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Noun type
Forming the plural
Ends with -s, -x, -ch or -sh
Add -es
boss - bosses
tax - taxes
bush - bushes
consonant + y
Change y to i then Add -es
fly - flies
try - tries
curry - curries
most others
Add -s
cat - cats
face - faces
day - days
Ends with -fe
Change f to v then Add -s
knife - knives
life - lives
wife - wives
Ends with -f
Change f to v then Add -es
half - halves
wolf - wolves
loaf - loaves
Ends with -o
Add -es
potato – potatoes
tomato - tomatoes
volcano - volcanoes
ends with -us
Change -us to -i
cactus - cacti
nucleus - nuclei
focus - foci
ends with -is
Change -is to -es
analysis - analyses
crisis - crises
thesis - theses
ends with -on
Change -on to -a
phenomenon - phenomena
criterion - criteria
Change the vowel
Change the word
Add a different ending
man - men
foot - feet
child - children
person - people
tooth - teeth
mouse - mice
Singular and plural
are the same
fish (sometimes)

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English Grammar Book 1

The Future Tense 108 Can and Could 112 May and Might 113 3 Nouns8 Do, Does and Did 115 Common Nouns 8 Would and Should 120 Proper Nouns 13 Singular Nouns 21 Plural Nouns 23 8 Subject-Verb Agreement 123 Collective Nouns 34 Masculine and Feminine Nouns 37 9 Adverbs 127 4 Pronouns 44 Personal Pronouns 44 10 Prepositions 132 Reflexive Pronouns 47 Interrogative Pronouns 48

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Big grammar theory

1. Nouns: how is the plural formed? The plural form of most nouns is created simply by adding the letter s: · more than one snake / snakes · more than one ski / skis · more than one Barrymore / Barrymores Words that end in -ch, x, s or s-like sounds, however, will require an -es for the plural: · more than one witch / witches · more than one box / boxes · more than one gas / gases · more than one bus / buses · more than one kiss / kisses · more than one Jones / Joneses BUT! Photos, kilos, pianos, zeros, studios, radios. When the word ends in the letter -y: · country / countries · family / families · story / stories Nouns ending in -f: (should be learned by heart)

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Plural of nouns

Plural of nouns Nimisõnade mitmus 1. Ainsusele lisatakse -s sailor ­ sailors 2. y-lõpulised nimisõnad Kui nimisõna lõpus on täishäälik +y, lisandub mitmuses -s boy ­ boys Kui aga nimisõna lõpus on kaashäälik +y, siis y = i +es baby ­ babies 3. Kui nimisõna lõpus on -s, -sh, -ch, -x või -o, siis lisatakse mitmuses -es bus ­ buses potato -potatoes negro ­ negroes kilo - kilos bush ­ bushes tomato ­ tomatoes disco ­ discos piano - pianos watch ­ watches hero - heroes photo ­ photos radio ­ radios 4. Kui nimisõna lõpus on -f või -fe, siis tavaliselt f = v+es wolf ­ wolves thief ­ thieves knife - knives wife ­ wives half ­ halves roof - roofs leaf ­ leaves self ­ selves chief ­ chiefs 5. ERANDID child ­ children mouse - mice man ­ men

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Hispaania keel kirjapilt + audio allalaadimise lingid 53lk

The Spanish language academy no longer considers the ch, ll or rr to be separate letters in dictionaries, but they are still separate letters in the alphabet. In Spain, you can say oo-bay for v, but in Latin America most dialects just use bay and an adjective, such as chica (Mexico and Peru) or corta (Argentina and Chile). 4 4. Articles & Demonstratives Masc. Singular Fem. Singular Masc. Plural Fem. Plural the el (ail) la (lah) the los (lohs) las (lahs) a, an un (oon) una (oon-ah) some unos (oon-ohs) unas (oon-ahs) this este esta these estos estas that ese esa those esos esas

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English structure revision for the exam

It can occur inside a morpheme and concerns pronunciation and shape while not affecting the meaning of the word. For example: morpheme that shows plurality is s. In words cat+plural, bus+plural, man + plural the meaning of the word stays the same but the pronunciation varies between /s/ and /ez/. In the word man the shape of the word changes because its plurality is irregular men. So zero plurality is the allomorph of the plurality morpheme.

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Leksikoloogia konspekt (uus)

While the prefixes do not change anything in the pronunciation of shape of the base words, the suffixes have such an effect. They lead either to the deletion of material at the end of the base or to a different stress pattern  Adjectival 7 o Relational - to relate the noun the adjective qualifies to the base word of the derived adjective  Algebraic, colonial, theoretical o Qualitative - express more specific concepts  Grammatical o Some relational adjectives can adopt qualitative meanings.  grammatical, which has a relational meaning ‘having to do with grammar’ in the sentence she is a grammatical genius, but which also has a qualitative sense ‘conforming to the

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Inglise keele eksamiks

- afternoon -the 12th of July -midday/midnight - the evening - my birthday -lunchtime - December -Christmas Eve -night - The summer -new year eve -the weekend - 1998 -Christmas /Easter/new year There is/are Singular Plural + There's a piano + there are some glasses in the cupboard - There isn't a fridge - there aren't any pictures ? Is there a TV? ?are there any glasses? Yes, there is yes, there are. No, there isn't no, there aren't There was/there were + there was an old TV + there were only three guests


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Example: She is a student at our school. republic or unionExamples: the UK, the USA with a singular noun to say something about all things of that kind. • with countries which have plural nouns as their names Example: A cat likes drinking milk. Example: the Netherlands, the Bahamas • before newspapers, organisations, hotels, pubs and rest aurants, well known buildings or works of

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