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"2nd" - 217 õppematerjali



LÄÄNE-VIRU RAKENDUSKÕRGKOOL Ettevõtluse ja majandusarvestuse õppetool Ä09KÕ Nastasja Musienko NÕUSTAMINE kodutöö õppejõud: Nelly Randver Mõdriku 2012 Sisukord Sissejuhatus...

Perepsühholoogia - Lääne-Viru Rakenduskõrgkool
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Eksamieelduse töö

GET /FILE 'tud.sys'. The SPSS/PC+ system file is read from file tud.sys The file was created on 2/21/10 at 11:40:26 and is titled SPSS/PC+ System File Written by Data Entry II The SPSS/PC+ system file contains 247 cases, each consisting of 44 variables (including system variables)...

Andmeanalüüs - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Spikker elektroonika eksamiks

Miks digitaalelektroonikas kasutatakse kahendarvude süsteemi? Sest 2nd süsteemis on ainult kaks väärtust ­ 0 ja 1 (FALSE ja TRUE). Nendega on kõige lihtsam teha vajalikke arvutusi. Teine võimalus, et on oluliselt lihtsam teha kahte olekut omavaid elemente (näiteks: juhib ja ei juhi elektrit). 2.Negatiivne ja positiivne loogika. Positiivse loogika puhul edastatakse 1 suurema ping...

Elektroonika - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Spikker eksamiks

Loogikaelemendid: AND - loendavad tagurpidi, sõltuvalt on täiendkoodi liitmine. Dünaamiline muutmälu- on NING, OR - VÕI, NAND - info ülekandmise viisist jaot. nad otsekood(0100) > staatilise mäluga võrreldes NING-EI, NOR - VÕI-EI, NOT - jada- ja rööpülekandega...

Arvutid i - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Carolina Kluft Biography

Carolina Kluft Biography Name :Carolina Kluft Birth Date : 2nd Feb, 1983 Birth Place : Sandhult, Sweden Birth Name : Carolina Evelyn Klüft Weight : 65 kg Height : 1m78 cm Nationality : Sweden Sport : Track & Field Event : Heptathlon Carolina Evelyn Klüft born on February 2, 1983 in Borås, is a Swedish athlete competing in heptathlon....

Inglise keel - Kutsekool
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Famous castles of Scotland

The New Barrack Block is now home to the official headquarters of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and 52 Infantry Brigade, as well as home to the regimental museum of the Royal Scots and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The Governor of Edinburgh Castle is Major General David McDowall, GOC of the British Army's 2nd Division. The Governor of the Castle has always been the head of the Army in Scotland. Direct administration of the castle by the War Office only came to an end in 1923 when the army formally moved to the city's new Redford Barracks. Nevertheless, the Castle continues to have a strong connection with the Army. Sentries still stand watch at the castle gatehouse after opening hours, with responsibility for guarding the Honours of Scotland. Fy...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Allan Ramsay

In 1736 Ramsay travelled through Europe to Rome, being shipwrecked on the way, near Pisa. At Rome he studied at the French Academy under two celebrated painters, Solimena and Imperiale. He enjoyed Roman society and entertained them by writing verse, sonnets, odes, epigrams in various languages. In 1738 he returned to Edinburgh for two years and began a series of very fine portraits, especially of the 2nd Duke of Argyll. He found Edinburgh society fully as famous as London's and made friends with David Hume, Adam Smith, William Robertson and others of that brilliant coterie. In 1756 he returned to London and was on terms of intimacy with top society, painting portraits of many of them. He painted several portraits of the young King George III and Queen Charlotte for presentation to foreign monarchs and statesmen. So much was demanded of him t...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Carl Lewis

And it was really a worthy decision: he placed third with 8,13 m at the last jump. A prophetic measure as it was formerly Owens' world record (which lasted 25 years). Meanwhile he spent part of his time even to train in 100 m and in 1979 he run 10"67. Only boycott prevented him to be at the Olympic games of Moscow the following year. In Eugene he gained the ticket for the long jump (2nd with 8,01 m) and 4x100 m relay (4th in 100 m). He improved a lot in 100 m, running 10"21 s while in the long jump he landed at 8,11 m. Then in 1981, the year of his great explosion, a lot of things changed. He settled to Houston, accepting the invite of Tom Tellez, who was among the most famous trainers, and frequents a course of telecommunications at university. At Dallas, in the same day, he wins 100 m stopping chronometers on 10"00, the best t...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Short overview of London

The Romans founded London about 50 AD. Its name is derived from the Celtic word Londinios, which means `the place of the bold one'. The Romans brought with them forts, roads and the rule of law. Then in 61 AD Queen Boudicca led a rebellion against the Romans. Her army marched on London. No attempt was made to defend London. Boudicca burned London but after her rebellion was crushed it was rebuilt. By the end of the 2nd century, a 6metre stone wall was erected around London. The Danes invaded London in 842 and again in 851, burning most of the town. Then in 878, the Danes were defeated by King Alfred the Great and they split the country between them. On the 25th of December, 1006, William was crowned King of England, after winning the Battle oh Hastings. In 1349 the Black Death killed thousands of citizens. During the reign of Elizabeth I, the map of Lon...

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· The Present Simple Passive am is + III pv are Examples: I am watched. A book is read. Marks are given. · The Past Simple Passive was were + III pv Examples: I was watched. A book was read. Marks were given. · The Future Simple Passive will be + III pv Examples: I will be watch...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Kitarrikursus algajatele 2osa-Ben Edvards

07 MB) WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 2 (519 WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 2 (1.2 KB) MB) Audio Audio mp3 - Exercise 2 (239 KB) Let's try another one. Play the following piece of TAB: This TAB diagram above indicates the 2nd string (second thinnest) and you should be pressing down on the first fret. Tip: Once again, there is video available for this example. The download links are below (right click on the link and select "save as"): Dial Up Broadband QuickTime - Exercise 3 (424 KB) QuickTime - Exercise 3 (1.15 MB) WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 3 (586 WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 3 (1.4 KB)...

Muusika - Keskkool
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Kitarrikursus algajatele 3osa-Ben Edwards

05 MB) MB) Audio Audio mp3 - Exercise 5 (547 KB) As you can see, this is just a simple ascending and descending pattern on the 1st string (thinnest string). First, you use your index finger, then your middle finger, then your ring finger and finally your pinky. The second part is just the same thing but in reverse. This second exercise I want to show you involves three strings; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It is important to notice the fingering used. This may feel a little awkward and frustrating at first but this is the correct way to play the guitar. Getting in the habit of using correct fingering will pay massive dividends as you progress with your guitar playing. Once again, play this exercise with down strokes only... Video and Audio Available: Dial Up Broadband QuickTime - Exercise 6 (1.07 M...

Muusika - Keskkool
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Suitsetamise populaarsus Keile gümnaasiumis


Ühiskonnaõpetus - Keskkool
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0 AP Kab. 420 03.09.2002. Writing a term paper (this spring) and graduation paper. To get a pass: one written task (part of introduction, thesis statement) Term paper should be printed (20-25 pages long). Graduation paper should be printed (50-60 pages long). First write term paper, and choose a topic right now (theme of term...

Proseminar - Tallinna Ülikool
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Peeter Allik

ERASTAMISDOKUMENTIDE PÕLETAMINE II õli lõuendil, 210 x 120 cm, 2004, erakogu Sisukord · 3 · Nä 4 · 5 · Preemiad...

Kunstiajalugu - Keskkool
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Arvutite aritmeetika ja loogika

POSITSIOONILISED ARVUSÜSTEEMID 121 4415 Leida alus 5 ------------------------------------------------------------ nd nd nd nd 0 000 0 Koostada ndsüsteemi korrutustabel ja teha selle...

Arvutite aritmeetika ja... - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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My future family

In my dreams my future family is small. I have a wife and 2 children.we travel a lot together.i live in a house not in a apartment,but I have a apartment somewhere in kuressaare.i live near the house has 2 floors.there are kitchen,living room,bathroom in ground first floor th...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Ülevaade psühholoogiast - konspekt

AINEPROGRAMM Õppeaasta: 2008/09 Semester: sügis Aine kood: PSP6001 Aine nimetus eesti keeles: Ülevaade psühholoogiast Aine nimetus inglise Overview of Psychology keeles: Ainepunkte: 3.0 Auditoor...

Psüholoogia - Tallinna Ülikool
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The Rasmus

Uurimustöö The Rasmus Uurimustöö Koostaja: Liivi Arro 8Klass Juhendaja: Rasmus Lipson Harjumaa 2008 Sisukord Sisukord............................................................................................. 2 1.The rasmus sissejuhatus...

Muusika - Põhikool
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Konspekt 2

16. Strasbourg, 1978 98. Evaluation of Public Administration Needs 1995-96. Phare. Work Document, National Seminar, May 15, 1996 99. Powell, Richard. Law Today. Longman, 1993 111 100. Public Administration in the Federal Republic of Germany. - Dewenter: Kluwer, 1983 101. Regions of Europe. Assembly of European Regions. Magazine of the European Regions. Nr. 2 - 2nd Semester 1990; Nr. 3 - First Semester 1991 102. Riley, A. Englich for Law. MacMillan Publishers LTD. First published 1991; reprinted 1992, 1993 (twice), 1994 103. Sociology. General editor Hagedorn, R. Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Limited Toronto. Toronto,1986 (Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data - Sociology ISBN 0-03-921836-8) 104. The Role of Parlamentarism in the New European Architecture. The Nordic Council; 1991.Nord 1990:...

Õiguse entsüklopeedia - Tartu Ülikool
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