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Ernest Hemingway as a short-story writer .
Ernest Miller Hemingway is born in United States in 1899. He was novelist,
short-story writer and journalist. He was the part of 1920s
expatriate community in Paris and one of the veterans of World War I later known as „the Lost Generation“. The Hemingway's style could be characterised like this: a lot of dialogues, hidden morals and
messanges in stories and interesting titles.
am going to write about short- stories written by Ernest Hemingway. It
is based on the book „The cat in the rain“ which includes stories
„A canary for one“, „ Indian camp“, „Cat in the rain“ and
Hills like white elephants“. I am going to analyse three stories
of this book - „A canary for one, „Cat in the rain“ and „Hills
like white elephants“
title is one of the most important part of the story. It is something that attracts you to read the story or the book. If the title is
boring you do not want to read the book, but when it is mystical and
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as a short-story writer

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Believed in the trimph of working man (marx), but at the same the in the necessity of of the survival of the strongest. Was attracted to the Nietzches theory of the superman- the true aristocrats. The rest are the slaves. Morality, conscious, christianity-are the inventions of the slaves. Because this is how slaves tried to control the masters. 27.02.13 1920-jazz, post war euphoria, people were more less ,,From whom the bell tolls" Hemingway. Spanish civil war. Franco vs the Republicans. Three days are described. Protagonist is Robert Jordan. American, but teaches Spanish, joins the Spanish guerillas-the spanish partisans, in the fight against the facist. He is wounded and left to die. We get this sense of betrayal-most powerful emotions. The bell tolls for everybody, the bell is symbolically the funeral bell, it conserns everybody. The message of the novel is presented through inner monologue

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and specific events that turned it into a major depression and the way in which the downturn spread from country to country. In relation to the 1929 downturn, historians emphasize structural factors like massive bank failures and the stock market crash, while economists (such as Peter Temin and Barry Eichengreen) point to Britain's decision to return to the Gold Standard at pre-World War I parities. Ernest Miller Hemingway Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), born in Oak Park, Illinois, started his career as a writer in a newspaper office in Kansas City at the age of seventeen. After the United States entered the First World War, he joined a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army. Serving at the front, he was wounded, was decorated by the Italian Government, and spent considerable time in hospitals. After his return to the United States, he became a reporter for Canadian and


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The making of a new nation. The Enlightenment in America. The emergence of the notion of the American Dream. The great Enlighteners: Crèvecoeur, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin. The American Enlightenment is the intellectual thriving period in the United States in the midtolate 18th century (1715­1789), especially as it relates to American Revolution on the one hand and the European Enlightenment on the other. Influenced by the scientific revolution of the 17th century and the humanist period during the Renaissance, the Enlightenment took scientific reasoning and applied it to human nature, society, and religion. American Enlightenment a gradual but powerful awakening that established the ideals of democracy, liberty, and religious tolerance in the people of America. If there were just one development that directly caused the American Revolution and uplifted the intellectual culture of the continent while it was only a British colony, it would be the American Enlightenment. Broadly

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THE W R I T E R ' S JOURNEY M Y T H I C STRUCTURE FOR W R I T E R S THIRD EDITION CHRISTOPHER VOGLER S C R E E N W R I T I N G / W R I T I N G Christopher Vogler explores the powerful relationship between mythology and storytelling in his clear, concise style that's made i this book required reading for movie executives, screenwriters, playwrights, fiction and non-fiction writers, scholars, and fans of pop culture all over the world. Discover a set of useful myth-inspired storytelling paradigms like "The Hero's Journey," and step-by-step guidelines to plot and • character development. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell, The Writers Journey is a must for all writers interested

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Page |1 Your Name:__________________ Grade:______________________ Date:_______________________ Do you often read books voluntarily? What books do you usually read? Discuss it with your neighbor. Ask your neighbor: Who is Harry Potter? What's so magical about him? Part I 1/9/2013 Page |2 Reading: Read through the text, look up unknown words by J. K. Rowling In 1990, a British woman in her mid-twenties called Joanne Rowling was on a train in England when she suddenly had an idea for a story she could write. She had enjoyed writing ever since she was a young girl, but there was something about the main character in this story tha

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English   literature   is   one   of   the  oldest   literatures   in   Europe;   dates   back   to   the   6th   century   AD.   Oral   literature,   i.e.   not   written   down,   spread   from   person   to   person.   In   449   AD   Anglo-­‐Saxon   tribes   invaded   England   –   beginning   of   the   Anglo-­‐Saxon   period   in   English   literature.  The  first  form  of  literature  was  folklore,  carried  by  scops  and  gleemen,  who   sang  in  alliterative  verse  (a  kind  of  simple  poetry).  Prose  developed  much  later.     The  first  form  of  recorded  English  literature  was  the  epic  Beowulf,  which  was  produced   sometime  near  the  end  of  the  7th  and  beginning ?

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Blandings Castle by P.G. Wodehouse Wodehouse was an acknowledged master of English prose admired both by contemporaries and by modern writers. He has been called "English literature's performing flea", a derogatory description that Wodehouse cherished and adopted as the title of his autobiography. Best known today for the Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies. Wodehouse took a modest attitude to his own works. In Over Seventy (1957) he wrote: "I go in for what is known in the trade as 'light writing' and those who do that ­ humorists they are sometimes called ­ are looked down upon by the intelligentsia and sneered at." Wodehouse's characters are often eccentric, with peculiar attachments, such as to newts (Gussie Fink-Nottle) or socks (Archibald Mulliner). His "mentally negligible" good-natured characters invaria

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Libraries. We know a lot of things thanks to books, but we do not know exactly when and where they originated, and what should be considered the first book in the world. Ancient document, written on parchment, papyri and vellum can hardly be qualified as books the way we understand the word today. Centuries went before paper replaced parchment and papyri. In the 15 th century Johann Gutenberg invented a mechanical process of duplicating texts, which we today call book printing. The first book was printed between 1444 and 1446, so these years can be considered as the beginning years of book printing. His most important preserved printings are the 40 copies of the Bible. By the end of the 15 th century there were about 1000 print-shops in Europe already. The oldest Estonian book dates back to 1535. Libraries form a vital part of education. They make available-through books, films, recordings and other media- knowledge that h

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