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factor - Tegur – kiirus, millega amortisatsiooninorm väheneb.

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29065 R Squared .08448 S.E. of Est 1.00563 Sig. .1008 Intercept(S.E.) 2.21572( .41307) Slope(S.E.) .27119( .16035) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 SPSSPC+ 612 2 This procedure was completed at 10:26:32 *---------------------------------- * Faktoranalyys (harj10). * Tunnuste arv va"hemalt 8. FACTOR VARIABLES T61 TO T610 FORMAT BLANK (0.3) EXTRACTION ROTATION VARIMAX PLOT ROTATION (1,2). This FACTOR analysis requires 13448 ( 13.1K) BYTES of memory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 SPSSPC+ 612 2 - - - - F A C T O R A N A L Y S I S - - - - Analysis Number 1 Listwise deletion of...

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Eating Disorders

There are other possible causes to this widely known health problem. The media shows a great deal of beauty and thinness on television and magazines that are viewed by many people daily. Everyone has the desire to look like the actors and actresses do but, in reality, it just will not happen for most o...

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Relaying my own experience is easy: I had a standard classroom approach, supplemented by inordinate reading. In only the briefest and least memorable instances did I receive any individual tutoring. Education is commonly thought of as the job of schools. Adults cry "educate our children!" Everyone has opinions about the best way to do the job. It is of urgent importance, and all the numerous factors are much studied, debated, and new (o...

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Loomadel testitud toodete nimekiri !

STOP VIVISECTION! STOP ANIMAL TESTING! Vivisektsioonid on loomakatsed, mille vastu võitlevad loomakaitsjad paljudes maailmariikides. Iga aasta teaduslaborites hukkuvad miljonid loomad karmide katsete tulemusel. Loomadel katsetatakse ravimeid, kosmeetikat, relvi. Oma julmuselt vivisektsioonid ei jää alla teistele loomade piinamise vormidele. Kasse, koeri, rotte, hiiri, hamstreid, ahve, küülikuid ja t...

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Lõputööde vormistamine

EESTI MAAÜLIKOOL Tehnikainstituut Viljo Viljasoo, Triinu Nõu, Mariko Pedaja ÜLIÕPILASTÖÖDE KOOSTAMISE JA VORMISTAMISE JUHEND The Guide for Composing and Presentation of Undergraduate Works Tartu 2008 ABSTRACT Viljo Viljasoo, Triinu Nõu, Mariko Pedaja. The Guide for Co...

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Valerie Preston-Dunlop

-11. 04.2007 Tallinn) METACHOREOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES (hõlmab kogu tantsukunsti uurimist tervikuna) ETHNOCHOREOLOGY (etnose, rahvaga seotud tantsuloome) ARCHCIOHOREOLOGY (koreograafilised nn.väljakaevamised, vanade tööde taastamine, n. ,,Kevadpühitsus", ,,Fauni pärastlõuna" taastamine säilinud kirjutiste või muude materjalide alusel jne., ka folkloorne materjal) Grammar and...

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Retsensioon "Ram & Metsatöll"

juuni 2007 toimus Lõhavere linnuses Metsatöllu ja Eesti Rahvusmeeskoori kontsert. Kollektiivide ajalugu Metsatöll alustas 1990. aastate lõpus eepilist heavy-metal'it mängiva triona (Rabapagan, Factor ja Andrus). Selles koosseisus anti välja esimene album "Terast mis hangund me hinge". 2000. aastal liitus b...

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Mainland China has a reputation as being a low-cost manufacturer, which caused notable disputes in global markets. This is largely because Chinese corporations can produce many products far more cheaply than other parts of Asia or Latin America, and because expensive products produced in developed countries like the United States are in large part uncompetitive compared to European or Asian goods. Another factor is the unfavorable exchange rate between the Chinese yuan and the United States dollar to which it was pegged. On July 21, 2005 the People's Bank of China announced that it would move to a floating peg, allowing its currency to move against the United States dollar by 0.5% (effective 18 May 2007, which was earlier 0.3%) a day, while 3% a day against other currencies.[59] Many high-tech American companies have difficulty exporting to China b...

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Dioksiinid ja dioksiinitaolised ühendid

Tallinna Ülikool Dioksiinid ja dioksiinitaolised ühendid Mihkel Tibar B-2 2007 Sissejuhatus Dioksiinideks peaks õigupoolest nimetama ainult kahte heterotsüklilist C 4H4O2 isomeeri (joonis 1), kuid lihtsuse mõttes kasutatakse seda nimetust ka keerulisemate ühendite puhul. Dioksiinidest kui saaste- ja mürkainetest rääkides...

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Meditsiiniline rakubioloogia

Rakud meditsiinis . Rakupatoloogia. 7. Mis tagab Na+,K+, Ca 2+ ioonide homeostaasid? 1. Milleks uuritakse ja kasutatakse rakke · Na-K ATPaas ­ ioonpump, meditsiinis?...

Arstiteadus - Tartu Ülikool
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Topic - Great Britain

Tallinn English College Topic Great Britain 2007 1. Introduction The official name of Great Britain is `the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (or short United Kingdom)' The population is about 60.4 million. The capital is London. Other biggest cities include Birmingham, Bristol, Portsmouth, Glasgow and Swansea. English is th...

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Topic - Sport

Topic ­ Sports Tallinn English College 8b form 2007 1. Introduction For some people sport plays a very important part in their lives. And to some, it is even a way of life. There are different kinds of sports. For instance, there are sports meant for playing indoors, some can be practised only at a certain time of year. There are winter and sum...

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T.S Business plan Karin Erimäe Instructor: Natalja Zagura Tartu 2008 2...

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School on cool!

Especialy for those who have exams, musicschool or training. Sudenly we find ourselves asking why? why so much pressure, what`s the whole point ? Too many responsibilities are very frustrating. Even some rainy day could make us sad ! It`s easy to study in winter, because nothing is calling us out. In spring only thought is what will i do after school? Weather is warm again and sun can be very foxy! Another disturbing factor is " annoying classmates" . Some people just want to put up a show. They scream , yell ugly words to teachers and impede the schoolwork. Thanks to the yellers, teachers are mad and ofcourse they punish the whole class. This is also very depressing. Just admire teachers!They can give us homework according to their mood. Sometimes opening the daiary and looking at the homework it just seems like teachers want to tease us! But in the other...

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Kuigi Elektroonikaseadmed tarbivad madalapingelist voolu, tuleb meeles pidada, et toiteplokis (ja veel võib olla mõnes seadmes) on kasutusel needsamad 220 volti, mis sõrmega katsudes on vähemalt ebamugav, kui mitte surmav. Seega ettevaatust! Enne toite sisselülitamist tuleks kindlasti arvuti juhendist kont...

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1 Auto CAD käsklused ZOOM ­ suurendamine, kujutise mõõtkava muutmine, mingi joonise osa suurendamine Käsk ZOOM ise ei suurenda objekti mõõtmeid, vaid töötab suurendusklaasi põhimõttel. Kui kirjutada Command ribale (käsuribale): ZOOM Kuvatakse vastuseks tekst- Specify corner of window, enter scale factor or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extens/Previous/Scale/ Window] Seega küs...

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Bridges presentation

In the same context, some bridges have been moved when unable to function at their original location. It is not unusual in the USA, for example, to relocate a metal truss bridge to a less travelled road when it can no longer handle the traffic; the same probably holds true for other countries. This is within the functional tradition of some bridge types and should not be viewed as a negative factor in determining the integrity of a relocated structure. The definition of authenticity is in the process of being expanded to include intangible values such as a bridge that embodies the spirit or character of a people or place, as New York City is embodied in the Brooklyn Bridge, San Francisco in the Golden Gate, London in Tower Bridge, Sydney (Australia) in the Harbour Bridge, or Bosnia-Herzegovina in the recently destroyed Stari Most in Mostar. B...

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Global Warming

Global Warming One of the biggest issues our planet and its inhabitants are facing nowadays is global warming. Global warming, also often referred to as the greenhouse effect, has not always been a problem. However, over the last centuries, since the Industrial Revolution things have changed. Polar regions are melting, species are dying, climate zones are shifting...

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Bakterirakkude kasv ja seda mõjutavad tegurid

Sissejuhatus Metaboolne ja geneetiline regulatsioon bakterites Bakterirakkude efektiivseks kasvuks on vaja, et kõiki raku põhilisi ehitusblokke ja nendeks vajalikke makromolekule produtseeritaks õiges vahekorras. Selleks, et sünteesi lõpp-produktide kontsentratsioon rakus liiga kõrgele ei tõuseks, on rakus välja kujunenud kaks kontrollmehhanismi: 1. Ensüümiaktiivsuse tagasisidestuslik inhibit...

Mikrobioloogia - Eesti Maaülikool
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Crime & Punishment

Today, there are many excuses cloaked as reasons for criminal behaviour. The misguided nature of these assertions has a serious impact upon crime control strategies. The classical approach holds people to choose freely among alternatives in behaviour. In this view, the perpetrator plans his or her actions before carrying them out. The social environment in which the person is amidst of, is a key factor in causes of criminal behaviour, with weak or broken bonds to family, school, and religion being the catalyst of criminal behaviour. They may not see the benefits of adhering to conventional social values and believe crime is a way to improve their social conditions. Personal choice weighs over and dominates the reasons of individual actions. Through rational conscious thoughts one may select the temptations of preference. One may think of the conseq...

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