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"whichever" - 20 õppematerjali



Inglise keel Grammatika ­ MÄÄRAJAD Nimisõnadel on tavaliselt MÄÄRAJA nende ees: my mother, much snow. Kõige harilikumad määrajad inglise keeles on MÄÄRAV- ja UMBMÄÄRANE ARTIKKEL. Teised määrajad sisaldavad: 1. Omastavad nimisõnad ja asesõnad: Mike's bike, his car. 2. Demonstreeriv/näitav asesõna: this milk, that cat, these sweets, those p...

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Ford escorti käsiraamat

1·1 Chapter 1 Routine maintenance and servicing...

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The name `Finland` dates back to Roman historian Tacitus (AD55-120). In his work Germania he mentioned a primitive people from the north called the Fenni; which was probably a reference to the Same (see below), who at that time were living on and around the 60th parallel. Over the centuries the Same were gradually pushed further north, and today they live in Finnish Lapland. Whichever part of the country they happen to come from, Finns have a lot in common: they all share deeply ingrained down-to-earth rural values combined with the spiritual qualities relating to the sauna. Many of them come from the land of Karelia which was split right down the middle by the Finno-Russian frontier after World War II; hardly anyone lives there now, but the Karelians` pride at being something quite separate from either Finns or Russi...

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PREPOSITIONS (eessõnad) Prepositions of place: KUS? WHERE? AT ON IN at 10 High Street on Fifth Avenue in the world at 224 Fifth Avenue on the street(AmE) in High S...

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Kvalitatiivne uurimustöö Emotsioonide regulatsioon ja stress

1 Emotion regulation in relation to physiological stress response. University Name Research Project Module Code: xx 2007-2008 Supervised by xxx...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

"I spoke to my brothers about it." He still stared into the distance. "To Jasper, every one of you is much the same. He's the most recent to join our family. It's a struggle for him to abstain at all. He hasn't had time to grow sensitive to the differences in smell, in flavor." He glanced swiftly at me, his expression apologetic. "Sorry," he said. "I don't mind. Please don't worry about offending me, or frightening me, or whichever . That's the way you think. I can understand, or I can try to at least. Just explain however you can." He took a deep breath and gazed at the sky again. "So Jasper wasn't sure if he'd ever come across someone who was as" -- he hesitated, looking for the right word -- "appealing as you are to me. Which makes me think not. Emmett has been on the wagon longer, so to speak, and he understood what I meant. He says twice, for him, once stronger than the oth...

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Workday needs fairy tales

Just like music, also the art of movies has a impressive ability to sneak into people's head, heart and soul. Actors, like all the people, are mortals. But their played characters live on even after them. There is many inspiring movies and even more played characters that have given bravery when it has been fading away. The one that goes running would surely agree that there is no better feeling than running. Whichever worries have been collected during the day, are becoming forgotten. There, the person is together with the running lane, feet gently touching the ground and the target even more clean in front of their eyes. The body is heating up and the clothes are sticking to the sweaty body, the wind blowing through the hair and the sporting goods company Adidas banner: Impossible is nothing, really seems possible. It is the work, that you can see and...

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Jane Austen

Sir William and Lady Lucas are determined to go, merely on that account, for in general, you know, they visit no newcomers. Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him if you do not." "You are over-scrupulous, surely. I dare say Mr. Bingley will be very glad to see you; and I will send a few lines by you to assure him of my hearty consent to his marrying whichever he chooses of the girls; though I must throw in a good word for my little Lizzy." "I desire you will do no such thing. Lizzy is not a bit better than the others; and I am sure she is not half so handsome as Jane, nor half so good-humoured as Lydia. But you are always giving her the preference." "They have none of them much to recommend them," replied he; "they are all silly and ignorant like other girls; but Lizzy has something more of...

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When it is ready and been recovered or when it is available for a specific use in the retired from service, whichever business happens first Example Example When it is sold or is not longer When it was bought for the useable business Fa ct o r s that a f fect the calc ulat ion of Depreciation Cost of asset Estimated useful life of asset Residual or scrap value of the asset Method of calculating depreciation Different methods: Str...

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Solutions Advanced Workbook key

responsibility ... Hamlet feels particularly steep drops, around 5 However cheeky it seems, I think trapped. ... suicide would be a which fences have been built to you should ask for a lift. way of escaping the pressures prevent sightseers plummeting to 6 Whichever presidential candidate he's subjected to. their deaths. wins, they will have a tough job 5 F But would it? What happens 4 Close to some of the drops are on their hands. after death ... would he have to small towering plateaus onto Challenge! face the tortures of hell? which you could jump if...

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The 4-Hour Body - An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman - Timothy Ferriss

Do this by performing sets of ve repetitions in each exercise with one minute of rest in between. Cadence should be fast but controlled on the raising and two to three seconds on the lowering. Do not perform more than ve reps per set. If you can lift more, wait a minute, increase the weight ten pounds or 10% (whichever is less), and attempt again. Repeat this until you complete fewer than five reps. After you fail to complete ve reps, calculate 70% of your last full ve- rep set. Take a three- minute rest and perform a 55 cadence set- to- failure using this weight. Congratulations, you just performed your rst proper set- to- failure for this exercise, and this weight will be your starting point for Occam's Protocol. For the shoulder press, use 60% of...

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TARTUFFE (inglise keelne)

SCENE VII ORGON, TARTUFFE ORGON What! So insult a saintly man of God! TARTUFFE Heaven, forgive him all the pain he gives me! [4] [Footnote 4: Some modern editions have adopted the reading, preserved by tradition as that of the earliest stage version: Heaven, forgive him even as I forgive him! Voltaire gives still another reading: Heaven, forgive me even as I forgive him! Whichever was the original version, it appears in none of the early editions, and Moliere probably felt forced to change it on account of its too close resemblance to the Biblical phrase.] (To Orgon) Could you but know with what distress I see Them try to vilify me to my brother! ORGON Ah! TARTUFFE The mere thought of such ingratitude Makes my soul suffer torture, bitterly . . . My horror at it . . . Ah! my heart's so full I cannot speak . . . I t...

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Some any no

He hasn’t got any money. Has he got any money? We use some In question that are offers or requests.  Would you like some more tea. In questions when we expect the answer yes.  Have you got some paper to give me We use any With uncountable nouns in negative sentence and questions with a singular verb.  There isn’t any tea left in the teapot. To mean it doesn´t matter which or whichever one you like.  I can come and see you any day next week. Arter words with negative meaning e.g never, without, seldom, rarely.  I found her house without any trouble Ekke Kaha We use nonobodyno onenothing with positive verb.  We´ve got no milk. We haven’t got any milk  I saw nobody in the garden. I did’t see...

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Book Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors

For this reason, fixed-time sam- pling is more common. Figure 5.18 Motor sampling. Output Control Methods 127 If you use fixed-count sampling, you should include some kind of timeout to detect a stalled motor. If the motor stalls, no encoder counts will be gen- erated and no sampling will occur. Whichever sampling method is used, the carousel in our example will run at a constant speed, with some fluctuation depending on the type of control and the control parameters. Since the home position occurs once every revolution of the carousel, and this is 100 motor rotations, then the home position indication will occur once every 50,000 motor revolutions (500 encoder countsrevolution ¥ 100 motor revolutionscarousel revolution). So if the fi...

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Be open to this possibility. Negative emotions exist only because we give them life and then keep them alive. We feed them by continually thinking and talking about things that make us angry or unhappy. Fortunately, you can change this situation by applying the Law of Emotion. This law states, “A stronger emotion will dominate and override a weaker emotion, and whichever emotion you concentrate on grows and becomes stronger.” What this means is that whatever emotion you dwell upon grows and eventually dominates your thinking in that area. If you with- draw your mental energy from a person or situation that makes you sad or angry by refusing to think about it, the emotion connected with that situation eventually dies away. Like a fire with no fuel, i...

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Tarkvara kokkuvõte inglise keeles

e. a GUI). A software product possesses the characteristic reliability to the extent that it can be expected to perform its intended functions satisfactorily. This implies a time factor in that a reliable product is expected to perform correctly over a period of time. It also encompasses environmental considerations in that the product is required to perform correctly in whichever conditions it finds itself - this is sometimes termed robustness. A software product possesses Structuredness to the extent that it possesses a definite pattern of organisation in its constituent parts. A software product written in a block-structured language such as Pascal will satisfy this characteristic. A software product possesses the characteristic efficiency to the extent that it fulfills its purpose without waste of resources. T...

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How to write a Design Report

The best way to determine the writing style for a design report is to read professional reports. You might want to ask your project advisor if they have examples that could be shared with the team. Here are a few tips on style. Voice The report can be written in either passive (“a concept was selected”) or active (“we selected a concept”) voice. Pick whichever sounds more natural and be consistent. Tense Use past tense to describe what you did or found out. For example, “We built and tested a prototype.” Use present tense to describe things that were known before your project. For example, “Squirrels are warm-blooded.” Self-Supporting The main body of your report (without the appendices) should provide enough information to be understood and s...

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Loodusteaduslike mõtlemisviiside II kontrolltöö

Ülesanded 1 Miks on jääl väiksem tihedus kui veel? Jää on kristallilise ehitusega ja selle kristallvõres esinevad tühimikud. 2 Kas on olemas maksimaalne võimalik temperatuur? Miks? Ei 3 Võrus on suvel keskmine temperatuur kõrgem kui Pärnus, aga talvel ei ole. Miks? Pärnus toimib meri oma suure soojusmahtuvusega temperatuuri ühtlustajana. 4 On aineid, milles suu...

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Sepak takraw

  Sepak takraw differs from the similar sport  of volleyball in its use of a rattan ball and  only allowing players to use their feet,  knee, chest and head to touch the ball. History  The game was first played in the 15th century‘s Malacca Sultanate.  Se...

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Moreover, it has to be fought through the most invidious way through which the Black race has economically been controlled – penny for penny, dollar for dollar, kobo or naira for kobo or naira, whichever the denomination is irrelevant. It is extremely necessary that every Black man or woman on this earth understand that each of us has committed the greatest sin against the Black race – we must atone for our transgressions. We must set aside a Day or Days of Atonement. It doesn’t matter who takes charge of setting up the Day, it could come from continental Africa or from the Diaspora; it could come from a credible leader of the race...

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