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add - Ins - saab ära määrata, millised abivahendid on peale Exceli avamist saadaval (mida saab kasutada). • Macro - makrode käivitamiseks, muutmiseks ja kustutamiseks • Record Macro - selliste makrode tegemiseks, kuhu kirjutatakse kõik Teie poolt tehtud tegevused (andmete sisestamine, formaadi muutmine, ....), kuni Te ei klõpsuta nupul STOP • Assign Macro - • Options - saab muuta programmi Excel konfiguratsiooni (sätinguid)

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Kitarrikursus algajatele 3osa-Ben Edwards

The download links are below (right click on the link and select "save as"): Dial Up Broadband QuickTime - Exercise 2 (861 KB) QuickTime - Exercise 2 (2.33 MB) WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 2 (1.40 WindowsMediaPlayer - Exercise 2 (2.88 MB) MB) Audio Audio mp3 - Exercise 2 (502 KB) Adding the up and down strum may mean that this will take a little longer to master than the previous chord changing exercises in lesson 2. Don't worry though, just keep working away at it until you can play along comfortably with the audio track provided. Now we will move onto the next exercise. This one starts in A and then goes to G. Once again I would like you continue with the up and down strum and the counting aloud as in the previous exerci...

Muusika - Keskkool
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Idiom story

She shook a leg - took a shower, grabbed a sandwich, hopped into her car and drove away. Then she almost ran over a stranger man. She braked the car and blew the horn. Then she realized that it was Michael, a nice handsome guy from the beach party at last weekend. If it's not one thing, it's anot...

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

It is unlikely that any of us will be the next Mother Teresa but every person has hidden power to do something that benefits to the society. People´s roles are nowadays as important as the next persons, even if they think that little things are insignificant and have no effect, with enough people these small things add up and make an even bigger change that any single organization or person could ever do. To be the change we want to see in the world, people do not have to be smart, rich or well educated. They need to have a dream and commitment. The problems facing the world today are great, and it will surely take the greatness of millions if not billions of people working together towards a common goal to overcome them. Changing the world does not happen overnig...

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Ekspertsüsteem erialase spetsialiseerumise valimiseks

TALLINNA TEHNIKAÜLIKOOL INFORMAATIKAINSTITUUT Ekspertsüsteem erialase spetsialiseerumise valimiseks Projekt / iseseisev töö aines 'Ekspertsüsteemid ­ projekt' (IDX5702) Koostaja: Eero Ringmäe Õpperühm: LAP62 Matrik...

Ekspertsüsteemid - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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1 Sissejuhatus............................................................................................................................................. 1 1. Objektid...

Visuaalprogrammeerimine - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Network üldiselt

Arvutivõrgu IP datagram. UDP ja TCP UDP protokoll UDP (User Datagram Protocol) on ühenduseta edastusega transpordikihi protokoll, mida kasutavad näiteks DNS, NFS v2 ja Talk. Ühenduseta edastus tähendab seda, et kliendi masinast saadetakse UDP datagrammi sisaldav IP pakett serverisse ning server saab sellele paketile vastuse saata. Filtreerimise seisukohalt on oluline UDP datagrammi päises olev lähte...

Arvutiõpetus - Kutsekool
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Some people say "it's as simple as . . . " and then name their pet peeve or passion. My view is not of an education specialist, but of one who loves sharing what I learn, and owes much to educators. Since I don't have an educational theory neatly worked-out, nor an outline of my perceptions, my intent is to address each educational ingredient that comes to my mind. After I've said what I think about each topic, readers may have a fair comprehension of my philosophy. First comes sensitivity. If a person be insensitive, be it from numbing cold, exhaustion, drugs, genetic makeup, or upbringing, then the process of education is bogged down, and results come only after great efforts. Sensitivity in my integrated meaning is broad, covering literally the sens...

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Kitarrikursus algajatele 1osa-Ben Edwards

6 Part Beginners Guitar Course - Part One A FREE Mini Course Brought to You by Jamorama ­ The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit YOU HAVE CONFIRMED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE JAMORAMA NEWSLETTER AND THE FREE 6 PART GUITAR MINI COURSE! Hi there and welcome to Part One of the Beginners Mini- Course on Learning How to Play the Guitar. This mini- course gives y...

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Eksami spikker

setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); frame.setSize(400, 400);frame.setVisible(true); } } class MaleFrame extends JFrame { MaleFrame frame; JPanel toppanel; JPanel buttonpanel; DrawPanel drawpanel;int nupp = 0; MaleFrame() { toppanel = new Jpanel(); buttonpanel = new JPanel(); drawpanel = new DrawPanel(); JButton button = new JButton("Vajuta!"); buttonpanel.add(button); toppanel.setLayout(new BorderLayout()); button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { nupp = 1; drawpanel.repaint(); } } ); toppanel.add(BorderLayout.SOUTH, buttonpanel); toppanel.add(BorderLayout.CENTER, drawpanel); this.getContentPane().add(toppanel); } class DrawPanel extends JPanel { public void paintComponent(Graphics g) { if (nupp == 1) {for (int m = 1; m < 5; m++) { g.setColor(Color.blac...

Programeerimise... - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Wordi kasutusjuhend


Arvuti õpetus - Põhikool
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Lõputöö - Lastetuba

Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus Puidu- ja ehitusosakond Hannes Haav LASTETUBA Lõputöö Juhendaja: Erna Urm Tartu 2008 1 ÜLESANNE Ülesanne on viimistleda vabalt valitud tuba. Valitud toaks sai lastetuba. Eesmärk on viimistleda see võimalikult lapsesõbr...

Ehitusviimistlus - Kutsekool
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ArcGIS juhendmaterjal EESTI KEELES

ESRI® ArcGIS Desktop Juhendmaterjal ©ALPHAGIS 2007 Sisukord SISSEJUHATUS 3 1.1 A RCGIS KASUTAJALIIDES 3 1.1.1 ArcMap 4 1.1.2 ArcCatalog 4 1.1...

Geoinformaatika - Eesti Maaülikool
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Stilistika loeng

420 2 AP Ends with an exam; lasts only for 1 semester. At the exam you get 2 questions and an exercise (50 sentences: establish the device used, recognize it, and name it). Care about the pronunciation of the terms....

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Exami kysimused-vastused

STYLE The term "style" is polysemantic (has many meanings): a Latin word "stilus" originally meant a writing instrument used by ancient people. Already in classical Latin the meaning was extended to denote the manner of expressing one's ideas in written or oral form. Jonathan Swift defined style as "proper words in proper places". In present day English the word "style" is used in about a...

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Lõuna Aafrika rahvusköök

Restaurants and fast food outlets South Africa can be said to have a real "eating out" culture. While there are some restaurants that specialize in traditional South African dishes or modern interpretations thereof, restaurants featuring other cuisines such as Moroccan, Chinese, West African, Congolese and Japanese can be found in all of the major cities and many of the larger towns. In addition, there are also a large number of home- grown chain restaurants, such as Spur and Dulce Cafe. There is also a proliferation of fast food restaurants. While there are some international players such as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken active in the country, they have competition from local chains such as Nando's and Steers. Many of the restaurant chains originating from South-Africa have also expanded successfully outside the borders...

Kokandus - Kutsekool
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About 200 species are regularly seen. The most common ones are those which remain all 7 year round. Other well known birds are crows, robins, wrens, woodpeckers. One of the worst dangers for the birds is the popularity of ordinary housecats. Saltwater fist are important to Britain's economy. Cod, haddock, herring, plaice are caught off the coasts of Britain, although there are concerns about the decrease of stocks. Lobster, crab and other shellfish are caught along inshore waters. Natural Resources Britain has a variety of mineral and agricultural resources, but must rely on imports of both. Mining in Britain has an ancient history. Salt mining, for example, dates back to pre-historic times. Today limestone, sandstone, salt, clay and gra...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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An essay about football

The game has to have 3 refrees: the main refree who makes the decisions(penalty kick ,offside, throw in, goalkick , corner, foul etc.) and 2 sideline refrees,who's main job is too look for offsides or assist the main refree with decisions. The game is played in 2 halfs, 45 minutes each. In the end of each half the refree decides how many minutes to add to the game because of delays. Usually it is between 1 and 4 minutes. When the ball crosses the sideline, the ball is thrown back into play by a player and if the ball crosses the line behind the goal, it played in from a corner by the attacking team or by the goalkeeper from a smaller bow inbetween the 2 posts. A foul a foul is whistled by the refree when any player or couch deliberetly or acidentaly reaks any of the rules. The punishment...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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äri-inglisekeel sõnad

4 tegevdirektor - a Managing Cirector tootmisjuht - a Production Manager firma töötajad - employees at the firm kaadriülem - a group leader müügijuht - a Sales Manager tootmisinsener - a Production engineer 5 töökas, hõivatud kontor - working, busy office vastutustunne - responsibility algpalk - starting salary sõltuvalt east ja kogemustest - depending on age and experience edutamise väljavaated -...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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100 kuulsamat kokteili

Acapulco B52 · 6 cl rum · 2 cl Kahlua · 1,5 cl Cointreau · 2 cl Baileys · 1,5 cl lime juice · 2 cl Grand Marnier · 1 tea spoon powdered sugar Preparation : Pour softly in a liqueur glass...

Kokandus - Kutsekool
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The bodyshop

The Big Issue paper for homeless people, which began as a The Body Shop Foundation project, was launched in 1991. By 1998 its success saw The Body Shop Foundation part-funding the launch of the The Big Issue stateside, in Los Angeles. The New Academy of Business was established in 1995, as an initiative by Anita Roddick. This innovative management degree addressing social, environmental and moral issues is run at The University of Bath, in England. In 1993 the Company launched an international high-profile campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the Ogoni people and their leader Ken Saro-Wiwa, persecuted for protesting against Shell and the Nigerian dictatorship over exploitation in their homeland. The Body Shop At HomeTM, the direct-selling arm, was launched in the UK in 1994, Canada in 1995, Austra...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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