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Elektroonika Alused

[vaata | 1. Füüsikaliste suuruste mõisted, definitsioonid ja ühikud muuda] Voolu töö ja võimsus. Joule-Lenzi seadus. Potentsiaal ja pinge. Elektriväli, suund ja tugevus. Voolu tugevus ja tihedus. Takistus, selle sõltuvus juhi mõõtmetest. Eritakistus. Laen...

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Tööstuslik andmeside kontrolltöö 2 abimaterjal - vastused

oData transparency: In bit and byte oriented protocols, there is a problem if a control character (for ETX (End of Text) ·Same as ETB, only no more blocks will follow. ITB (End of > Differences with HDLC ­ length of protocol field (1B or 2B) byte-oriented protocols) or the start-of-frame flag (for bit-oriented protocols) appears i...

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Rational Use of Diagnostic Tests

Predictive values are predicated upon prevalence and are therefore often called "posttest" probabilities, since they modify the probability of disease in a given patient using result information obtained from a particular test. Positive predictive value is the probability that given a positive test result, a patient is afflicted with the disease in question. A high positive predictive value means a positive test result reliably indicates the presence of disease in a patient. Negative predictive value is the probability that given a negative test result, a patient is not afflicted with the disease in question. A high negative predictive value means that a negative test result reliably indicates the absence of disease in a patient. Predictive values are predicated both on prevalence and on the specificity and sensitivity characteristics of the test in question. If test spe...

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IT Strateegia IT Ettevõttele

respective fields Encourage formal education in IT field (studying vacations, flexible work hours) Do a research on options for back-up Back up service is running practice reliably and steadily Hold a meeting of IT department so as IT department project 7 Establish back-up practice x to establish the option to go for manager Implement the chosen ba...

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Kriminoloogia konspekt

Kriminoloogiliste teooriate süstematiseerimine. Kriminoloogia põhimõisted Esituskeel ­ märkide, sümbolite, mõistete süsteem, mille abil ja mille kaudu esitatakse antud teaduse väited, tõestused ja järeldused. On levinud arusaam, et keele matematiseerituse aste väljendab seda, kas tegu on teadusega või mitte. Ühiskonna...

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Revision Questions

What is known about the earliest settlers from Estonia to the territory of the present-day US? *The first immigrants from Estonia in the US = 1627 ­ no trace of the "Estonians and Livonians" who left their homeland to settle at the mouth of the Delaware River (a Swedish colony) · 1654 ­ at least one Estonian in the settlement of New Sweden on the Delaware River ­ Johan Schal...

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(A) hue (B) location (C) magnitude (D) existence 5. In a recent newspaper poll, the compact disc was mentioned as the most popular medium of recorded music. (A) survey (B) account (C) illustration (D) convention LESSON 23 „ analogous „ approximately „ compel „ formidable „ intrusive „ periodically „ prone „ prophetic „ proportions „ readily „ reliably „ reluctantly „ renown „ sacrifice „ triumph analogous adj. alike in some way n. analogy Syn. similar to The action of light waves is analogous to the action of sound waves. The analogy between the behavior of the bacteria in the lab and in the human body is not clear. approximately adv. almost correct; not exact adj. approximate Syn. around v. appr...

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Development of Multicellular Organisms

Instead, at each step in the sequence, new signals come into play, pro- viding substantial localized differences of concentration to define new details. Sequential induction is thus a robust strategy. It works reliably to produce fly embryos that all have the same pattern, despite the essential imprecision of bio- logical control systems, and despite variations in conditions such as the tem- perature at which the fly develops. DROSOPHILA AND THE MOLECULAR GENETICS OF PATTERN FORMATION 1339 The Modular Nature of Regulatory DNA Allows Genes to Have Multiple Independently Controlled Funct...

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Liha töötlemine

e., critical level. At that point, it is discharged pre-drying and cooking) proceed as in con- into the chimney, and new smoke from the ventional smoking. generator is fed into the kiln. In a closed system, the smoke circulates within the kiln Additional Equipment during the whole cycle of smoking, and after- ward, a stream of air forces out its residues. To reliably operate a smokehouse, several The closed system bears the risk of self-igni- instruments are necessary for measuring and tion of the smoke, which may contain CO at controlling the temperature, relative humid- a concentration that is too high. ity, and flow rate of the smoke and the tem- For smoking with smoke preparations or perature in the meat products. Similar flavorings, the same smokehouses may b...

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Book Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors

Another reason to use constant-current drive is to produce uniform illu- mination when multiple LEDs are driven. Driving Multiple LEDs Sometimes you need to drive multiple LEDs. An example would be when there are multiple optocouplers or optical switches. Figure 6.13 shows a method that is sometimes tried, hooking the LEDs in parallel with a single limiting resistor. This doesn’t work reliably . The LEDs have a forward voltage drop, usually 1–2v. However, this is dependent on temperature and the spe- Figure 6.12 LED constant-current drive with microprocessor control. Solenoids, Relays, and Other Analog Outputs 153 Figure 6.13 Multiple LEDs in parallel. cific LED, so one LED tends to hog most of the current. The circuit in Figure 6.14, with one limiting resistor per LED, is more reliab...

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Cialdini raamat

Fortunately, social scientists have been asking this question for decades. Their accumulated evidence has allowed them to identify a number of factors that reliably cause liking. As we will see, each is cleverly used by compliance professionals to urge us along the road to "yes." Why Do I Like You? Let Me List the Reasons Physical Attractiveness Although it is generally acknowledged that good-looking people have an advantage in social interaction, recent findings indicate that we may have sorely underesti- mated the size and reach of that advantage. There seems to be a click, wh...

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

I found many others were exploring the intertwined pathways o f myth, story, and psychology. T h e Hero's Journey, I discovered, is more than just a description of the hid­ den patterns of mythology. It is a useful guide to life, especially the writer's life. In the perilous adventure of my own writing, I found the stages o f the Hero's Journey showing up just as reliably and usefully as they d i d in books, myths, and movies. In my personal life, I was thankful to have this map to guide my quest and help me anticipate what was around the next bend. T h e usefulness of the Hero's Journey as a guide to life was brought home forcefully when I first prepared to speak publicly about it in a large seminar at U C L A . A couple of weeks before the seminar two articles appeared in the Los Angeles Herald-E...

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The russet colour change appears to be slower than the amber colour change. Russet kittens to date have been larger at birth than their siblings and somewhat on the large side as adults. RECESSIVE BROWN - THE ENIGMATIC BARRINGTON BROWN GENE Copyright 2010 Sarah Hartwell This page pulls together what is known about Don Shaw's Barrington Brown gene, a form of recessive browncolour dilution only reliably recorded in a colony of laboratory cats, none of which are believed to have left the laboratory. To make this comprehensible to the non- genetics expert I have referred to "copies of genes" or "versions" of genes although the correct terminology is "alleles". There is also a brief guide to Shaw's terminology at the end as Shaw's writing pre-dated modern "standard" symbols and terminology. Don Shaw was an early feline geneticist in...

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On Heineken alone, it is estimated that continental Africans drink more than 3 million cases of the beer a year. Wherever there is an African party, it will not be complete without Heineken or Guinness. But unlike Guinness which has been advertising in the African Sun Times and has done sponsorships of other African events, Heineken has steadily refused to follow in the footsteps of Guinness. In fact, I had been reliably informed that Heineken felt that they didn’t have to advertise to the African community for their beer to be continued to be consumed. As a Capitalist Nigger, I decided that Heineken would not be allowed to get away with disrespecting our community and not giving back to the community which was giving so much to the company here in America. I sent a letter to the Heineken U.S.A. importers, in which I told them that maybe they were not in...

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