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Presentation vocabulary (2)


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the presentation

yourself and your talk
name, position , opening formalities

Good morning , ladies and gentlemen.
afternoon, everyone.
morning. My name's (...). I'm the new Finance Manager.
morning. Let me start by saying just a few words about
my own background. I started out in...
Welcome to Standard Electronics. I know I've met some
you, but just for the benefit of those I haven 't, my
very nice to see you all here today .
very pleased to be here.
I’m glad you could all make it.
for inviting me.
you (all) for coming .
Title/ Subject
like to talk (to you) today about ...
I'm going to present the recent ...
explain our position on ...

brief you on ...
inform you about ...
The subject of my talk
focus presentation
topic paper
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3 TALLEGG 11 MIZDE 4 VESITERM 12 LADA 5 STOW 13 SCHWUNG 6 KALEV 14 MAIASMOKK 7 YAMAHA 15 ISKU 8 ESTRAVEL 2 Affirmative tense Use Signal Words Negative/Questions · action in the present taking always, Present Simple A: He speaks. place once, never or several every ..., N: He does not speak. normally, often, Q: Does he speak? times seldom, · facts sometimes,

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f) Is his new job easier than the one he had in London? g) How does the writer feel about his new situation? Informal (friendly) letters are normally written to relatives, friends or other people we know very well. A good informal letter should be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with one aspect of the subject and start with a topic sentence which gives the main idea of the paragraph. Tenses Present Perfect and Past Simple are often used in letters giving news. The Present Perfect is used to refer to recent activities and the Past Simple to refer to activities which happened at a stated time in the past. TASK 7 Read the following letter and correct the mistakes. Write S for spelling, P for punctuation, WO for word order, G for grammar or WW for wrong word. Dear Jenny , How are you ? I hope that you're very well. I've got so many to tell you that I don't know where to begin

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H-Helen, J - Julia 1.Receiving a money order H: - Hello, I would like to cash a money order. J: - Hello! You should present your identity card. H: - But, you know, I'd like to receive money order for my sister. How do I go about it? J: - Your identity card and letter of attorney, please. H: - Here you are. J: - Well...Unfortunately, I can't cash your money order ­ your signature is not witnessed. H: - Ok. Than, please, I'd like to cash my money order. J: - Take this form and fill it in. May I see your passport? H: - Yes. Please. So...Should I write my full name, my passport number and the sum of

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Golden Grammar rules 1. Don't use an with own. Sue needs her own room. (NOT Sue needs an own room.) I'd like a phone line of my own. (NOT ... an own phone line.) 2. Use or rather to correct yourself. She's German ­ or rather, Austrian. (NOT She's German ­ or better, Austrian.) I'll see you on Friday ­ or rather, Saturday. 3. Use the simple present ­ play(s), rain(s) etc ­ to talk about habits and repeated actions. I play tennis every Saturday. (NOT I am playing tennis every Saturday.) It usually rains a lot in November. 4. Use will ..., not the present, for offers and promises. I'll cook you supper this evening. (NOT I cook you supper this evening.) I promise I'll phone you tomorrow. (NOT I promise I phone you tomorrow.) 5. Don't drop prepositions with passive verbs. I don't like to be shouted at. (NOT I don't like to be shouted

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Color-- -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- Text Size-- 10-- 11-- 12-- 13-- 14-- 15-- 16-- 17-- 18-- 19-- 20-- 21-- 22-- 23-- 24 TWILIGHT By Stephenie Meyer Contents PREFACE 1. FIRST SIGHT 2. OPEN BOOK 3. PHENOMENON 4. INVITATIONS 5. BLOOD TYPE 6. SCARY STORIES 7. NIGHTMARE 8. PORT ANGELES 9. THEORY 10. INTERROGATIONS 11. COMPLICATIONS 12. BALANCING 13. CONFESSIONS 14. MIND OVER MATTER 15. THE CULLENS 16. CARLISLE 17. THE GAME 18. THE HUNT 19. GOODBYES 20. IMPATIENCE 21. PHONE CALL 22. HIDE-AND-SEEK 23. THE ANGEL 24. AN IMPASSE EPILOGUE: AN OCCASION twilight STEPHENIE MEYER LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY New York Boston Text copyright © 2005 by Stephenie Meyer All rights reserved. Little, Brown and Company Time Warner Book Group 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 Visit our Web site at First Edition: September 2005 The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intende


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He makes a point of heeding all she says, And I suspect that he is fond of her. Would God 'twere true!--'Twould be the height of humour Now, she has sent for him, in your behalf, To sound him on this marriage, to find out What his ideas are, and to show him plainly What troubles he may cause, if he persists In giving countenance to this design. His man says, he's at prayers, I mustn't see him, But likewise says, he'll presently be down. So off with you, and let me wait for him. DAMIS I may be present at this interview. DORINE No, no! They must be left alone. DAMIS I won't So much as speak to him. DORINE Go on! We know you And your high tantrums. Just the way to spoil things! Be off. DAMIS No, I must see--I'll keep my temper. DORINE Out on you, what a plague! He's coming. Hide! (Damis goes and hides in the closet at the back of the stage.) SCENE II TARTUFFE, DORINE TARTUFFE (speaking to his valet, off the stage, as soon as he sees Dorine is there)

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Get Inspired or be Depressed. · Guys are complicated. If you cheat, he'll expect it to be over. If he cheats, he expects to be given another chance either way. · No matter what love throws at u, u have to believe in it. You've to believe in love stories & prince charmings and happily ever afters. · Measure someone strength not by how much they've been but how much they been through to get there. · Look in the past, live the present with the knowledge of your past, and be wise to live your future. · The way you talk, the way you act, tells who you are · Use your EAR to hEAR and think twice before something comes OUT from your mOUTh. · When I give you my time, means I'm giving you a portion of my life that I'll NEVER get back. · Girls is unique; they want you to know how they feel but they don't want to tell you.

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

evening." "Wow. Is that timeline usual?" "No. Usually they'd wait until we had the RFP finished before meeting with us, but Cross Industries recently acquired Kingsman and C.I. has dozens of subsidiaries. That's good business if we can get it. They know it and they're making us jump through hoops, the first of which is meeting with me." "Usually there would be a team, right?" "Yes, we'd present as a group. But they're familiar with the drill-they know they'll get the pitch from a senior executive, then end up working with a junior like me-so they picked me out and now they want to vet me. But to be fair, the RFP provides a lot more information than it asks for in return. It's as good as a brief, so I really can't accuse them of being unreasonably demanding, just meticulous. Par for the course when dealing with Cross Industries."

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