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School on cool! (1)


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The pressure for teens nowadays is unprecedented. Especialy for those who
have exams, musicschool or training. Sudenly we find ourselves asking
why? why so much pressure, what`s the whole point ? Too many
are very frustrating. Even some rainy day could make us sad ! It`s easy to study in winter , because nothing is calling us out. In spring only thought is what will i do after school?
is warm again and sun can be very foxy!
Another disturbing factor is " annoying classmates" . Some people
just want to put up a show. They scream , yell ugly words to teachers
and impede the schoolwork. Thanks to the yellers, teachers are mad
and ofcourse they punish the whole class. This is also very
School on cool #1 School on cool #2
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Aeg2009-01-20 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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Autor annnajee Õppematerjali autor
artikkel kooli lehele,
huvitav ja loetav :)

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ENGLISH TOPICS - palju teemasid inglise keele riigieksami kordamiseks

sauces - to disguise - spice ­ herb - delicious - disappointing - to lend ­ cuisine ­ British Youth (2) Most 18 and 19 year-olds in Britain are quite independent people. English people say that children grow up more quickly now. Relationships within the British family are different now. Children have more freedom to make their own decisions. For example, children aged 13 may be employed part time in Great Britain. Age 15 is legally a "young person" not a "child". Age 16 is a school leaving age. They can leave home, drive a moped, marry with "parents' consent" buy beer. Age 17 can drive a car. Age 18 can vote, get married, drink in pubs. Education is a very important part in the life of British youth. One can't become an independent person without it. When time comes to enter a college a young Englishman chooses one far away from home. It is a necessary part of becoming adult. During the last 30 years there were a lot of different trends in youth movements. All of

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600976-teacher-guide-for- writing-c1-advanced

plan that will help them write their reports. Steps: Steps: 1. Give learners Sample answer 7 and the corresponding task from this guide. Tell them first to read it 1. Brainstorm with learners some recent changes at their school or workplace or in their local community. and respond to the ideas expressed in the text relative to the task. For example: • a new menu in the school/office cafeteria 2. Now they’ve thought about the ideas, it’s time to look at the language. Give them 10–15 minutes to


How I take attending school seriously

How I take attending school seriously School is a place where every child has to go. It is so because that is the starting point of our education. Without it you would be sust another person in this world because you woun ´t have anything to do especially nowadays. Knowledge is everything. So if we woun´t go to school there is no way to get a step further. I am going to write why I take attending school seriously. First of all I think that when we woun´t go to school for a long periood, it is almost certain that we would be in trouble. If you have been absent for a couple of weeks then it will be very difficult to get all tests and homework done. Firstly you may not know anything about the things that are asked from you. Secondly, some people are sust too lazy to do the tests and because of that students will have very bad marks. If they are unlucky they also must go to school in summer because they have too many things undone

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Superstar 1 tests

_ 4 Mike is a doctor and he _________________________________ (live) in Manchester. _ 5 I _________________________________ (start) work at 8.30 every morning. _ 6 He is a good cook but she _________________________________ (prefer) to eat out. _ 7 English tests _________________________________ (get) more and more interesting. _ 8 They _________________________________ (have) a party because it's her birthday. _ 9 I sometimes _________________________________ (ride) my bicycle to school. 10_ She usually _________________________________ (go) to the gym on Friday evenings. Marks: /10 2 Choose the correct tense (present simple or present continuous) in these sentences. 1 How do you usually start/are you usually starting your day? _____________________________________ 2 What time do you go/are you going to bed at weekends? _____________________________________

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Kontrolltöö 7. klassile (ILE 5) Unit 16

Test 16 1 Translate. 1 Mul olid varemalt pikad juuksed. I used to have long hair. 2 Kas see on teie kooli direktor? Is that the head teacher of your school? 3 Peaaegu igaüks räägib võõrkeelt aktsendiga. Almost everyone speaks a foreign language with an accent. 4 Ära muretse, sinu inglise keel on suurepärane. Don´t worry, your English is excellent. 5 Ma ei suuda taluda valju muusikat. I can´t stand loud music. 6 Kas sa tahaksid töötada ruumis või väljas? Would you like to work indoors or outdoors? 2 Complete the sentences with a job. 1 Vets look after sick animals. 2 Lifeguards work on the beach and help swimmers in danger.

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Distance learning is a challenge

Marge Veskemaa Distance learning is a challenge To begin with, distance learning is very difficult. However, there are some positive things. I can plan my school work mostly. Some teachers gives a time when you need to be ready. This would mean that we can´t just lay down and relax all day. I think they give enough time and student should get ready with their work. When there is no time I can do my work in the morning, in afternoon or in the evening. With that I learn planning and I am more independent. I think one thing you need to have and that is motivation. For example, you sit every day

12. klass


· And when you begin to miss me, dont forget it was you who let me go. · There is an end to things no matter how much we want to hold into them. · Otsisin keset seda pimedust, sind ja loodetud vabadust,kui mu käed su poole, tegid alguse loole, printsessist ja printsist, ühest kaunist kandist, kus oleme meie kaks, kus lõbutseme, kuni otsas jaks. Sa ei pea muinasmaad looma, sa ei pea tähti taevast tooma. Ole vaid minu kõrval, kui tõuseb päike. Ole vaid mu kõrval kui mind piinab meeleheide. Ole mu kõrval, kui kumab kuu, kui su nime hüüab mu suu, ära tõota mulle, et armastad mind, kui ei ole valmis ohverdama end. Luba, et printsess jääb printsiga, kuni nad veel siin ilmas elavad. Unustame hetkeks kõik muu me, tunnetame üksteise kiireid südamelööke, kas tunned, kuidas süda jätab lööke vahele, see kõik on midagi uut, meile kahele. · Women are stronger than men, because they can walk in a 12 cm stilettos without showing t

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English Grammar Book 1

Exercise 1 Circle the letters that should be CAPITALS. Then write the correct letter in the space above them. 1 peter and i are good friends. we are going to chicago during our summer 2 vacation. 3 there is an interesting football game on sunday. 4 jason lives on thomson avenue. 5 january is the first month of the year. Exercise 2 Look at the signs on the left. Can you find the mistakes? Write the names correctly. hopkins hotel lincoln school orchard street newton road botanic gardens national library shea stadium 3 Nouns Common Nouns Nouns are divided into common nouns and proper nouns. Common nouns are words for people, animals, places, or things. These are words for people. They are common nouns. artist Word File Here are more words for people:

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