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"employment" - 157 õppematerjali

employment - intensive growth; reduce non-wage labour costs; increase active labour market policies; fight youth and long-term unemployment.

"Career and Employment" Homereading

Changing career: 'These days, I go home feeling relaxed' Starting a new career is a daunting prospect for many. But Kate Hilpern discovers that plenty of help is at hand Some of the jobs that career changers are most keen to break into ­ PR and teaching, among them ­ are the very same jobs that people are queuing to get out of, says John Lees, author of How to Get a Job You'll Love and Take Cont...

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Presentatsioon suurfirmast G4S (inglise keeles)

G4S Overview About Values Services Investor Relations Careers & Employment About G4S specialises in outsourced business processes assesses current and future risks wide range of geographic markets and business sectors risk management and protection to governments and businesses Other facts about G4S operations in over 110 countries was formed in 2004 is listed on the London Stock Exchange Values Customer Focus Expertise Performance Be...

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Võrdlev tööõigus - inglisekeelne

Social Policy aspects in EU Treaties Social and employment policy: Objectives: - The promotion of employment - Improved living and working conditions - Proper social protection - Dialogue between management and labour - The development of human resources with a view to lasting high employment and the combating of exclusion. Treaty of Rome: belief that improved working and living conditions would arise from the functioning of the common market – cooperation in th...

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Kodanik ja Tööturg

Kodanik ja tööturg Töötervishoid, tööohutus ja töösuhted Tööinspektsioon teeb riiklikku järelevalvet töötervishoidu, tööohutust ja töösuhteid sätestavate õigusaktide nõuete täitmise üle töökeskkonnas. Tööinspektsioon on sotsiaalministeeriumi valitsemisalas tegutsev valitsusasutus, mis: · teostab riiklikku järelevalvet tõõtervishoidu. tööohutust ja töösuhteid reguleer...

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I exercise for carpentry Choose the right word

EMPLOYMENT agencies help people to find work. 2. After Roger had won amateur championship he decided to turn PROFESSIONAL 3. He got a parttime JOB as a gardener. 4. The manager SACKED 10 employees. 5. The author of this guidebook is an architect by PROFESSIONAL. 6. In Germany there are thousands of UNEMPLOYED people who are unable to find work and must live on UNEMPLOYMENT be...

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Mikroökonoomika presentatsioon

Erinevused riigisiseste ja välismaiste ettevõtete tööhõive muutlikkuses ja elastsuses Andra Helena Nigol, Carol Pehme, Brigita Mass, Riho Reilson, Madis Peterson Meie ootused ja valiku põhjendus ● Soov mõista globaliseerumise mõju majandusele ja tööhõivele ● Teema aktuaalsus ● Huvi kodu- ja välismaisete ettevõttete erinevuse vastu Sissejuhatus ● “Are Foreign-Owned Firms Different? Comparison of Employment Volatility and Elasticity of Labour Demand” ● Uuringu eesmärk: võrreldaleida erinevused riigisiseste ja välismaisete ettevõtetete tööhõive muutlikkusesvolatiilsuses ● Sisu: sissejuhatus, 4 uuringuid kirjeldavat peatükki, kokkuvõte ● Autorid: Tairi Rõõm, Jaanika Meriküll ● 2014 Teine peatükk: ● Jagatud kaheks osaks: a)eksogeensete majandusšokkide funktsioon b)tööjõu pakkumise ja nõudluse elastsuse funk...

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Lõuna Aafrika rahvusköök

The Malay slaves brought their cuisine, perhaps the best-known of all South African cooking styles. The French Huguenots arrived soon after the Dutch, and changed the landscape in wonderful ways with the vines they imported. They soon discovered a need for men and women to work in their vineyards, and turned to the Malay slaves (and the few Khoi and San they could lure into employment ). Much later, sugar farmers brought indentured labourers from India to cut the cane. The British, looking for gold and empire, also brought their customs and cuisine, as did German immigrants. And black communities carried on eating their traditional, healthy diet: game, root vegetables and wild greens, berries, millet, sorghum and maize, and protein-rich insects like locusts. Today the resultant kaleidoscope - the famous "rainbow" - a...

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Eesti referaat

One of the leading banks is Hansapank. Only the Bank of Estonia has the right to the emission of money. The foundations fot the Estonian financial system were laid in 1992. the aim of banks is not only keeping money, but also giving loans. They are directly interested in the good work and profit of enterprises. The Estonian Tax System is made up of the following: Social Tax: 33% paid on gross income from employment . 20% of the money goes into the Social Security Fund which finances state pensions and social welfare. This tax is not detucted from wagessalaries, but paid by the employer. Personal Income Tax: 22% paid on earned income (except for tax free minimum) by all people, it is called proportional income tax and is equal for people with different income. Value Added Tax: 18%, one of the government's main sources of income, paid by people...

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Kodanikuõpetus III kursusele

KODANIKUÕPETUS III KURSUSELE ÕPIJUHIS Kursuse nimetus: Kodanikuõpetus kutseõppeasutuste III kursusele Maht: 1 AP (40 t) Sihtrühm: kutseõppeasutuste III kursuse õpilased Kursuse eesmärk: Tähtsamate rahvusvaheliste institutsioonide ja nende eesmärkide tundmine, Euroopa Liidu (EL) kohta ülevaate saamine: miks Euroopa Ühendused loodi ja kuidas on toimunud laienemisprotsess; EL-i olulisemate lepingute tund...

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Should countries encourage tourism?

It is the fastest growing industry in this world. But it can be negative as well. So should countries encourage tourism? Tourism has many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that countries have more money so they can improve its infrastructure which is a benefit for the local people. For example, roads and communication links built. Tourism provides indirect employment in terms of workers who help to produce goods and services in the economy to meet the increasing demands of the population and the tourists. Tourists also take with them, souvenirs which can be produced by people. In spite of the advantages of tourism, there can be many disadvantages too, as there are always two sides of everything. First of all, tourists cause pollution. Increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourag...

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Mrs Pink 3 Mai Street Ringi 34 Pärnu 80010 Pärnu 80015 Estonia Estonia 24 October 2008 Dear Mrs Pink, I a...

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Presentation vocabulary

We are working on ... Be careful not to overuse I. We is a good alternative for talking about companies: We will launch the product in June. Reference to the audience As I'm sure you know ... We have all experienced ... You may remember ... As I'm sure we'd all agree ... Everyday language Using slang and everyday expressions can make an impact on the audience and add drama: Where's the caring side of employment gone? I'll tell you where. It's hiding behind a damned set of targets and objectives that's where it is! You need to know your audience very well to use this kind of language. Emphasising and minimising Emphasising Strong adverbs intensify adjectives: We've had an extremely good year. This kind of negligence is absolutely unacceptable. Adverbs can be total, very strong, or moderate. TOTAL absolutely (...

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Harjutus 2

Council Directive 1. Without prejudice to Article 4 (1), the employer shall adopt the measures 9433EC necessary to protect the safety and health of young people, taking particular account of the specific risks referred to in Article 7 (1). Young people 2. The employer shall implement the measures provided for in paragraph 1 on the basis of an assessment of the...

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Inglise keelt kõnelevate maade ajaloo eksamiküsimused

It is one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world and is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. The surrounding circular, earth bank and ditch, have been dated to about 3100 BC. Stonehenge was produced by a culture with no written language. Many aspe...

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Topic - USA

The U.S. national debt is the world's largest; in 2005, it was 23 percent of the global total. In 2005, 155 million persons were employed with earnings, of whom 80 percent worked in full- time jobs. The majority, 79 percent, were employed in the service sector. With approximately 15.5 million people, health care and social assistance is the leading field of employment . [79] About 12 percent of American workers are unionized, compared to 30 percent in Western Europe. The U.S. ranks number one in the ease of hiring and firing workers, according to the World Bank Americans tend to work considerably more hours annually than workers in other developed nations, taking fewer and shorter vacations. 12. Biggest cities Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington. It has been inhabited by humans for 4...

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KOGUNÕUDLUSE-KOGUPAKKUMISE MUDEL Majandustsüklite klassfikatsioon pikkuse järgi 1 · Pikad äritsüklid. J. Schumpeteri1 innovatsiooniteooria kohaselt tekivad iga 40-60 a järel innovatsioonipuhangud, mida nimetatakse Kondratjevi laineteks. Innovatsioon on Schumpeteri järgi kas uute ja oluliselt erinevate toodete turule toomine, uute tootmismeetodite kasutuselevõtt või uue turu avamin...

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III kursuse materjal

ÜHISKONNAÕPETUS III KURSUSELE TÄHTSAMAD RAHVUSVAHELISED KOOSTÖÖORGANISATSIOONID, DEMOKRAATIAT KINDLUSTAVAD KONVENTSIOONID. Ühinenud Rahvaste Organisatsioon (ÜRO) on loodud 24. oktoobril 1945. Eesti ühines ÜRO-ga 17. septembril 1991. ÜRO eesmärk on rahvusvahelise rahu ja julgeoleku, inimõiguste ning rahvusvahelise koostöö tagamine, majandusliku, sotsiaalse, kultuurilise ja humaanse iseloomuga rahvusvahelist...

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Social Problems

Social Problems Crime In the sociological field, crime is the breach of a rule or law for which some governing authority or force may ultimately prescribe a punishment. The word crime originates from the Latin crimen. When society deems informal relationships and sanctions insufficient to create and maintain a desired social order, there may result...

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Formal letters

(Mr.Mrs.Ms.) Johnson Dear Sir (SirMadam) I am writing to apply to (apply for...) I am writing with regard to your advertisment ... (in ,,Postimees") I would like to apply for the post of... BODY I hope you will get my application I lookI am looking forvard to hearhearing form you. I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience. I loo...

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Majanduse mõisted

Majanduse mõisted Majandusteadus on majandussubjektide käitumise seletamise viis, mis lähtub eeldusest, et inimestel on eesmärgid ning nad otsivad õigeid teid nende eesmärkide saavutamiseks. Majandusteooria tegeleb majandusprotsesside ja neid protsesse mõjutavate seaduste tundmaõppimisega. Rakenduslik majandusteadus tegeleb tundmaõpitud majandusseaduste kasutamisega üksikute majandussubjektide huvides...

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