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Lebel and the Jackal (0)

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Lebel and the Jackal
Jackal was an assassin , signed to murder president of France , Charles
de Gaulle . Using fake identities and killing many people, he fails
his mission .
Claude Lebel was a
professional detective, who was hired to catch the Jackal and prevent him from killing de Gaulle, after many failed attempts , he succeeds.
The Jackal was known in the
book under many names, such as Alexander Duggan, Per Jensen , Marty
Schulberg, Andre Martin and Charles Calthrop. That shows that he was
indeed a very clever man, he saw everything coming and thought ahead.
He was very assured and he knew, what he was doing, he had it all
figured out on his mind. He was, as a human, actually quite nice to
Lebel and the Jackal #1
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Aeg2008-12-04 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
Allalaadimisi 15 laadimist Kokku alla laetud
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Autor kusta69 Õppematerjali autor
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