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Shopping - pleasure or obligation (0)


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Shopping - pleasure or obligation
need to do shopping almost every day. Because we had to buy meat ,
fruits and other food products . Furthermore people need medicines
clothes and stationary. But buying isn’t always obligation to demand basic needs . Perhaps it cab be pleasure.
now huge department stores and supermarkets are very poplar places .
In there you can do everything, start the day with shopping and end
with eating. Positive is that you can find almost everything in big shop . Very exciting places for shopping is marketplaces, flea market and street markets like Portobello Road Market in London. There you
will find collectible and antique junk. If you find something interesting you can bargain about the price . Then you feel what is
pleasure of shopping.
is very annoying if you have to go to the shop when you don’t want
Shopping - pleasure or obligation #1
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