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18 Vanemuise St
March 4, 2004
Dear Sirs/Madam
Every firm needs to update their computers software and hardware. Thats
where our firm comes in! We have the best quality hackers and tools to make your system work properly.
can choose many different updates whats best for your system.. Nowadays your system is most vulnerable by the viruses and
unqualified workers . Who would not want that their system to be
secure and to work properly?
you read the enclosed brochure with detailed information about every
update, I’m sure that you will find suitable for you. If you are
interested in something particular , you can contact us in our office
or call on 555-800-2534. Looking forward to making your system
and more convenient.
Yours sincerely
Ardi Harakas
Sales letter #1
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Aeg2008-02-04 Kuupäev, millal dokument üles laeti
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Letters Letters FORMAL, INFORMAL, TRANSACTIONAL TASK 1 Read the extracts and answer the questions. · Where are the extracts from? · What is the purpose of each letter? · How do they differ? · Which extracts are examples of formal letters? · How is the reader addressed in a formal letter? · What are the closing remarks for formal letters? · What is the salutation in a friendly letter? · How would you end extracts 1,2,3 ? · How would you begin the extracts 4 and 5? 1. Dear Mr Miller, I received your kind invitation to the reception. Unfortunately, owing to other commitments. I will be unable to attend ... 2. Dear Ralph, l just got your invitation to the company's event. l `m afraid I can't make it because I've a/ready made plans which l can "t change ... 3. Dear Sirs,

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Social media information and data collection and security

New Media Economy Social media information and data collection and security In this brief essay, i would like to focus on the social media platforms in our moren society. How people use them, what kind of information we give away, what companies will do with this. Information sharing and data protection has become very popular theme in the recent few years. People care more about their privacy and avoid „big brother“ foreshadowing. It is important to know what social media platforms promise and are they really going to keep it. Users should think about what they share and what kind of information they generate. Because it is all recorded and some info can be traced back to real people. Privacy and data protecion topics are becoming more and more important and the amouts of data generated is becoming larger. When wrongly access this kind of data, a lot damage could be done by criminals. Users privacy settings should be reviewd and fixed when needed. Social media Humans hav

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Steve Krug-Dont Make Me Think 2014

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability Steve Krug Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability Copyright © 2014 Steve Krug New To report errors, please send a note [email protected] New Riders is an imprint of Peachpit, a division of Pearson Education. Editor: Elisabeth Bayle Project Editor: Nancy Davis Production Editor: Lisa Brazieal Copy Editor: Barbara Flanagan Interior Design and Composition: Romney Lange Illustrations by Mark Matcho and Mimi Heft Farnham fonts provided by The Font Bureau, Inc. ( Notice of Rights All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. For information on getting permission for reprints and excerpts, [email protected]. Notice of Liability Th


Introduction of SCM

total cost of clinical trials. An integrated supply chain can reduce the overproduction of drug products by efficient demand management, planning, and inventory management. Traditionally, marketing, distribution, planning, manufacturing, and the purchasing organizations along the supply chain operated independently. These organizations have their own objectives and these are often conflicting. Marketing's objective of high customer service and maximum sales dollars conflict with manufacturing and distribution goals. Many manufacturing operations are designed to maximize throughput and lower costs with little consideration for the impact on inventory levels and distribution capabilities. Purchasing contracts are often negotiated with very little information beyond historical buying patterns. The result of these factors is that there is not a single, integrated plan for the organization---there were as many plans as businesses


"The whole manager" referaat

Introduction This inspirational and easy-to-read guide will make every manager stop and think again about how they approach their jobs. It provides practical advice on how to be prioritized and focused on the key tasks, how to manage in the organization; how to delegate effectively, and how to manage the balance between your work, family and personal needs. Managing yourself Book begins with a basic question: How can you possibly hope to manage your unit, team, organisation or company if you can not manage yourself? Six P-s are poor preparation produces piddling poor performance. Most managers appreciate a certain need for preparation but do not give it nearly as much attention as it deserves. Preparation is vital because it will give you considerable selfconfidence right from the start. To get the best out of yourself you need to feel accountable for your actions and for those of your team. Basically, that means not leaning on others for help and not looking for excuses when things go

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Big data in cloud

A B S T R A C T W e l c o m e t o t h e n e w e r a o f b i g d a t a . P ii s Big a v data a l in t C o clou o l d I T opportu I 0 Academic essay (ITI0103) 2019 spring Introduction “Data is Everything and Everyone is Data. “[1] The ability to collect, organize, structure and analyse data on a large scale is probably the most significant trait that sets us, humans, apart from our primate friends. [1] To comprehend the opportunities and threats regarding big data loc

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Connecting Ideas Logically and Effectively

X. However, Y. The two ideas are placed in separate sentences. However comes at the beginning of the second sentence and is followed by a comma. Some of these connectives are sometimes also used in other positions in the sentence, and you should be prepared to see this when you read reports written by Englishspeaking writers. However, if you follow patterns given here, your writing will improve in fluency. TASK 1 1 Read the following letter of complaint and choose the best connectives to fill each gap from the options given afterwards. On 10 November 1999 we purchased from your company 500 pairs of `Gripfast' safety boots and 800 pairs of `Holdtight' safety gloves (Invoice No. 632/A559T). Prior to the transaction, you had informed us that, under our normal working conditions .................. (1) the boots and the gloves were guaranteed for a period of six months. .................

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Writing in the Business World

UNIT 1 Writing in the Business World Writing gives structure and form to our ideas. In the business world this is done for a purpose: to persuade, recommend, offer advice, give an order, etc. The business text must therefore be easily and quickly read and its message must be understood exactly as intended. If you learn to recognize and avoid the more common errors of information control, grammar and style, you will achieve this aim. You will write more confidently and more correctly if you check everything you write. Pay particular attention to the following: · Appropriate Subject Heading Take care to prepare your reader by introducing the subject appropriately in your subject heading. · Carefully Organized Information If a reader needs to be persuaded or convinced, your information will need careful planning and organizing. · Correct Grammar and Spelling Train yourself to check for major gram

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