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"wavelengths" - 13 õppematerjali


The Cataclysmic Death of Stars

Still more luminous than a billion suns, the supernova outshone the combined light from all the stars in its home galaxy, glowing white-hot from the radioactive decay of unstable nickel atoms forged in the explosion. Gal-Yam pointed to a computer screen showing a squiggly line--the glow broken down into its component colors, or wavelengths . Each dip in the line represented a wavelength of light absorbed by a different element--silicon, cobalt, calcium, iron--in the debris of the star. Destruction and creation were conjoined on the screen. The elements revealed there, like those from countless earlier supernovas, will eventually find their way into new stars and perhaps new planets, Gal-Yam said. He added: "I'm just really happy to be observing this." The star had begun...

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Üldökoloogia kordamisküsimuste vastused

In contrast, homeotherms regulate their internal body temperature by expending metabolic energy. [2][86] [157] There is a relationship between light, primary production, and ecological energy budgets. Sunlight is the primary input of energy into the planet's ecosystems. Light is composed of electromagnetic energyof different wavelengths . Radiant energy from the sun generates heat, provides photons of light measured as active energy in the chemical reactions of life, and also acts as a catalyst for genetic mutation.[2][86][157] Plants, algae, and some bacteria absorb light and assimilate the energy throughphotosynthesis. Organisms capable of assimilating energy by photosynthesis or through inorganic fixation of H2S are autotrophs. Autotrophs--responsible for primary production--assim...

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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

A photovoltaic cell, commonly called a solar cell or PV, is the technology used to convert solar energy directly into electrical power. A photovoltaic cell is a nonmechanical device usually made from silicon alloys. Sunlight is composed of photons, or particles of solar energy. These photons contain various amounts of energy corresponding to the different wavelengths of the solar spectrum. When photons strike a photovoltaic cell, they may be reflected, pass right through, or be absorbed. Only the absorbed photons provide energy to generate electricity. When enough sunlight (energy) is absorbed by the material (a semiconductor), electrons are dislodged from the material's atoms. Special treatment of the material surface during manufacturing makes the front surface of the cell more receptive to free el...

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Ökoloogia energia loeng

ENERGIA ÖKOSÜSTEEMIDES Energia kontseptsioon Toitumissuhted ja produktiivsus Inimese energiatarve Aune Altmets, MSc Euroakadeemia Keskkonnakaitse teaduskond Eesmärgid: Määratleda energiaallikad Maal Selgitada tuleva ja peegelduva päikesekiirguse lainepikkuse tähtsust Kirjeldada fotosünteesi Kirjeldada energia ülekannet toiduahelas Defineerida toiduahel ja...

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All studied biomes

Key features for all studied biomes. Tundra The main seasons are winter and summer. The tundra is the world's coldest and driest biomes. The average annual temperature is -28° C. Nights can last for weeks when the sun barely rises during some months in the winter, and the temperature can drop to -70° C. During the summer the sun shines almost 24 hours a day. Summer are usually warm. Average su...

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Both fibers are 125 microns in outside diameter - a micron is one one-millionth of a meter and 125 microns is 0.005 inches- a bit larger than the typical human hair. Multimode fiber has light traveling in the core in many rays, called modes. It has a bigger core (almost always 62.5 microns, but sometimes 50 microns ) and is used with LED sources at wavelengths of 850 and 1300 nm (see below!) for slower local area networks (LANs) and lasers at 850 and 1310 nm for networks running at gigabits per second or more. Singlemode fiber has a much smaller core, only about 9 microns, so that the light travels in only one ray. It is used for telephony and CATV with laser sources at 1300 and 1550 nm. Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is large core ( about 1mm) fiber that can only be used for short, low speed netw...

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Air Formaldehyde is removed from the atmosphere by direct photolysis and oxidation by photochemically produced hydroxyl radicals. Formaldehyde absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation at wavelengths of 360 nm and longer; therefore, it is capable of photolyzing in sunlight. A half-life of 6 hours has been measured for photolysis in simulated sunlight. There are two photolytic pathways, one producing H2 and CO, and the other producing H and HCO radicals. When the rates of these reactions are combined with estimates of actinic irradiance, the predicted half-life of formaldehyde due to photolysis in the lower atmosphere is 1.6 hours at a s...

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Liha töötlemine

U.S.) has been developed for on-line mea- surements of moisture and fat content in ground meat. There exists also an on-line Microwave Spectrometry sensor for measuring the fat-to-lean ratio in Microwaves include waves with wavelengths pork middles (Keam Holden Ltd., New from 3m to 3mm. The corresponding Zealand). frequency range extends from 100MHz to 1mmGHz (Kent 2001). In the electromag- Near Infrared Spectroscopy netic spectrum, microwaves are located between radio waves at low frequencies and Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a tech- infrared at higher frequencies (Fig. 25.1)....

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Book Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors

62 Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors IR Problems Most slotted and reflective sensors use IR LEDs and phototransistors. This means that the response of the part may not be the same as it would be for something in the visible spectrum. Specifically, objects that are good at reflect- ing or blocking visible light may be less effective at IR wavelengths . IR is also susceptible to interference from fluorescent lights and sunlight. Figure 3.9 shows how driving the LED with a square wave signal can be combined with a filter to eliminate this type of interference. In this example, a source of ambient light causes the phototransistor to have a con- stant DC offset, and the signal is superimposed on a 60 Hz signal from fluorescent lighting. By passing the output of the transistor throu...

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Loodusteaduslike mõtlemisviiside II kontrolltöö

Ülesanded 1 Miks on jääl väiksem tihedus kui veel? Jää on kristallilise ehitusega ja selle kristallvõres esinevad tühimikud. 2 Kas on olemas maksimaalne võimalik temperatuur? Miks? Ei 3 Võrus on suvel keskmine temperatuur kõrgem kui Pärnus, aga talvel ei ole. Miks? Pärnus toimib meri oma suure soojusmahtuvusega temperatuuri ühtlustajana. 4 On aineid, milles suu...

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Capillary electrophoresis i.k.

  It  is  not  necessary  to  wait  until  the  last  peak  will  cover  the  distance  to  the  exit  of  the  capillary,  as  after  each  analysis, the capillary is washed with a special solution and filled with new buffer.  Because  of  the  use   of  quartz  capillary  filled  with  buffer,  online­UV   detection  at  wavelengths  up  to  200  nm  is  possible.  The  advantage  of  direct  passage  of  a  beam  of  light  through  the  capillary  is  the   fact  that  in  this  case  there  is  no  band  broadening  caused  by  the  detector cell and inlet capillaries.  This  detection  does  not  introduce  additional  dead  space.  Its  drawback,  however,  is  a  small  internal  diameter  of  capillarie...

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Inglise keel unit 5 answers

(a) (i) award both marks for correct answer 10 000 800 000 (× 100); 1.25 1.3 1(%); 2 (ii) R any reference to energy light missing the plant reflected (off plant) only certain wavelengths of light can be, absorbed used; ora absorbed by hits, non-photosynthetic parts; e.g. bark passes through leaf misses chlorophyll misses chloroplasts; some is heat that is used in evaporation respiration; max 2 (iii) bacteria named bacterium decomposer; (Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas) 1 (iv) tak...

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They may even be launched, as they frequently were in Earth’s ancient past, by the impact of a large meteorite plunging into an ocean. TSUNAMI Can race up to 805 kilometers an hour. At that pace, they can cross the entire expanse of the Pacific Ocean in less than a day. And their long wavelengths mean they lose very little energy along the way. In deep ocean, tsunami waves may appear only a foot or so high. But as they approach shoreline and enter shallower water they slow down and begin to grow in energy and height. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT HITS LAND? • A tsunami’s trough, the low point beneath the wave’s crest, often reaches shore first. When it does,...

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