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n equivalent of EIA) DIO Data Input-Output DIP Dialup Internet Protocol [Internet] + Digital Imaging Processing + Dual In-line Package + Dual In-line Pin DIR Directory (file) DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation + Draft International Standard + Dynamic Impedance Stabilization [CompuCom] DISA Data Interchange Standards Association + Direct Inward System Access DISP Displacement (offset) DIST Digital Image Scaling Technology DIT Directory Information Tree DIV Divide DIVE Direct Interface Video Extension [OS2 Warp] DIVX Digital Video Express DIW D-Inside Wire [AT&T] DIX Digital-Intel-Xerox (Original Ethernet Standard) .DIZ Description In Zip (file name extension) DL Download (also DL) DL1 Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM] DLB Dynamic Load Balancing DLC Data Link Control (protocol) [IBM] + Distributed Loop Carrier...

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Uurimistöö Printeritest

Printer on arvuti väljundseade, mida kasutatakse teksti ja piltide kandmiseks paberile või muule materjalile. Printer on ühendatud arvutiga kas otse (LPT, COM või USB pordi abil) või võrguprinteri korral arvutivõrku. Sel juhul on printeril sisseehitatud võrgukaart. Printerite liigid: Laserprinterid töötavad umbes samal põhimõttel nagu koopiamasinad: terve leheküljetäis infot võetakse arvutist korr...

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Ford escorti käsiraamat

Removal 4 Disconnect the wiring plug at the fan motor the use of most de-scaling products, 19 Disconnect the battery negative terminal. and unclip the wiring from the shroud (see especially in a system which incorporates 20 Working through the aperture below the illustration). alloy and plastic materials. front bumper, release the wiring harness clips 5 Unscrew the two upper mounting bolts and Refitting and unscrew the two shroud bracket retaining carefully l...

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AutoCad I

Eesti Põllumajandusülikool Tehnikateaduskond Mehaanika ja masinaõpetuse instituut Enno Saks Joonestuspakett AutoCAD 2000 (versioon 15.0) I Kahemõõtmeline raalprojekteerimine Tartu 2000 Käesolev kaheosaline lühijuhend käsitleb tarkvarafirma Autodesk tuntuimat produkti ­ joonestu...

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IT arhitektuur

The Conceptual Architecture identifies the high-level components of the system, and the relationships among them. Its purpose is to direct attention at an appropriate decomposition other system without delving into details. Moreover, it provides a useful vehicle for communicating the architecture to non-technical audiences, such as management, marketing, and users. Logical Architecture In Logic...

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Exami materajal

Arvuti riistvara matemaatilised alused · Kahendsüsteem Digitaalseadmetes teostatavate arvutuste ja muu infotöötluse kiirus, täpsus ja arusaadavus sõltub suuresti seadmes kasutatavast arvutussüsteemist. Digitaaltehnikas domineerib kahendsüsteem nii iseseisva süsteemina kui ka teiste arvusüsteemide realiseerimise vahendina ja seda järgmistel põhjustel: Füüsikalise realiseerimise lihtsus tehete soor...

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Henry Moore

At his home in Much Hadham, Moore built up a collection of natural objects; skulls, driftwood, pebbles, rocks and shells, which he would use to provide inspiration for organic forms. For his largest works, he often produced a half-scale, working model before scaling up for the final moulding and casting at a bronze foundry. Moore often refined the final full plaster shape and added surface marks before casting. Moore produced at least three significant examples of architectural sculpture during his career. In 1928, despite his own self-described "extreme reservations", he accepted his first public commission for West Wind for the London Underground Building at 55 Broadway in London, joining the company o...

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Arvutid II teooria eksam

Sardsüsteem: Piiratud väljendusvõime, mis põhineb hästi (suspended) kuni teise täitmine jõuab mingi Genereeritud C programmid ei ole alati valitud punktini efektiivsed...

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Windows Vista Home referaat

TALLINNA POLÜTEHNIKUM Margus Kõresoo PA-09B REFERAAT Windows Vista home Sisukord 1. Windows Vista 1.1 Vista arenduskeskus 2. Uued või muudetud funktsioonid 2.1 Lõppkasutaja 2.2 Tuum 2.3 Arendus 2.4 Turvalisusega seotud 3. Väljaanded 4. Visuaalne stiil 5. Riistvar...

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Wiz Khalifa presentatsioon (esitlus)

Wiz Khalifa Nimi klass Background information Cameron Jibril Thomaz better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper. He released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006, and signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. His euro dance-influenced single, "Say Yeah", received urban radio airplay, charting on the Rhythmic Top 40 and Hot Rap Tracks charts in 2008.Khalifa par...

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Doktorkalade kasutamine alternatiivmeditsiinis.

ering? Extremely Considerable A little Not at all Itching (n=63) 46 (73,0%) 15 (23,8%) 2 (3,2%) 0 Pain (n=54) 48 (88,9%) 6 (11,1%) 0 0 Skin tension 51 (82,3%) 11 (17,7%) 0 0 (n=62) Induration 49 (76,6%) 14 (21,9%) 1 (1,6%) 0 (n=64) Scaling (n=66) 56 (84,8%) 9 (13,6%) 1 (1,5%) 0 Psychological problems (n=66) 31 (47,0%) 18 (27,3%) 4 (6,1%) 1 (1,5%) How you attained your treatment goal? (n=66) 44 (66,7%) 21 (31,8%) 1 (1,5%) 0 Yes Probably yes Probably no No Would you use this kind of therapy again? (n=66) 59 (...

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Inglise keele struktuur

Great destruction ~ The destruction was great. On the other hand, when they are noninherent, amplifiers are attributive only: a complete fool *The fool is complete firm friend *The friend is firm Amplifiers are only attributive when they are used as emphasizers, conveying principally emphasis rather than degree. c) Downtoners: have a lowering effect. Usually scaling downwards from an assumed norm. They are relatively few (eg: slight in a slight effort, feeble in a feeble joke). Restrictive adjectives: restrict the reference of the noun exclusively, particularly or chiefly. Examples, within noun phases, include: a certain person his chief excuse the principal objection the exact answer the same student the sole argument the only occasion the specific point a par...

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Microcontroller homework 3

Treshold, sensitivity, (full) range, linearity, accuracy, precision, stability, hysteresis, noise 2. VO = RH/(RT+RH) = 0.381356 V 3. A) 100 B) 212,464 4. A) B) R1 = 16,67 k...

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Andmetöötlus funktsionaalse seotuse hindamiseks puhkeoleku fMRT-s

Andmetöötlus funktsionaalse seotuse hindamiseks puhkeoleku fMRT-s Data processing for functional connectivity in resting-state fMRI TÜ FI magistrant Dmitri Sutov fMRT · Eesmärgiks uurida ja kaardistada närvitegevust või selle aktiivsust · Kaardistada aju funktsionaalsed alad (motoorne, sensoorne,...

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Füüsika meie ümber

Sissejuhatus ............................................................................................... 1 2. Suvine loodus ................................................................................................ 7 3. Õues ja tänaval .............................................................................................. 9 4. Sport...

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Games Programming with Java and Java 3D

A current list of games using OpenGL is maintained at http:www.OpenGL.orgusersapps_hardwareapplicationsgames.html, and includes favourites like Quake II, Descent 3, and Half Life. Higher-level programming with OpenGL is possible. The OpenGL Utility Library (GLU) offers 2D image scaling , basic 3D geometry constructs, NURB curves and surfaces, and special-purpose matrix transformations. GLU is a standard part of every OpenGL distribution. The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) is another standard component, made up of libraries for window management, call-back driven event processing, utilities for creating 3D solids and wireframes, fonts, and timers, all supplied in a platform independent manner. However, most programmers find G...

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Lineaarne planeerimine

Seega z=21450, käpikud(x1) Microsoft Excel 15.0 Answer Report Worksheet: [Kodutöö2.xlsx]Leht1 Report Created: 5.11.2014 21:41:14 Result: Solver found a solution. All Constraints and optimality conditions are satisfied. Solver Engine Engine: Simplex LP Solution Time: 0,062 Seconds. Iterations: 4 Subproblems: 0 Solver Options Max Time Unlimited, Iterations Unlimited, Precision 0,000001, Use Automatic Scaling Max Subproblems Unlimited, Max Integer Sols Unlimited, Integer Tolerance 1%, Assume NonNegative Objective Cell (Max) Cell Name Original Value Final Value $D$29 z= 21450 21450 Variable Cells Cell Name Original Value Final Value Integer $B$27 Käpikud 0 0...

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Lineaarse plannerimisülesande koostamise näide seletustega

0 Answer Report Worksheet: [Book1]Sheet1 Report Created: 11.11.2014 22:16:36 Result: Solver found a solution. All Constraints and optimality conditions are satisfied. Solver Engine Engine: Simplex LP Solution Time: 0,094 Seconds. Iterations: 1 Subproblems: 0 Solver Options Max Time Unlimited, Iterations Unlimited, Precision 0,000001, Use Automatic Scaling Max Subproblems Unlimited, Max Integer Sols Unlimited, Integer Tolerance 1%, Assume NonNegati Objective Cell (Max) Cell Name Original Value Final Value $B$14 Sihtfunktsioon Z 0 3818.75 Variable Cells Cell Name Original Value Final Value Integer $B$10 Muutujad x1 0.00 0.00 Contin $C$10 Muutujad x2 0.00 58.75 C...

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Development of Multicellular Organisms

melanogaster. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Curr Opin Cell Biol 15:221–231. Laboratory Press. 1416 Chapter 22: Development of Multicellular Organisms Gregor T, Bialek W, de Ruyter van Steveninck RR, Tank DW & Wieschaus Schier AF (2007) The maternal-zygotic transition: death and birth of EF (2005) Diffusion and scaling during early embryonic pattern RNAs. Science 316:406–407. formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102:18403–18407. Tabin CJ (2006) The key to left-right asymmetry. Cell 127:27–32. Huynh JR & St Johnston D (2004) The origin of asymmetry: early Takeichi M, Nakagawa S, Aono S et al (2000) Patterning of cell polarisation of the Drosophila germline cyst and oocyte. Curr Biol...

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Optional use of ECDIS

It is mandatory for RCDS to have the capability to use different colour palettes; • RNCs are treated as individual charts (not seamless like ENCs). However, it is possible for ECDIS to automatically load adjoining chart based on the meta data provided; • ARPA radar targets can be overlaid onto an RNC. It is also possible for a radar video image to be scaled to fit the RNC. Scaling the RNC to fit the radar video image is Facts about chart carriage reguirements 43 ANNEX III Types of Digital Charts unsatisfactory as this is likely to result in a degraded chart image; and • RNCs include significant meta data to allow the ECDIS to make maximum use of the image. For example chart notes and tide panels may be accessed dire...

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