mountains Alps Beautiful rivers Necessary equipment Winter clothes Summer clothes Skies Snowboard Bicycle Party clothes Sights Vienna Salzburg Alps Food...

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Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool füsioteraapia õppekava Triin Teder Maia-Liisa Voolaid Mari-Liis Luukas Töömälu Referaat Tartu 2010 Sisukord Sissejuhatus 1. TÖÖMÄLU MÕISTE 2. UURIMUSED 2. 1. "The cognitive and behavioral characteristics of children with low working memory" 2. 1. 1. Eesmärgid 2. 1. 2. Meetodid 2. 1. 3. Tulemused 2. 1. 4. Uurimuse kokkuvõte 2. 2. "Executive function in children with high and low attentional skills: Correspondences between behavioural and cognitive profiles" 2. 2. 1. Eesmärgid 2. 2. 2. Meetodid 2. 2. 3. Tulemused 2. 3. "Developing reading comprehension: combining visual and verbal cognitive processes" 2. 3. 1. Mentaalne mudel 2. 3. 2. Strateegiad Lõppsõna Kasutatud materjalid 2 Sissejuhatus Valisime referaadi teemaks töömälu, mida käsitleme kolme artikli põhjal. Esimene artikkel on väljaantud lapse...

Õenduse alused - Tartu Tervishoiu Kõrgkool
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All forms of media

The advantage of this is that more people can be informed and therefore involved in the happenings of the day. But like any other facet of life these wonders can be corrupted by those with their own agenda. That is to say that a news agency can choose to omit some things from their broadcast to place a particular "spin" on the events. Using 9-11 as an example: Everyone saw the planes crash into the buildings but none REALLY knows why this happened. Same with the assignation of JFK. Information can be repressed or expounded to create misinformation that leaves us all wondering why. Mass Media refers to all forms of media that are open to and accessible by the public. This includes newspapers, television, internet, magazines, radio etc. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of mass media t...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Queensland flood

Queensland floods Markus Põder 10 A Contents · Introduction · Backround · Extend · Deaths · Response · Recovery · Economic impact · Animals · Video Introduction · December 2010 ­ January 2011 · 35 confirmed dead · 9 missing · 30 billion dollars · Much of central and southern Queensland including Brisbane, Rockhampton, Emerald, Bundaberg, Dalby, Toowoomba, and Ipswich Backround · Last was in 1974 · Heavy rainfall · 24 December · Coral Sea · Gulf of Carpentaria · Gold Coast Extend · Half of Queensland was flooded · Fitzroy River basin · Burnett River basin · Balonne River basin · Mary River basin · Toowoomba · Brisbane River catchment Deaths · 35 confirmed dead · 20 November 2010 · Jordan Rice Response · 55000 volunteers · Give money · Prime Minister Recovery · Army · Giving A$1 million each · Cricet teams Economic impact ·...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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