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"subset" - 15 õppematerjali


IT arhitektuur

The Conceptual Architecture identifies the high-level components of the system, and the relationships among them. Its purpose is to direct attention at an appropriate decomposition other system without delving into details. Moreover, it provides a useful vehicle for communicating the architecture to non-technical audiences, such as management, marketing, and users. Logical Architecture In Logic...

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All Marketers are liars- töölehed

Intention- kavatsus, tahtmine, tahe, eesmärk 2. Instead- selle asemel, see- eest 3. Forsake- loobuma, hülgama, maha jätma 4. Spin- heietama, keerlema, tiirlema, ketrama 5. Shift- muutma, nihutama, vahetama, ümberlülitus 6. Paradigm- musternäidids, aluspõhimõte, raamistik 7. Spread- levitama, laotama, laiali asetama 8. Irrelevant- ebaoluline, tähtsusetu, mitteasjakohane 9. Infomercial- reklaamuudis...

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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Two sentences will be synonymous if and only if they are true in just the same worlds. A sentence will be ambiguous if there is a world in which it is both true and false but without contradiction. And the possible-worlds construal affords an elegant algebra of meaning by way of set theory: For example, entailment between sentences is just the subset relation. S1 entails S2 if and only if S2 is true in any world in which S1 is; that is, the set of worlds that is S2's meaning is a subset of S1's meaning. Thus, the implementation of truth conditions in terms of possible worlds saves this sophisticated version of the Proposition Theory from Harman's objection 3 (chapter 5), for it tells us what a "proposition" is, in terms that we can work with independently: A proposition is a set of w...

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Automaatika referaat (eng)

Of course, the appropriate development of the topic is even more challenging to assess without an accurate transcript of the response. Most of the features actually used in SpeechRater address the delivery aspect of the TOEFL speaking construct in one way or another. A subset of the features do, however, relate to the Language Use dimension of the construct as well. The statistical model SpeechRater uses to predict the score on the basis of these features is a multiple linear regression, although promising experiments have been performed using decision trees as well. Currently, SpeechRater is in operational use to score the TOEFL Practice Online speaking section only. It provides the examinee with a predicted sco...

Automaatika - Keskkool
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Dictionary all marketers are liars

Dictionar y (,,All Marketers Are Liars") A Abandon hülgama, loobuma Accidental juhuslik Adequate adekvaatne, piisav Advertisement reklaam, kuulutus Affect mõju Airwaves õhuvoolud Alas paraku All stripes vöödilised Antibiotic antibiootiline, antibiootikum Apparently...

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Silicon Valley

A government that asks "How can we build a silicon valley?" has probably ensured failure by the way they framed the question. You don't build a silicon valley; you let one grow. Nerds If you want to attract nerds, you need more than a town with personality. You need a town with the right personality. Nerds are a distinct subset of the creative class, with different tastes from the rest. You can see this most clearly in New York, which attracts a lot of creative people, but few nerds. What nerds like is the kind of town where people walk around smiling. This excludes LA, where no one walks at all, and also New York, where people walk, but not smiling. When I was in grad school in Boston, a friend came to visit from New York. On the...

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Development of Multicellular Organisms

Thus, in what is probably the commonest mode of pattern formation, a group of cells start out all having the same developmental potential, and a signal from cells outside the group then drives one or more of the members of the group into a different develop- mental pathway, leading to a changed character. This process is called an induc- tive interaction. Generally, the signal is limited in time and space so that only a subset of the competent cells—those closest to the source of the signal—take on the induced character (Figure 22–10). inductive signal Some inductive signals are short-range—notably those transmitted via cell–cell contacts; others are long-range, mediated by molecules that can diffuse through the extracellular medium. The group of initially similar cells competent to r...

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Liha töötlemine

Plate freezers are often limited wrap and wash off the immersion liquid in to a maximum thickness of 50 to 70 mm. immersion systems. Good contact is a prime requirement. Air Cryogenic freezing is essentially a subset spaces in packaging and fouling of the plates of immersion freezing, in that it directly uses can have a significant effect on cooling cryogenic refrigerants, such as liquid nitro- time; for example, a water droplet frozen gen or solid carbon dioxide. The method on the plate can lengthen the freezing time of cooling is essentially similar to water- in the concerned tray by as much as 3...

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In other words, bridges are self-learning. For increased reliability, redundant alternate paths from source to dest are created. To prevent frames cycling, spanning trees are used. In the spanning tree protocol, bridges communicate with each other over the LANs in order to determine a spanning tree, that is, a subset of the original topology that has no loops. Ethernet switches are in essence high-performance multi-interface bridges. As do bridges, they forward and filter frames using LAN destination addresses, and they automatically build routing tables using the source addresses in the traversing frames. The most important difference between a bridge and switch is that bridges usually have a small number of interfaces (i.e., 2-4), whereas switches ma...

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Loeng Kvaliteetse tarkvara atribuudid: 1. Teostab ettenähtud funktsionaalsust 2. Hooldatav ­ Tarkvara peab arenema, et vastata muutuvatele vajadustele. 3. Usaldusväärne ­ Töökindlus ja turvalisus. 4. Vastuvõetav ­ Kasutajad on aktsepteerinud selle. Tarkvara on neile arusaadav, kasutatav ja ühilduv teiste süsteemidega. Mi...

Tarkvaratehnika - Kutsekool
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Lineaarne regressioonanalüüs

csv("puud15.CSV") # parameeter sep="," ja dec="." PD$d_k<-with(PD, ifelse(d2>0,(d1+d2)2, d1)) PD.<-subset(PD, prt==642 & aasta==2001) PD.<-droplevels(PD.) plot(h~d_k,data=PD.) PD.H <- subset (PD., h>0 & hv>0) table(PD.H$pl) PD.KU<-subset(PD.H, pl=="KU") par(mar=c(4.5,4.5,1,1)) plot(NULL,xlim=c(0,40),ylim=c(0,25),xlab="diameeter, cm", ylab="kõrgus, m") abline(v=seq(0,40,10),lty=3,col="grey75") abline(h=seq(0,25,5),lty=3,col="grey75") # abijooned points(h~d_k,data=subset(PD.KU),lwd=1) with(subset(PD., pl=="KU"),rug(d_k))...

tehnomaterjalid -
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Mitmene regressioonanalüüs ja mittelineaarne regressioonanalüüs

csv("puud15.CSV") PD$d_k<-with(PD, ifelse(d2>0,(d1+d2)2, d1)) PD.1<-subset(PD, prt==642 & aasta==2001 & h>0 & hv>0) PD.2<-subset(PD, prt==642 & aasta==2006, select=c(puu,rin,d_k,h,hv)) names(PD.2)<-c("puu","rin_2","d_k2","h_2","hv_2") PD.1.2<-merge(PD.1,PD.2,all.x=T) with(PD.1.2, table(rin,rin_2)) PD.1.2$rin12<-with(PD.1.2, paste(rin,rin_2,sep="")) table(PD.1.2$rin12) PD.1.2E<-subset(PD.1.2, rin12 %in% c("11","22")) # rinnaspindala juurdekasv PD.1.2E$ig5<-with(PD.1.2E, (d_k2^2 - d_k^2)*pi4) hist(PD.1.2E$ig5)...

tehnomaterjalid -
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Veebiteenused (kordamisküsimused ja vastused kontrolltööks)

 The following JSON example defines an employees object, with an array of 3 employee records:  JSON EXAMPLE  {"employees":[ {"firstName":"John", "lastName":"Doe"}, {"firstName":"Anna", "lastName":"Smith"}, {"firstName":"Peter", "lastName":"Jones"} ]} o Süntaks  The JSON syntax is a subset of the JavaScript syntax. JSON syntax is derived from JavaScript object notation syntax:  Data is in namevalue pairs  Data is separated by commas  Curly braces hold objects  Square brackets hold arrays JSON eelised: XML eelised: Saab parsida standard JS funktsiooniga, XML IS HUMAN READABLE parsimine lihtsam JSON is much...

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Artikli kokkuvõte akadeemilises inglise keeles „Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)“

In the 2014 article, ,,Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)" GSMA shares its vision of the evolution of The Internet of Things that will lead to the so-called Connected Life. The future of mobile connectivity goes beyond tablets and cars, allowing to connect virtually everything. It is assumed that there will be a significant rise of connected devices throughout the world, allowing the grow...

Akadeemiline inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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R-Studio KT

R-Studio Kontrolltöö Mitu proovitükki on kogu andmestikus? #Mitu proovitükki on kogu andmestikus puud2015=read.csv("puud2015.csv",sep=";",dec=",") #Impordin andmed puud2015$D=ifelse(puud2015$D2>0,(puud2015$D1+puud2015$D2)/2,puud2015$D1) #Lisan tulba D length(table(puud2015$PRT)) #Vaatan mitu proovitükki on kogu andmestikus loetledes read > #Mitu proovitükki on kogu andmestikus > puud2015=read...

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