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An essay about football

In every four years the world cup is held and every year regional cups are held. Rules are update and followed by FIFA(Federal International Football Association. The game needs good teamwork and skills with a standard size 5 ball. The goal ist o get the ball in the oponents goal and defend your own. Players are allowed to use any part of...

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Harry Potter Worksheet

She had enjoyed writing ever since she was a young girl, but there was something about the main character in this story that seemed especially exciting. He was a thin, black-haired boy who wore glasses. He was also a wizard, but didn't yet know about his magical powers. His name was Harry Potter. Harry has since made Rowling (whose pen name is J.K. Rowling) the richest author in the world. Her six books about his adventures have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide and exist in more than 50 different languages. Most of the readers are children or young teenagers, but the books are unusual in the way that they also appeal to adults. Each of the six books covers about a year in Harry's life as he grows from a boy into a teenager. At the start of the first book we l...

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The Witches by Roald Dahl (powerpoint)

His short stories are known for their unexpected endings, and his children's books for their unsentimental, often very dark humour. Some of his better-known works include James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The Witches. About the book My book tells about a little boy whos parents died at a car axedent and he went to live at hes grandmothers. The grandmother was the boys only living relative, they got along very well and the boy was very happy. The grandmoher was Norwegian and Norwegians knew everything about witches. She was a wonderful story - teller but the storys she telled about witches were all true. She told her grandson how to spot them from a crowd and told him what ugly and bad creatures they are. One...

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Aine mõiste, sisu. Tööohutuse aine on selleks, et anda teadmisi ja õpetada tundma töökeskkonna suhtes esitatavate töötervishoiu ja tööohutuse nõuete kohta, töötervishoiu ja tööohutuse korralduse riigi ja ettevõtte või asutuse tasandi kohta; tule- ja elektriohutuse nõuete ning vastutuse töötervishoiu ja tööohutuse nõuete...

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Ära üritagi öelda , et sul on kahju või ära ürita teha kõike õigeks . Ära raiska oma hingetõmbeid , sest on liiga hilja , on liiga hilja 2. Kõik need momendid , mis on möödunud me üritame neid tagasi saada ja neid olematuks teha . 3. Ennast korrateski saab olla kordumatu isiksus! 4. Iga kõrkuse taga on oma nõrkus. 5. Kes julgeb ennast kõverpeeglist vaadata, sellele...

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John F. Kennedy elulugu

JFK was married with Jaqueline Bovier. Actually they had two sons, but one died on his first year and two daugthers, but Jaqueline had a miscarrige. Only two child survived- Caroline Bouvier Kennedy and John F. Kennedy jr. JFK was the first president whos life was informed by the primary source- TELEVISION. He is the only president to have predeceased both his parents. Also he is the only president to have predeceased a grandparent. He was disqualifaid from the army, because he had chronic lower back problems. Afther that JFK was the director of the Officie of Naval Intelligence and he attended the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. He took part in a Marine rescue on Choiseul Island. Ken...

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Kontrolltöö 7. klassile (ILE 5) Unit 16

1 Mul olid varemalt pikad juuksed. I used to have long hair. 2 Kas see on teie kooli direktor? Is that the head teacher of your school? 3 Peaaegu igaüks räägib võõrkeelt aktsendiga. Almost everyone speaks a foreign language with an accent. 4 Ära muretse, sinu inglise keel on suurepärane. Don´t worry, your English is excellent. 5 Ma...

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Inglise keelt kõnelevate maade ajalugu lühikonspekt

97 Christ church influenced English society of kings, warriors ad farmers Pope Gregory the Great, sent the first mission in 597 headed by monk St Augustine to Kent, where he founded a monastery at Canterbury 601 Augustine was enthroned as first Archbishop of Canterbury St George Patron saint of England, soldiers, arcgers, cavalry, chivalry, farmers, riders, field workers, saddlers, helps those whos uffer from leprosy,pleagues, syphilis He killed a dragon to save a fair maiden The flag of Saint George is in Union Jack 1940 King George VI inauguarated The George Cross- acts of grate heroism St Andrew Patron saint od Scotland as well as Creece russia Was one of the 12 apostles Travelled to Greece to preach christianity where he was crucified on an x-shaped cross- saltire, crux decusata...

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Ameerika kirjandus alates I maailmasõjast kuni tänapäevani.

he say that he's crazy but actually he conviences the reader that the world is crazy. He vistits his old teacher Antolini, him he likes. Although he's already ill at the time so thinks that the teacher tries to use him sexually but it stays unclear. He rans away from him and then his memory turns to his other brother Allie. He used to be his inspiration, role model. He gets a bit of piece of mind when he meets his younger sisters whos riding on a merry go round. That's one of the happiest points in the novel. He wants to become the protecter of innocent children. He doesn't want to enter adulthood. We can see his desire not to grow up because he doesn't see a role for himself in the world. He doesn't accept reality and deperately tries to find a way out. 1950's This decade is intimately associated with the Beat Movement. It's for a change a typically american. Conserned...

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New matrix pre-intermediate student peatükk 3. Home and family

7. That's the girl which saw her at the party. 8. Harry mat a couple which were staying in the same hotel. 9. We visited a museum which was really interesting. 10. This is the book which Ela wants to read it. Ex. 5 p. 37 1. Who 2. Which 3. That 4. That 5. That 6. Who 7. Which 8. Which Ex. 8 p. 37 1. Whos 2. Whos 3. Whos 4. Whose 5. Whose 6. Whose Ex. 5 p. 39 2. We invite to our house friends and relatives. 3. I buy presents for my friends. 4. I get presents form my family. 5. We have with all the family a big lunch. 6. We have like most turkey people. 7. We take after lunch a walk for the dogs. 8. We make in the evening a big fire. Ex. 7 p. 39 1. We usually stay at home for New Ye...

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Flööt Jazzis ja selle ajalugu

Since 70s to 90s, AvantGarde(Free Jazz) scene has been a been a playground for flutists and flutist James Newton achieved popularity with the new style where improvisation exceeds the need for harmonic sequence. In 80s, flute player Hubert Laws collaborated with J.P.Rampal and performing several live concerts. The Eighties also saw a memorable series of recordings by trumpeter C.Baker , whos sideman Nicola Stilo established himself as one of the leading bebop flute players of the modern era. In modern era, techniques from east and different forms of ethnic music has developed jazzflute playing even further and along with western classical music, there is much investigation in this category by both parties. A flute player Robert Dick has done some serious research in the field of multiphonics and having released a book...

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Rahvusvahelised organisatsioonid

Rahvusvahelised organisatsioonid Tekke eeldused- Sõda, Rahu, Kompromiss, Koostöö (kollektiivne heaolu) IGO-Sild riikide vahel NGO-Sild rahvaste (indiviidide vahel) Valitsusvälised (NGO) organisatsioonid ja nende teke- urbaniseerumine - kaasa aidanud, Industrialiseerimine, tehnoloogia areng, Riigid ja valitsused on ise kaasa aidanud (samas ka nende kontrolli võimalused) ÜLDISELT-NGOd – vähem aktiiv...

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ORGANISATSIOONIKULTUUR ALEKSEI STRJUKOV 1 LOG E/G 1 TALLINNA TÖÖSTUSHARIDUSKESKUS 2016 ORGANISATSIOON LOOMANA Organisatsioon ,,Karu" Karu sümboliseerib võimu ja jõudu, kuid ka pikaajaline taliuinak ehk talvel saadetakse 40-60% töötajatest osaliselt tasustatud puhkusele Organisatsioon kasvas paari aast...

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Isejuhtiv auto lähitulevikus

Arvatavasti soovivad mingil määral inimesed ise auto üle kontrolli veel hoida ning mitte sellest täielikult loobuda. Viienda taseme autonoomsed autod teedel on hetkel veel siiski kaugem tulevik. 13 KASUTATUD KIRJANDUS Gibbs, S. (2016) Self-driving cars: who's building them and how do they work? https:www.theguardian.comtechnology2016may26self-driving-cars-whos-building-them- and-how-do-they-work (28.10.2017) Goodman, Paul. (2016) Advantages and Disadvantages of Driverless Cars. https:axleaddict.comsafetyAdvantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Driverless-Cars (28.10.2017) Isejuhtivad bussid ammutasid kuuga 1300 kilomeetri jagu tarkust. (2017) EU2017. https:www.eu2017.eeetuudisedpressiteatedisejuhtivad-bussid-ammutasid-kuuga-1300- kilomeetri-jagu-tarkust (29.10.2017) Konovalov, L. (2017) Isesõitvad autod kaot...

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