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Uulu 2-5, Pärnumaakond 86502
E-mail:[email protected]
Objective :
would like to apply for a post of sportreporter. I want to be a very good sportreporter.
Tartu University (Journalism speciality) 1998
Adolf Gymnasium 1994 - 1997
Languages : Russian and English 2000
News 1999 - 2002
News 2002 - 2008
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Aeg2008-12-10 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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Cv and covering letter

32 Rahu Street Narva IdaVirumaa 20608 18 November 2008 Mrs J. Lo Personnel Officer AUDI AG City Road London EC3 4HJ Dear Mrs Lo I would like to apply for the position advertised in The Murzilka on 10 November for a Sales Manager. As you will see from my curriculum vitae, the work I did in my last position is practically the same as in position offered. I dealt with all sales manager's duties: dealing with customers, presentations at work meetings, the organization of goods delivering, working with computer application Microsoft Office XP, etc. Your advertisement asked for a knowledge of languages. I can speak both good English and Estonian. My mother tonque is Russian. Now as a hobby, I am learning Italian. I am particularly interested in the position you are offering, as I would like to become a part of AUDI AG. I like cars very much, especially AUDI models. I read a lot of technical information about cars construction and I have some experience in repairing my AUD

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My languages I love different languages. I mean, I really, really love different languages. I also believe and have been told that I pick them up rather easily. That might be true, although I did not pick any Greek up in Greece but that might have been because they spoke so damn fast that I could not tell if it was a word or an entire sentence. The first foreign language I learned was Russian. Considering I was ten when Estonia became a Republic, it makes sense. We began studying Russian in first grade, though it was simplified – "koška" instead of "kot", "medvešonok" instead of "medved", "saichik" etc. Did not make much sense and we mostly played some games in Russian (Tare-tareke etc). Learned as much playing outside, since we had Estonian-Russian kids around as well. Not that we played with them. It's sad to say but it was not a nice time to be a Russian kid. We were mean to them, and we did not even know why. I think that's the onl

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MODULE 1 Greeting. Introducing oneself and the others. The alphabet. Spelling. The tenses. How to introduce yourself and others Formal introductions How to respond and reply to an May I introduce myself? I am John introduction Smith. How do you do. Allow me to introduce John Smith to Pleased to meet you. you. Standard introduction Nice to meet you. I'd like you to meet John Smith. Hello. I want you to meet John Smith. I'm so pleased to meet you. This is Jane Smith. I'm Jane Smith. My name's John Smith. Informal introduction Hi. John. Jane. Hello. Titles: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Ms is a modern form of address for women. It replaces the traditional forms of Mrs and Miss. Greetings Good morning/afternoon/evening! 'How are you?' Very often people expect you to s

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Letters Letters FORMAL, INFORMAL, TRANSACTIONAL TASK 1 Read the extracts and answer the questions. · Where are the extracts from? · What is the purpose of each letter? · How do they differ? · Which extracts are examples of formal letters? · How is the reader addressed in a formal letter? · What are the closing remarks for formal letters? · What is the salutation in a friendly letter? · How would you end extracts 1,2,3 ? · How would you begin the extracts 4 and 5? 1. Dear Mr Miller, I received your kind invitation to the reception. Unfortunately, owing to other commitments. I will be unable to attend ... 2. Dear Ralph, l just got your invitation to the company's event. l `m afraid I can't make it because I've a/ready made plans which l can "t change ... 3. Dear Sirs, I am writing to complain about the poor quality of the items which I received from your co

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600976-teacher-guide-for- writing-c1-advanced

Assessing writing for Cambridge English Qualifications: A guide for teachers  Contents Who this guide is for Contents Who this guide is for................................................................................................................................. 3 Just like official examiners, teachers also spend many hours evaluating learners’ writing. This guide


Using Blogs as a Platform in the TEFL

UNIVERSITY OF TARTU DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Using Blogs as a Platform in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language Research paper Tartu 2010 ABSTRACT This work analyses the usefulness of blogging in teaching English as a foreign language. The definition of the term `blog' is provided along with the advantages and disadvantages of blogs' usage in practice. The analysis of language skills developed by students throughout the use of blogs for learning purposes is given in the paper with possible limitations that blogs have. Author of this paper also shares personal comments about the experience in the field. In this paper it is also described which research methods are planned to be employed for the conduction of research project. 2 ABSTRACT.........................

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Superstar 1 tests

Tests Superstar 1 Luke Prodromou Test 1 Name____________________ Class_______ Use your English 1 Complete these sentences using the correct form (present simple or present continuous) of the verb in brackets. _ 1 She is in a band and she _________________________________ (record) a CD at the moment. _ 2 She is an actress and often _________________________________ (appear) on television. _ 3 At the moment she _________________________________ (have) a rest because she is tired. _ 4 Mike is a doctor and he _________________________________ (live) in Manchester. _ 5 I _________________________________ (start) work at 8.30 every morning. _ 6 He is a good cook but she _________________________________ (prefer) to eat out. _ 7 English tests _________________________________ (get) more and more interesting. _ 8 They _________________________________ (have) a party because it's her birthday. _ 9 I sometimes ____________

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Means of communication

Maturitní otázka c. 23. Means of communication Introduction A few centuries ago people knew only a few kinds of communication. They could speak to each other, they could send their message from one place to another by smoke signals, they used mail. Later on, they also had some newspapers. The first expansion of media was when the radio and television were invented. The second and the biggest boom started in 1960s when the first communication satellite was launched into orbit. There are 4 main media: Newspapers, TV, Radio and the Internet. Today's people take this as an ordinary thing and we don't realise that we nearly can't live without it. Media are very important for us. They give us big amount of information, so big that we can't remember all that things. They help us to understand things and if you have lots of information you are able to make your own decisions. This is connected with education and media are very good teachers. T

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