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Why should tourists visit Estonia? (6)


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Why should tourists visit Estonia?
I have always though of my country as a huge „multicultural
city”. We have so many different cultures from different places put into a little place all together that you could almost say we are
a huge city not a country. And that has influenced us in a very
remarcable way. Since the time we can remember we have been under
Danes, Swedes, Germans, Russians, Polans and other . We have taken
their traditions into our daily lives and forgotten ours. But still despite the fact that we bearly know our own language structure or
our old traditions,we try to awake them once again.
Estonia is one of the worlds wealthiest countries when it comes to forests . Almost half of the country is covered with the divercity of
trees.Also we have many big rivers .
Nowadays there are many possibilities to hike in the forests or to go
for a ride on the river .Many company`s have started to give out this
kind of service and it is very popular not only among the inhabitants

Why should tourists visit Estonia #1
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9. over on at in 10. trained teach taught learned 11. tickets travel cards money fares (Saar, Sild: All the World’s a Puzzle. Form 10, p.110) Exercise 10. Answer the following questions: 1. Where have you travelled in Estonia? Last year, I have been travelling quite a lot in Estonia and visited most of the places here. I have seen every side of the country – Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu, Narva, Valga, Haapsalu and so on. I have also toured the islands and visited the national parks. 2. Name a place of interest in Estonia and find some facts about it. I’m interested in visiting Vilsandi. It’s the most western habited island of Estonia. The area of the

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pupils. And now all these years later I am a young teacher and it is still important for me what is going on within my society in education. I believe I have some kind of advance of knowing what is really going on in Estonian schools and how the education policy really works. Because not long ago I finished the high school, before that changing a lot of different schools and I think I can say that I superficially know how different schools are working in various regions of Estonia. Being a student at the faculty of education has opened my eyes for a lot of different things, perspectives and helped a lot to understand deeper, why things are like they are. We even had a subject specifically about Education policy on Estonia, Estonian learning strategy for 2020- 2035, where we had to work all that document through. That’s why almost all of my thoughts and argumentation is based on the strategy of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.



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