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angle – nurga ühikud (näide: tähistus koolis õpitud järgi 560 07’ 37”.2 )

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English writers Maria maasing Edwin Abbott Abbott · Edwin Abbott Abbott(1838-1926)was an English clergyman and writer.He was born in London. He wrote several theological works and a biography (1885) of Francis Bacon, but he is best known for his Shakespearian Grammar (1870) and religious allegory the Flatland. William Blake · William Blake (1757­1827...

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It is the guiding theme that sets your essay tone. In a way, the thesis is a one-sentence answer to your question. You make a claim in your thesis statement and spend the rest of the essay supporting this claim. How do you come up with a thesis? Coming up with your thesis requires a great deal of thinking on your part. You should carefully focus on your topic and try to find an angle , which makes it interesting and probably different from what the others will be writing. The thesis statement should be something that people do not usually think about and when they read that line, they are automatically drawn towards the essay to see what it really holds. The thesis statement is the central orienting concept of your essay. Body: As mentioned before, you write your essay providing evidence supporting your thesis statement...

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Hoe to write an argumentative essay?

An essay should begin with an introduction in which some background information is given about the problem that is going to be discussed. The angle from which the problem is going to be looked upon in the essay is also stated. In longer essays these are in different paragraphs, in shorter ones they can be in one paragraph. The body of the essay usually consists of several paragraphs, the number of which depends on the length of the essay. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. The following sentences should enlarge on the theme, give examples, etc. If it is an essay discussin...

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Autodes kasutatavad pneuma-ja hüdrosüsteemid

The airbag's volume and the size of the vents in the bag are tailored to each vehicle type, to spread out the deceleration of (and thus force experienced by) the occupant over time and over the occupant's body, compared to a seat belt alone. The signals from the various sensors are fed into the Airbag control unit, which determines from them the angle of impact, the severity, or force of the crash, along with other variables. Depending on the result of these calculations, the ACU may also deploy various additional restraint devices, such as seat belt pre-tensioners, andor airbags (including frontal bags for driver and front passenger, along with seat-mounted side bags, and "curtain" airbags which cover the side glass). Each restraint device is typically activated with one or more pyrote...

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1 Auto CAD käsklused ZOOM ­ suurendamine, kujutise mõõtkava muutmine, mingi joonise osa suurendamine Käsk ZOOM ise ei suurenda objekti mõõtmeid, vaid töötab suurendusklaasi põhimõttel. Kui kirjutada Command ribale (käsuribale): ZOOM Kuvatakse vastuseks tekst- Specify corner of window, enter scale factor or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extens/Previous/Scale/ Window] Seega küs...

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"Jõutõstmine" ettekanne

After the desired number of repetitions, the bar is returned to the pins. Because of the heavy weight that can be used and the position of the bar, a 'spotting partner' increases the safety of the movement at heavier weights. Variations Variations are intended to work different subgroups of muscles, or work the same muscles in slightly different ways Angle Hand position Type of weights- perform with dumbbells. Spotter Becouse of the heavy weight, it is recommended to ask your partner's help. He is also called as spotter. If he sees, that you can not press barbell because of strength lost, he helps you to put the barbell back on the pins. Possible injuries Incorrect form may lead to multiple types of injuries including: torn in shoulders muscles. back injuries due to brid...

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Ford escorti käsiraamat

1·1 Chapter 1 Routine maintenance and servicing...

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Suurbritannia üldkokkuvõte

1) General facts The UK: * the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was formed in 1801 * it covers 243,610 sq km * everybody from the UK is called British * the capital city is London * is made up of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which in turn are divided into counties * the flag is called t...

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AutoCad I

Eesti Põllumajandusülikool Tehnikateaduskond Mehaanika ja masinaõpetuse instituut Enno Saks Joonestuspakett AutoCAD 2000 (versioon 15.0) I Kahemõõtmeline raalprojekteerimine Tartu 2000 Käesolev kaheosaline lühijuhend käsitleb tarkvarafirma Autodesk tuntuimat produkti ­ joonestu...

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Autocad II

Eesti Põllumajandusülikool Tehnikateaduskond Mehaanika ja masinaõpetuse instituut Enno Saks Joonestuspakett AutoCAD 2000 (versioon 15.0) II Kolmemõõtmeline raalprojekteerimine & Programmeeritud joonestamine Tartu 2000 1. Ruumilised koordinaadid...

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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge General · Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, England, over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, which gives it its name. It has become an iconic symbol of London. Design · In the second half of the 19th century, increased commercial development in the East End of London led to a req...

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Nimetage kurnpüüniseid 2. Kuidas toimub püük kaldanoodaga 3. Milliseid kalu püütakse Eestis põhjanoodaga 4. Iseloomustage tõstevõrguga püüki 5. Milleks on seinnoodal haarad 6. Kuidas orienteerub laev seinnoodapüügil kalaparve ja tuule suhtes 7. Mis asi on jõuplokk 8. Milliseid kalaparve käitumise iseärasusi tuleb seinnoodapüügil arvestada 9. Miks on seinnooda vertikaalne ra...

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Paul sinac Claude Monet(1840- 1926) 1863-1935 Londoni Parlamendihoone(rahvusgalerii, london) Paadid Saint tropez sadamas Sinac esindab neoimpressionismi. Neoimpressionistid asetasid värvid lõuendile puhtana, kindlas suuruses punktudega. seetõttu nad nim. Püantilistideks...

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Prantsuse keele konspekt

Prantsuse keel SÕNA TÄHENDUS 1 Mais Aga 2 Et Ja 3 La me´re Ema 4 La te`te Pea 5 La caise Tool 6 Re´pe´ter Kordama 7 Regarder Vaatama 8 Demander...

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Merepraktika aruanne: Praktikakoht Victoria I

Nucleus or Manta ARPA, True or Relative Motion Radar Systems Multi-Feature Displays that incorporate Integrated Navigation with ECS and ECDIS data Manual Steering Workstation containing 'Follow-up' Helm Unit with Gyro and Rudder Angle Repeaters Docking Workstations for open or enclosed bridge wings Safety Operations Workstation with GMDSS and external communications equipment Overhead Repeater Consoles Integrated Adaptive Autopilot with Transmitting Magnetic Compass and Gyro Compass Systems Magnetic Compass with Reflector Binnacle Speed Log Echo Sounder Wind speed and Direction Sensor Barometric Pressure and Air Temperature Sensor Position-f...

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Elektroonika Alused

Reading the pits The CD disk is actually read from the bottom. Thus, from the viewpoint of the laser beam reading the disk, th "pit" in the CD is actually a "bump". The polycarbonate itself is part of the optical system for reading the pits. The index of refraction of air is 1.0 while the index of refraction of the polycarbonate is 1.55. Laser light incident on the polycarbonate surface wi be refracted at a greater angle into the surface. Thus, the original incident spot of around 800 microns (enterin the polycarbonate) will be focused down to about 1.7 microns (at the metal surface). This is a major win, as it minimizes the effects of dust and scratches on the surface. The laser used for the CD player is typically an AlGaAs laser diode with a wavelength in air of 780 nm. (Near infrared -- your vision cuts out at about 720 nm). The wavelength inside the polycarb...

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Energeetika arengu plaanimine

This process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic (PV) effect. Solar cells are typically combined into modules that hold about 40 cells; a number of these modules are mounted in PV arrays that can measure up to several meters on a side. These flat-plate PV arrays can be mounted at a fixed angle facing south, or they can be mounted on a tracking device that follows the sun, allowing them to capture the most sunlight over the course of a day. Several connected PV arrays can provide enough power for a household; for large electric utility or industrial applications, hundreds of arrays can be interconnected to form a single, large PV system. Solar Hot Water Heating water with solar energy. The shallow water of a lake is usually warmer...

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The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual(iga aastane) plant in the family Asteraceae, with a large flower head (inflorescence(õiekobar, õisik, õitseaeg, õidumine)). The stem(tüvi) of the flower can grow up to 3 metres tall, with the flower head reaching 30 cm in diameter. The term "sunflower" is also used to refer(nimetama, viitama, üle andma) to all plants of the genus(perekond, sugu) Helia...

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Inglise keele kodulugemine teemal: Mass Media

Mass Media What is Mass Media? Statistics show that there are few things which impact the human mind more than mass media. The advice of teachers, parents and relatives may fall on deaf ears, but the mass media influence holds us all spellbound! At this point, it becomes necessary to define mass media. Mass media may be defined as any form of communication which...

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LAEVATEOORIA LAEVATEOORIA Laevateooria on rakendusteadus laeva tasakaalust ja liikumisest, mis määrab navigatsiooniks vajalikud laeva omadused ­ ujuvuse, püstuvuse, uppumatuse, õõtsuvuse ja käikuvuse ­ matemaatiliste arvutustega või eksperimentaalsete uuringutega. Laevateooria...

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