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Continuing Katherine Mansfield's short story "Mrs. Brill" (0)

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  • Missed you today so much How can it be that someone is so dear to you?
  • Miss Brill sighed on her blue chair She wondered �Why?

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Katherine Mansfield’s short story “Mrs. Brill”
IB HL English A: Language and literature
Written task 1
of the Written Task ( Part four )
This written task is created by using imagination and skills of
creative writing. During the process of producing the task, the short
story was analyzed from beginning to end in order to continue the
story in a way that is suitable . The nature of this task is a short
story as it continues Katherine Mansfield’s short story “ Miss Brill.”
In the continue of the short story a new literary device has brought in, in order to explain the short story’s protagonist Miss Brill.
The literary device is external analepsis as in several parts of the
story Miss Brill jumps in her thoughts back to the past.
The main audience of the written task are
people who enjoy reading Katherine Mansfield’s short story “Miss
Brill” and who would now like to read a written task where the
short story is continued by someone else than the original author . In
general, The audience of the written task can
be anyone who is interested in literature, particularly in Katherine
Mansfield’s short stories .
count: 245
Katherine’s Mansfield’s short story “Mrs. Brill”
Her heart started trembling
as she thought about the incident in the park. The tears ran from her eyes like a river and the faces of Ann and George kept coming into
her head. She walked into the other end of her miniature room, sat
down on a blue wooden chair and opened a little box next to the
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Continuing Katherine Mansfield s short story-Mrs-Brill #1 Continuing Katherine Mansfield s short story-Mrs-Brill #2 Continuing Katherine Mansfield s short story-Mrs-Brill #3 Continuing Katherine Mansfield s short story-Mrs-Brill #4
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