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Claude Lévi-Strauss "Metsik mõtlemine"

Claude Lévi-Strauss "Metsik mõtlemine" Esimene peatükk - Konkreetse teadmine Usk põlisrahvaste intellektuaalsesse piiratusse abstraktsete/spetsiifiliste sõnade hulga järgi nende keeles on vägagi ennatlik. Leidub palju rohkemate abstraktsete sõnadega 'metslaste' keeli kui eurooplased normaalseks peavad. Ja õigupoolest on sõna 'pöök' sama abstraktne kui sõna 'puu' (mis mõnedes pärismaalaste keeltes kokkuv...

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This entails having an understanding of where society is headed, how the world of work is changing, and the demographic shifts in the neighborhoods. Here is where the school needs vision, values and mission statements. In order for a school to operate effectively in a rapidly changing society, it needs to process Vision, Values and Mission Statements. What is the difference? A Vision Statement answers the "Where?" question. It addresses where an organization is headed-its direction, perspective and paradigms in view of the changes taking place in our nation and in the world today. A Values Statement addresses the "What? question. It is concerned with what the school is becoming-the effective endgoal behaviors it needs to model in the present. A Mission Statement, on the other hand, answers the "Why?" question. It addresses the reason(s) why an organization exists in vi...

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The History of Flag Day

BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the pupils in the Fredonia, Wisconsin Public School, District 6, to observe June 14 (the 108th anniversary of the official adoption of The Stars and Stripes) as 'Flag Birthday'. In numerous magazines and newspaper articles and public addresses over the following years, Cigrand continued to enthusiastically advocate the observance of June 14 as 'Flag Birthday', or 'Flag Day'. On June 14, 1889, George Balch, a kindergarten teacher in New York City, planned appropriate ceremonies for the children of his school, and his idea of observing Flag Day was later adopted by the State Board of Education of New York. On June 14, 1891, the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia held a Flag Day cel...

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Tallinna Tehnikaülikool Raadio- ja sidetehnika instituut Projekt ainetes ,,IRT0030 Andmeside" ja ,,IRT0100 Kommunikatsioonivõrkude struktuurid ja teenused" teemal «VoIP teenus» Üliõpila...

Andmeside - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor attac Kadri Nutt 11D Facts · was a preemptive military strike on the was United States Pacific Fleet base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii · by the Empire of Japan's Imperial Japanese Navy, on the morning of Sunday, 7 December 1941. · Two attack waves · destroyed two U.S. Navy battleships, one minelayer, two destroyers and 188 aircraft. · Personnel losses wer...

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Tallinn Eneli O**a History City rights were given to Tallinn on May 15, 1248 Independent since 1991 Covers the area of 159.2 km2 Old Town of Tallinn Tallinn's Old Town is one of the most well- preserved old towns in northern Europe The golden era in lies in the period between the early 15th and mid 16th centuries...

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IT arhitektuur

Designer's View (System Model). This view outlines how the system will satisfy the organization's information needs. The representation is free from solution-specific aspects or productionspecific constraints. Builder's View (Technology Model). This is a representation of how the system will be implemented. It makes specific solutions and technologies apparent and addresses production constraints. Out-of-Context View (Detailed Models). These representations illustrate the implementation-specific details of certain system elements: parts that need further clarification before production can begin. This view is less architecturally significant than the others because it is more concerned with a part of the system than with the whole. Operational View (Functioning System). This is a view of the functioni...

It arhitektuur - Eesti Infotehnoloogia Kolledzh
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Komad inglise keeles

) Nancy waved enthusiastically at the docking ship, laughing joyously. (correct) Incorrect:Lisa waved at Nancy, laughing joyously. (Who is laughing, Lisa or Nancy?) Laughing joyously, Lisa waved at Nancy. (correct) Lisa waved at Nancy, who was laughing joyously. (correct) 9. Use commas to set off all geographical names, items in dates (except the month and day), addresses (except the street number and name), and titles in names. Birmingham,Alabama, gets its name from Birmingham, England. July 22, 1959, was a momentous day in his life. Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC? Rachel B. Lake, MD, will be the principal speaker. (When you use just the month and the year, no comma is necessary after the month or year: "The average temperatures for July 1998 are the highest on record for that mont...

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Peamised arvuti osad

Tänapäeva arvutiteriistvara töötab elektriga ja suur osa riistvarast on teostatud integraalskeemide abil. Arvutikomplekti riistvara koosneb kõige lihtsamalt protsessorikastist, monitorist, klaviatuurist ja hiirest. Siinjuures tekib esimene jagunemine: kõik seadmed, mis on protessorikasti sees on siseseadmed ja kõik, mis sealt väljas on välisseadmed. Monitor, kla...

Informaatika - Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor
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Agatha Christie - The Moving Finger

Meaning, whatever one does in one's life is one's own responsibility and cannot be changed. The Moving Finger is emphasised twice. The first is how the letters point blame from one town member to another. The second, the addresses on the letters, which the Scotland Yard uses to identify that the envelopes were all "typed by someone using only one finger" in order to avoid a 'touch', which could be recognised as one certain person. The Moving Finger was one of Christie's favourite books, and in her autobiog...

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Inglise keele artiklid

THE NO ARTICLE · Names in the plural = countries: the Nether- * Names of countries / towns (also with an es- lands, the USA; the West Indies ablished modifier): (South) Estonia, Tartu · Names of the countries, and towns with a * Expressions from North to South etc. character...

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Inglise keele põhikooli eksam 2010 lugemise osa.

Põhikooli inglise keele eksam 2010 LUGEMINE Task 1 (5 points) Read the notices below and tick ( )the correct answer A, B , C , or D. An example (0) has been done for you. 0. Hotel. Free parking at rear. A You can park next to the hotel. B You can park in front of the hotel. C You can park under the hotel. D Y ou can park behind the hot...

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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Language: a Contemporary Introduction introduces the student to the main issues and theories in twentieth and twenty-first-century phi- losophy of language, focusing specifically on linguistic phenomena. Topics are structured in four parts in the book. Part I, Reference and Referring, includes topics such as Russell's Theory of Descriptions, Donnellan's...

Filosoofia - Tartu Ülikool
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Japanese festivals

Special printing devices are popular, especially among people who practice crafts. Software also lets artists create their own designs and output them using their computer's color printer. Because a gregarious individual might have hundreds to write, print shops offer a wide variety of sample postcards with short messages so that the sender has only to write addresses . Even with the rise in popularity of email, the nengaj remains very popular in Japan. Conventional nengaj greetings include: kotoshi mo yoroshiku o-negai-shimasu (?) (I hope for your favour again in the coming year) (shinnen) akemashite o-medet-gozaimasu (()?) (Happiness to you on the dawn [of a New Year]) kinga shinnen (?) (Happy New Year) shoshun (?) (literally "early spring") On New Year's Day, Japanese people have a custom of giving...

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All forms of media

ion - News - Entertainment - Communication ( specifically for internet) - Product reviews Disadvantages - Can lead to wrong perceptions - unrest - Panic Examples: Radio Television Newspapers Booklets Posters Flyersleaflets Loud speakerannouncements Miking VideosFilms Press kits Media guides Town criers Gong gong beater Typical Materials Typical Formats Development and use of logos, leaders' statements National addresses by presidents and other high-level officials Publicity for NIDs by celebrities, including goodwill ambassadors Press conferences Newspaper editorials Public advertising: calendars; banners; billboards Promotional materials: t-shirts, hats, banners, bags, and pens Announcements via megaphones, microphones, loud speakers Different radioTV formats (interviews, success storiesfootage from countries, phone-in questions or reports from the fi...

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Internet ( slaidid )

Responsible for routing packets across network boundaries, it is the primary protocol that establishes the Internet. IP is the primary protocol in the Internet Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite and has the task of delivering datagrams from the source host to the destination host solely based on their addresses . For this purpose, IP defines addressing methods and structures for datagram encapsulation. The structure of the Internet The Internet is basically a hierarchy that allows any Internet connected device in one geographic location, talk to another Internet connected device in another geographic location. The way that the information is transmitted varies greatly, and in some countries, wireless ham radios are even used to...

Erialaline inglise keel - Kutsekool
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Integration of Lean Con. and Building Information Modelling

LC is a new and innovative construction management model, which has proven its validity even in very difficult projects. Construction management is divided into two parts: production theory and project management theory. LC addresses them both. It is a comprehensive theory based on a strong theoretical foundation, with methodologies that help to put theory into practice. 49 CHAPTER 4- BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING BIM is a new business model which requires participants to change their mental furniture. For the people involved in a project it is a platform for colla...

Ehitusjuhtimine - Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool
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An e-mail to my Estonian deskmate

10.2011 Hello! How is it going in Estonia? If you remember I'm in Canada and that is why I'm writing you. I miss you and all classmates. Tell hey them from me. The School where I am studying is Académie Ste. Cécile International School. I can take music, drama and languages courses. That is really interesting and I...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Shakespeare/Poems and Sonnets

SHAKESPEARE William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564; died 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon". His surviving works, including some collaborations, consist of about 38 pla...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Jane Austen

"You are too hasty, sir," she cried. "You forget that I have made no answer. Let me do it without further loss of time. Accept my thanks for the compliment you are paying me. I am very sensible of the honour of your proposals, but it is impossible for me to do otherwise than to decline them." "I am not now to learn," replied Mr. Collins, with a formal wave of the hand, "that it is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses of the man whom they secretly mean to accept, when he first applies for their favour; and that sometimes the refusal is repeated a second, or even a third time. I am therefore by no means discouraged by what you have just said, and shall hope to lead you to the altar ere long." "Upon my word, sir," cried Elizabeth, "your hope is a rather extraordinary one after my declaration. I do assure you that I am not one of those young ladies (if s...

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