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Effect on resistant populations • Mixtures and sequences – use two or more herbicides which have different modes of actions • Herbicide rotations – rotation of herbicides from different chemical groups should reduce selection for resistance Herbicide – tolerant crops • Next revolutionary breakthrough in weed control • Has its upsides and downsides Herbicide-tolerant crops Advantages • Improved yield through good weed
Effect transistor - MOSFET) o n-channel MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor - MOS) o p-channel MOS o Complementary MOS (CMOS) (Üksteist täiendav MOS)  bipolaarsed tehnoloogiad (Bipolar IC Technologies) o diood loogika (Diod Logic - DL) o diood transistor loogika ( Diod Transistor Logic - DTL) o transistor transistor loogika (Transistor Transistor Logic - TTL)
Effect on dressing percent, fat thickness, chops from Duroc and Pietrain pigs had the yield grade, marbling score, intramuscular most visible marbling, while those from lipid content, or concentrations of major fatty Duroc/Landrace and Large White had the acids. least.

Effects on meat. It lowers the water activity M. Mitkovic´. 1980. Prilog ispitivanju uticaja poje- and retards or prevents microbial growth and dinih faktora na promene sadržaja nitrita u mesu.
Effects on quality characteristics of pork loin chops: Animal age and muscle from which the Consumer purchase intent, visual and sensory charac- meat is derived also affect color.
Effect on an individual hair can't be detected, the overall effect on an area of fur is make the colour more or less dense i.e. darker or lighter.

Effect on pH. In pigs, especially, there are erable variation in freezing time within the large differences in drip loss from meat from meat.
Effect on pork storage life of oxygen contamination in Morrissey, P. A., D. J. Buckley, P. J. A. Sheehy, and F. nominally anoxic packagings.
Effect – the spire and the roof burned down together with most of the interior and even some grave markers in the floor were destroyed.

Effects on animal products and health in single-stom- ics are promising food ingredients for fer- ached animals.
Effect on fish by the two vessels may increase the capture efficiency in shallow waters and at the surface.
Effect on proteins Laakkonen et al., 1970 45–58.5°C Rapid decrease in water soluble fraction of meat.

Effects on Fertility No studies devoted solely to reproductive effects using formaldehyde were performed.
Effective motivation - morality; workers had to be shown how to behave and what to do with their new-found wealth.
Effect on water and fat binding in finely comminuted Oil Chemists’ Society 73:303–309. batters.

Effects on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure through the process of wet deposition.
Effects on the orientation of the cortical microtubule array in cells of young pea shoots.
Effect on the image, click the Show/Hide button in the Visibility column on the panel.

Effect on the present moment: when an activity has an effect on the present moment.
Effects on liver glucose sythnesis, breakdown of skeletal muscle protein to amino
Effects depends on the skill of the people doing them and the level of their equipment.

Effect on Managers in Global Organisations”, Belleville 2010, Uus-Meremaa
Effect on the cost of traditional petrochemi- effective packaging strategy.
Effectivemultitasker – good at prioritizingtasks and working on several at once.

Effect on me while being so damn irritating had my mind spinning.
Effects on wildlife of DDT used for control of Dutch elm disease.
Effects on processing characteristics of beef roasts.

Effects on physicochemical and sensory parameters.
Effect on me." "I will not be interrupted.
Effects on his ability to perform.

Effect on the English economy.

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