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"agendas" - 13 õppematerjali


A true friend is worth more than gold

eir life is a closed book to you. Moreover, true friends may trust each other so they never have secrets. Also, he can bare his inner feelings to you, and will support you through thick and thin becau...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Võrdlev poliitika

Loeng. Sissejuhatus ainesse ja modernne riik ning tema kujunemine (T. Saarts). 1. Mida võrdlev poliitika uurib- mis on tema spetsiifika? Süsteemne riikide ja poliitiliste süsteemide võrdlemine. Võrdlevat poliitikat huvitavad: sarnasused ja erinevused riikide/süsteemide vahel, klassifikatsioonid, ajalooline areng, seaduspärad. · Omavahel saab võrrelda riike/süsteeme. · Geograafiliselt s...

Võrdlev poliitika - Tallinna Ülikool
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What is integrated care?

rvice user groups, as well as the wider community? c ) How will you ensure organisational support for the goals of the project (for example, a senior officer responsible for delivery, a dedicated budget)? Context d) Is the proposed integration project associated with any other improvement programmes? How will this impact on local integration? What competing national or local agendas do you need to consider? e) Which sectors are involved and what is their role in relation to integration (for example, patientspublic, primary care, acute care, third sector, private sector)? What are the potential consequences of integration on other parts of the healthsocial care economy? f) How will you bring in strong, visible leaders from each integrating organ...

Sotsiaaltöö korraldus - Tartu Ülikooli Pärnu Kolledž
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The Rise and Demise of the New Public Management, 28 10

The Rise and Demise of the New Public Management Wolfgang Drechsler (University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) © Copyright: Wolfgang Drechsler 2005 Within the public sphere, the most important reform movement of the last quarter of a century has been the New Public Management (NPM). It is of particular interest in the post-...

Avalik haldus - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Lastehoiumudeli tasakaalu otsimine kaasaegse perepoliitika kontekstis

Tallinna Ülikool Lastehoiumudeli tasakaalu otsimine kaasaegse perepoliitika kontekstis Essee Tallinn 2013 Lastehoiukohtade puudus on keskne probleem, mis võib võimendada paljusid sotsiaalseid probleeme, nagu naiste madal palgatase, laste vaesuses e...

Pedagoogika -
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The 4-Hour Body - An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman - Timothy Ferriss

Eggs and butter will kill you, so you turn to margarine and turkey bacon. Now margarine will kill you and one egg a day is okay?! It almost seems better to opt out completely and live in ignorance. Fortunately, science isn't arbitrary. In fact, you just need to learn a few simple concepts to separate the truth (or probable truth) from complete fiction. Most research is presented to the public through media or propagandists with agendas . Since diet is most often hijacked for selling newspapers and ideologies, we'll use almost-believable diet nonsense to develop our BS meter. To create the most perfect you, you need to know diet nonsense to develop our BS meter. To create the most perfect you, you need to know which science to follow and which "science" to ignore. After reading the next eight pages, you will know more about research studies than the average MD. The Big F...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Challenges of childrens participation A Case Study of active citizenship in Cadle Primary School

Do you think young people today are let down by lack of political knowledge or impact- or they are to young 78 Mr Richards: (very long pause).. that is a massive question.. there are aspects to (pause), to and I think that (pause) there are times when I am feeling that c...

Inglise keel -
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Mitmekeelne oskussuhtlus

Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Ferdinand de Saussure 1960. Cours de linguistique générale 5. éd. Bibliothéque scientifique. Paris: Payot. Danica Seleskovitch ja Marianne Lederer 1984. Interpréter pour traduire. Paris: Didier. Claude Elwood Shannon 2001. A mathematical theory of communica- tion. ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 5 (1), 3–55. Elana Shohamy 2006. Language Policy: Hidden Agendas and New Approaches. London: Routledge. Sirje Sinivee 2004. Tõlke hindamine - kuidas, keda või mida? Magistritöö, Tallinna Ülikool. Tallinn. Eesti Standardikeskus 2002a. Terminoloogiatöö. Sõnastik. Osa 1, Teooria ja rakendus = Terminology work. Vocabulary. Part 1, Theory and application. Eesti standard EVS-ISO 1087-1:2002. Tallinn: Eesti Standardikeskus. Eesti Standardikeskus 2002b. Terminoloogiatöö. Sõnastik. Osa 2...

Inimeseõpetus -
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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

Unrelieved tension, suspense, and conflict can be emotion­ ally exhausting, and in even the heaviest drama an audience's interest is revived by moments of laughter. An old rule of drama points out the need for balance: Make 'em cry a lot; let 'em laugh a little. Tricksters may be servants or Allies working for the hero or Shadow, or they may be independent agents with their own skewed agendas . T h e Tricksters of mythology provide many examples of the workings of this archetype. One of the most colorful is Loki, the Norse god of trickery and deceit. A true Trickster, he serves the other gods as legal counselor and advisor, but also plots their destruction, undermining the status quo. H e is fiery in nature, and his darting, elusive energy helps heat up the petrified, frozen energy of the gods, moving them to action and...

Ingliskeelne kirjandus -
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Rootsi ja Taani välispoliitika võrdlus

Rootsi ja Taani välispoliitika võrdlus Riho Kirsipuu Sissejuhatus Selle essee teemaks on võrrelda üldiselt Rootsi ja Taani välispoliitikat. Välispoliitika on poliitika riigist väljaspoole ning riigi suhted teiste riikidega, millel on erinevad eesmärgid vastavalt teisele riigile. Üldpilti vaadates on need kaks riiki küllaltki sarnased...

Politoloogia - Eesti Mereakadeemia
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Education and learning

Teachers ask students to (11) pages from books, or tell them to write ten pages, but don't explain (12) to do it. Learning by (13) can be useful, but it is important to have a genuine (14) of a subject. You can (15) a lot of time memorizing books, without understanding anything about the subject! 1) A theme B book C subject D mark 2) A agendas B timetables C terms D organizations 3) A taught B learnt C educated D graduated 4) A take B give C get D make 5) A sentences B results C rules D examples 6) A find B look C research D get 7) A information B advise C subjects D themes 8) A do...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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EU Internal Market

EU Internal Market Group Work I: History and Purpose of the Internal Market Please connect terms (numbers) with correct description (letter), for example 17 M 1 Common Market A ... is characterized by free movement of goods between the...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Russian philology

This is particularly true in the Eurasian area, where the Russian national language has been constructed out of a diglossia situation as a top-down process in a partly multi-lingual environment. Over the last few centuries, the development of society and its political upshots have produced agendas for linguistic inquiry and discourse on language, some of which have had an impact on the development of Russian and contingent languages and their social functions, as well as on the development of linguistics as a global discipline. Six such agendas can be pinpointed: (1) the Orthodox emancipation agenda (1600-1700), (2) the Russian nation building agenda (1700-present), (3) the scientific agenda (1860-present), (4) the Marxist agenda (1917-198...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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