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Cv and covering letter (1)


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Rahu Street
November 2008
J. Lo
City Road
Dear Mrs Lo
would like to apply for the position advertised in The Murzilka on 10
November for a Sales Manager.
you will see from my curriculum vitae, the work I did in my last
position is practically the same as in position offered.
I dealt with all sales manager’s duties: dealing with customers,

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Aeg2009-01-24 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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Useful Vocabulary for Letters of Application

Useful Vocabulary for Letters of Application In the introduction  I am writing to apply for the post/ position of advertised / which was advertised ( in the Times on 13 May 2010 / in the local newspaper/ on the noticeboard in my school)  I am writing in response to the job which I saw advertised in (the Daily Herald)  With reference to your advertisement in the Guardian (of 25 January 2003), I would like to apply for the post of ......  I saw your advertisement in...... and I would like to be considered for the job  I heard about this position through my careers officer at school  I believe that I have all the necessary skills and qualifications for this post  I believe that I would be suitable for this post In the main body  I am an 18-year-old student.../ I am 18 years old....  I am currently in the final year of .....  I am currently studying for my Second

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Letters Letters FORMAL, INFORMAL, TRANSACTIONAL TASK 1 Read the extracts and answer the questions. · Where are the extracts from? · What is the purpose of each letter? · How do they differ? · Which extracts are examples of formal letters? · How is the reader addressed in a formal letter? · What are the closing remarks for formal letters? · What is the salutation in a friendly letter? · How would you end extracts 1,2,3 ? · How would you begin the extracts 4 and 5? 1. Dear Mr Miller, I received your kind invitation to the reception. Unfortunately, owing to other commitments. I will be unable to attend ... 2. Dear Ralph, l just got your invitation to the company's event. l `m afraid I can't make it because I've a/ready made plans which l can "t change ... 3. Dear Sirs,

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Cover letter ja Europass CV

Europass Curriculum Vitae Personal information First name(s) / Surname(s) Katherin Mayfair Address Manni tee 8 EE-11213 Tallinn (Estonia) Telephone(s) +3726667882 Mobile +37255573210 E-mail(s) [email protected] Nationality Estonian Date of birth 23 July 1972 Gender Female Desired employment / Computer systems designer Occupational field Work experience Dates 01/06/2005 - 25/04/2009 Occupation or position held Computer systems designer and analyst Main activities and Designing computer systems and engineering. responsibilities Name and address of employer Microlink

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MARTIN POLD 12 Carlisle Street, Leicester, LE3 6AF Mobile: 07762877920 E-mail: [email protected] PERSONAL PROFILE: I am highly motivated person currently running my own small businesses. I have over 10 years experience in customer service setting, enabling me to develop high levels of communication and attention to detail. I am reliable and responsible having previously been entrusted with cash handling and dealing with financial transactions. I also have experience of training other members of staff. KEY SKILLS: Excellent communication and customer service skills Excellent IT skills Accurate and numerate Can work well as part of a team or own initiative Highly motivated and enthusiastic Flexible and adaptable Language skills: Estonian, English, German, Russian, Latin EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Student Check-In Helper, Pertemps, Sep 2018 Duties: Working for Unite Students, helping to park over 600 cars over 3 days at The Filbert Village (Student Accommodation) in

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BUSINESS PLAN MP CANNED FOOD LIMITED 2018 Business and owner details Business name MP CANNED FOOD LIMITED Owner(s) name MARTIN PÕLD Business address and postcode 12 CARLISLE STREET LEICESTER LE3 6AF Business telephone number +447726779223 Business email address [email protected] Home address and postcode (if different from the above) Executive summary 1.1 Business summary: My business idea is simple: MP CANNED FOOD LIMITED is importing canned food (meat products and ready meals) from Estonia to the United Kingdom. Unique products like "Wild Boar In Its Own Juice", "Elk In Its Own Juice" and "Venison In Its Own Juice" are hard to find in the United Kingdom. We are selling Rannarootsi and Frank Pott brands and sell them online, Future plans are to start trading also in Leicester Market in November/December as a Market Stall, supplying deli shops (including North European and International), wholesalers and supermarkets (including Tesc


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CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information Name: Sinu Nimi Date of Birth: 18.12.1092 Nationality: Estonian Address: Võidu Street 10-23, Tallinn Education and Qualifications Secondary School: Kiviõli First Secondary School Experience 2009 summer: assistant in Erra gardening and babysitter for three months Other Skills First Aid Certificate Interests sport, cars, cooking,reading,fishing 10 February 2010-02-10 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for the position of farm worker in France which I saw advertised in The Guardian last week. I would be interested in picking grapes. I enclose a copy of my CV. I would like to work for you because I am very interested in farm work. I would also like to learn about a different culture as I feel that intercultural understanding is very important. I am a hard-working and ve

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These letters are often written in response to an advertisement. 1. What is the intended purpose of the inquiry that I intend to write? 2. Who is the intended recipient? 3. How can I let my recipient know that I am seriously interested in their product/service/job offer? General Rules to Follow: Be polite. Be clear and organized about what you want/need to know. Express thankfulness for time and effort. The K.I.S.S. principle ­ keep it short and simple SAMPLE LETTER Dear Ms Smith I am writing in response to your advertisement to enquire about the pub and restaurant placement in England. /I am writing to enquire about the pub and restaurant placement in England, as advertised by you. To start with, where in England/in which area of England is the workplace located? Could you also tell me which positions are available/you are seeking to fill, and how long a workday/how many hours a shift would be

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Letter of application, complaint and inqury

Sign-of  Yours faithfully – if you don’t know the name  Yours sincerely – if you now the name Style Formal language: no slang, foul language, informal words, contractions. This is a piece of academic writing. Clear paragraphs (indented lines OR block style) Transactional letters/letter of inquiry  Transactional letters require a reply which may be based on advertisements, other writing input, letters, etc.  For example, a letter which is asking for further information about summer camp based on an advertisement.  Use an appropriate style.  Include all the factual information provided, using your own words. Write in more detail about at least half of them and mention everything.

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