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Dear aunt Annette
Thanks for your letter . It made me happy , honestly! I'm sorry I didn't write to you sooner, but i am
very busy.'d like very much to see you!
How do you do? I hope that you and Uncle Jon are well. Are you? Where do you think to move?
I'm going well. In school i have good marks. I like biology and maths very! English is interesting science i think. I don't know yet, what exams i take, but if i know , then i
will write you.
I don't have summer plans yet, but i
want go to the trip. It no matter , where. I'd like very much to see
you! Maybe I will visited you.
Well, i will finish now. I hope that
we will see you soon!
I look forward to you letter.
Say hello to Uncle Joe from me.
Take care!
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Letter to aunt Anette

Estonia 01/03/04 Dear aunt Anette, Thank you for your letter. I hope you and uncle Joe are well and that you'll find a good place for living. At school is a very terrible time at the moment. I have to spend all my time to studing, because the exams are coming, as you know. I'm not very good at maths so I'm thinking about taking a private teacher. It's quite expensive, but I have to pass the exams, so It's OK. Thanks for the invitation to visit you at London. I've never been there but I'm sure It's great. I would love to see you after these years. I think you have not change at all. I'm glad that I can see uncle Joe for last! You have written so much about him. Did he bought a new car yet? If It's okay to you I'll visit you and uncle Joe in the middle of summer. It will be a very busy summer to me. When the ex

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Tests Superstar 1 Luke Prodromou Test 1 Name____________________ Class_______ Use your English 1 Complete these sentences using the correct form (present simple or present continuous) of the verb in brackets. _ 1 She is in a band and she _________________________________ (record) a CD at the moment. _ 2 She is an actress and often _________________________________ (appear) on television. _ 3 At the moment she _________________________________ (have) a rest because she is tired. _ 4 Mike is a doctor and he _________________________________ (live) in Manchester. _ 5 I _________________________________ (start) work at 8.30 every morning. _ 6 He is a good cook but she _________________________________ (prefer) to eat out. _ 7 English tests _________________________________ (get) more and more interesting. _ 8 They _________________________________ (have) a party because it's her birthday. _ 9 I sometimes ____________

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Golden Grammar rules

Golden Grammar rules 1. Don't use an with own. Sue needs her own room. (NOT Sue needs an own room.) I'd like a phone line of my own. (NOT ... an own phone line.) 2. Use or rather to correct yourself. She's German ­ or rather, Austrian. (NOT She's German ­ or better, Austrian.) I'll see you on Friday ­ or rather, Saturday. 3. Use the simple present ­ play(s), rain(s) etc ­ to talk about habits and repeated actions. I play tennis every Saturday. (NOT I am playing tennis every Saturday.) It usually rains a lot in November. 4. Use will ..., not the present, for offers and promises. I'll cook you supper this evening. (NOT I cook you supper this evening.) I promise I'll phone you tomorrow. (NOT I promise I phone you tomorrow.) 5. Don't drop prepositions with passive verbs. I don't like to be shouted at. (NOT I don't like to be shouted.) This needs to be thought about some more. (NOT This needs to be thought some more.) 6. Don't use a present tense after It's time. It's t

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Performing the presentation Introducing yourself and your talk Greeting, name, position, opening formalities Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon, everyone. Good morning. My name's (...). I'm the new Finance Manager. Good morning. Let me start by saying just a few words about my own background. I started out in... Welcome to Standard Electronics. I know I've met some of you, but just for the benefit of those I haven't, my name's (...). It's very nice to see you all here today. I'm very pleased to be here. I'm glad you could all make it. Thanks for inviting me. Thank you (all) for coming. Title/Subject I'd like to talk (to you) today about ... I'm going to present the recent ... explain our position on ... introduce ... brief you on ... inform you about ... describe ... The subject of my

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gerdaaa-: Väga hästi tehtud. Kiitused !
18:22 28-09-2011
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aneelia: täitsa ok .

14:27 11-11-2009
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Liisi R.: väga viis ;D;D
15:39 28-01-2010

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