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"abstraction" - 23 õppematerjali



On the other hand, perhaps a student could learn enormously more from a tutor than in a classroom packed with other students. Again, there must be an ideal ratio, plus age considerations, as well as the nature of the topic being taught, to consider. A pet peeve of mine is how competitive athletics play an excessive role in schools. Schools cannot limit their scope to mere teaching of abstractions , such as algebra and grammar. They also need to instruct about health, including diet and exercise. Yet sports programs take too much money and time, which otherwise could be used in artistic endeavors, or to buy more computers and books or special tutors. I especially loathe collegiate athletics, which become farm teams for professional clubs. These have no valid role at institutions of higher learning. The whole issue of...

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The Greenhouse Effects

These effects are expected to be particularly serious in coastal regions because of the influence of the rising sea level resulting from global warming. The influence of sea-level rises (SLR) will become apparent along with land subsidence because groundwater abstraction will become severe in coastal regions. Additionally, the probability of earthquake liquefaction increases if GWL rises in accompaniment with SLR. Using case histories, we examined the possible occurrence of these natural hazards as a result of global warming. Finally, possible countermeasures and adaptation strategies for reducing and mitigating infrastructure damage accelerated by global warming are described for each case in specific regions. In...

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gz Compressed file (compressed filename extension - using GNU gzip compressiondecompression program) [Unix] GZIP GNU Zip H... | TOP | UP to G | DN to I | BOTTOM | .H Header (file name extension) [C] HACMP High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM] HAL Hard Array Logic + Hardware Abstraction Layer + House-Programmed Array Logic HAL * Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic (computer) [from 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"] HAP Host Access Protocol HARP-MRI Harmonic Phase MRI HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Priority (System) HBA Host Bus Adapter HCL Hardware Compatibility List HCSS High Capacity Storage System HCT Hardware Compatibility Test HCU Home Computer User HD Hard Disk + High Den...

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Meedium ja meedia, multimeedia määratlus. (mmt01.pdf) - ; - (DCT) (32 , () - . (, s(i)): ....

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Object-oriented programming.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses "objects" and their interactions to design applications and computer programs. Programming techniques may include features such as information hiding, data abstraction , encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance. It was not commonly used in mainstream software application development until the early 1990s. Many modern programming languages now support OOP. Class Defines the abstract characteristics of a thing (object), including the thing's characteristics (its attributes, fields or properties) and the thing's behaviors (the things it can do, or methods, operations or features). One mig...

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sajandi kunstivool, mis hakkas kujunema Pariisis 1907. aastal Pablo Picasso ja Georges Braque'i töödes. Kubistide eelkäijaks oli Paul Cézanne. Mõiste "kubism" võttis kasutusele prantsuse kriitik Louis Vauxcelles ja see vihjab kuubist lähtuvale kujutamisele. Kriitik kirjeldas Braque'i töid 1908. aastal väljendiga bizarreries cubiques (kuubilise...

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XEN (esitlus)

Jekaterina Misuna Hypervisor, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization offers a powerful, efficient, and secure feature set for virtualization of CPU architectures. What is Xen? It supports a wide range of guest operating systems including Windows® Linux® Solaris® BSD operating systems Support With Xen virtualization, a thin software layer known a...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

Disappointment flooded through me as my eyes unerringly focused on his table. The other four were there, but he was absent. Had he gone home? I followed the still-babbling Jessica through the line, crushed. I'd lost my appetite -- I bought nothing but a bottle of lemonade. I just wanted to go sit down and sulk. "Edward Cullen is staring at you again," Jessica said, finally breaking through my abstraction with his name. "I wonder why he's sitting alone today." My head snapped up. I followed her gaze to see Edward, smiling crookedly, staring at me from an empty table across the cafeteria from where he usually sat. Once he'd caught my eye, he raised one hand and motioned with his index finger for me to join him. As I stared in disbelief, he winked. "Does he mean you?" Jessica asked with insulting astonishment in her voice. "Maybe he need...

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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Russell's most famous article (19051956) was called "On Denoting," and in it denoting was taken to be a relation between an expression, considered in abstraction , and the thing that is the expression's referent or denotatum. Strawson's title was "On Referring," which he meant ironically, because he thought of referring not as an abstract relation between 20 Reference and referring an expression and a thing but as an act done by a person at a time on an occasion. This way of looking at things gave Strawson quite a new slant on the four problems. Strawson holds that expressions do not refer at...

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Tate Modern

TATE MODERN · Tate Modern is the national gallery of international modern art · it is one of the family of four Tate galleries which display selections from the Tate Collection(British art from the year 1500 to the present day) and the national collection of international modern art( art since 1900). · The building was created in the year 2000. · problem was wheth...

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Microsoft Operatsioonisüsteemid

1.Windows 3.1 3 · 1.2.Windows 3.x 3 · Pildid 4 · 1.3.Windows 95 5 · 1.4.Windows 98 6 · Pildid 8 · 1.5.Windows NT 9 · 1.6.Windows 2000 11 · Pildid 13 · 1.7.Windows ME...

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1) Mis on personaalarvuti? Personaalarvuti (PC - Personal Computer edaspidi arvuti) on arvutusseade, mis koosneb erinevaid funktsioone täitvatest elektroonikaplokkidest, mis koos funktsioneerides teostavad mingit kasutaja poolt määratud ülesannet. 2) Muutmälu (RAM - Random Access Memory) ehk põhimälu kasutatakse arvutis töötavate rakenduste programmikoodi...

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UML skeemide osade nimetused tõlgetega

Use case: Actor Tegutseja Collaboration Koostöö Dependency Sõltuvus Generalization Üldistus Note Märge System Süsteem Association Ühing Constraint Kitsendus Extend...

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Differential Psychology

Individual Differences (Differential Psychology) Psychology 1 It is generally assumed that: Differential Psychology · People vary on a range of psychological attribu...

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Kunstiajalugu 20-21 sajand

Max Ernst/Joan Miro (sürrealism) Paul Gauguin (pi) Gerhard Richter /raamatuid: Haftmann; Lucie-Smith; Peusner; Arnason; Art since 1900 11.02.13 Modernistlik kunst, makrotasand. Modernism kui paradigma Impressionistidest kuni 20saj keskpaigani(70ndate lõpuni) olenevalt käsitlusest) Taustsüsteemiks 19 saj teaduse-tehnika-poliitiline revolutsioon ­ kunst ei jää sellisest asjast puutumata (urb...

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Games Programming with Java and Java 3D

If the required feature is Direct3D Hardware not present then HEL is brought into play to Emulation Layer (HEL) emulate the capability. The graphics API, DirectX Graphics (formerly Direct3D Hardware DirectDraw and Direct3D in v.7.0 and earlier), Abstraction Layer (HAL) supports a traditional graphics pipeline, describing all geometry in terms of vertices and pixels. This places quite a burden on the Hardware programmer's shoulders, but the payoff is an Figure 1. Direct3D Architecture API with a multitude of games-related features, 8 Games Programming with Java and Java 3D such as programmable vertex and pixel...

Java programmeerimine - Eesti Infotehnoloogia Kolledzh
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A New Earth

Each thing has Beingness, is a temporary form that has its origin within the formless one Life, the source of all things, all bodies, all forms. In most ancient cultures, people believed that everything, even so-called inanimate objects, had an indwelling spirit, and in this respect they were closer to the truth than we are today. When you live in a world deadened by mental abstraction , you don’t sense the aliveness of the universe anymore. Most people don’t inhabit a living reality, but a conceptualized one. But we cannot really honor things if we use them as a means to self- enhancement, that is to say, if we try to find ourselves through them. This is exactly what the ego does. Ego-identification with things creates attachment to things, obsession with things, which in turn creates our consumer society a...

Psühholoogia -
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Inglise leksikoloogia kordamisküsimuste vastused

Core and periphery Core vocabulary – often short (monosyllabic) words of Germanic and Old Norse origin = ie core vocabulary of most frequent words, and vague fuzzy peripherial words. Core meaning is the meaning which is at the centre of the word.periphery – vague. Formal usage (often polysyllabic words) from Norman French (rank, courtliness,refinement). Learning, science, abstraction : Latin, and Greek. The core vocabulary is predominantly Germanic (the, I, you, etc.) Only 4 of the topranked one hundred words in the Brown Corpus are of foreign origin. 93 of the first one hundred words in the Brown Corpus are monosyllabic, and the remaining have two syllables (only, about, other, also, many even people) Origin of the ten 10000 most frequent words: Example of stratification •...

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Tarkvara kokkuvõte inglise keeles

* • Zero or one 0..1 • Specified range 3..7 • Multiple, disjoint ranges 2, 5..7 II Relationships: Dependency • A relationship between two model elements where a change in one may cause a change in the other • Non-structural, “using” relationship III Relationships: Generalization • A relationship among classes where one class shares the structure andor behavior of one or more classes • Defines a hierarchy of abstractions in which a subclass inherits from one or more superclasses – Single inheritance – Multiple inheritance • Generalization is an “is-a-kind of” relationship What Gets Inherited? • A subclass inherits its parent’s attributes, operations, and relationships • A subclass may: – Add additional attributes, operations, relationships – Redefine inherited operations (use caution!) • Common attributes, operations, andor relati...

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Loeng Kvaliteetse tarkvara atribuudid: 1. Teostab ettenähtud funktsionaalsust 2. Hooldatav ­ Tarkvara peab arenema, et vastata muutuvatele vajadustele. 3. Usaldusväärne ­ Töökindlus ja turvalisus. 4. Vastuvõetav ­ Kasutajad on aktsepteerinud selle. Tarkvara on neile arusaadav, kasutatav ja ühilduv teiste süsteemidega. Mi...

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