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"horrors" - 13 õppematerjali



Attractions: Alpine house, Minka house, museums etc. Ealing Studios Television and film production company. The oldest film studio in the world. Over 60 films. Royal National Theatre Located on the South Bank. Building was designed by architect Sir Denys Lasdun. Presents a varied programme. Madame Tussauds It was set up by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. Dr. Philippe Curtius. Chamber of Horrors . Saint Margaret's Church Westminster Abbey on Parliament Square. In the 12th century by Benedictine monks. Has been rebuilt...

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The Inchcape Rock

Southey creates tension by describing the location of the bell "Without either sign or sound of their shock The waves flow'd over the Inchcape Rock;" - the ships are left clueless about the Rock that awaits, to tear them apart, under the clam surface. The mood immediately changes with this stanza. The word "shock" has an ominous under-tone, which gives the reader a hint of the future horrors , which are going to happen near the rock. In the third stanza we are explained how the Bell came to be there, where it now stands. The Abbot of Aberbrothok put it there, on a buoy near the Rock to warn ships of the hidden danger. During a storm the buoy swings and the Bell rings, by doing so, alerts the ships of nearby peril. The fourth stanza is pretty much the same as the third one, just written in different words. It sa...

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Topic - London

Introduction London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and the largest urban area in England. The ancient City of London, to which the name originally belonged, still maintains its medieval boundaries, but the name "London" has long applied more to the whole metropolis that has grown up around it. London has...

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Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle statue in Crowborough. Conan Doyle was involved in the campaign for the reform of the Congo Free State, led by the journalist E. D. Morel and the diplomat Roger Casement. He wrote The Crime of the Congo in 1909, a long pamphlet in which he denounced the horrors in that country. He became acquainted with Morel and Casement, taking inspiration from them for two of the main characters in the novel, The Lost World (1912). He broke with both when Morel became one of the leaders of the pacifist movement during the First World War, and when Casement committed treason against the UK during the Easter Rising out of conviction for his Irish nationalist views. Conan Doyle tried, unsuccessfully, to save Caseme...

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Amid the careless, amoral pleasure-seeking crowd that constitutes Jake's social circle, the count stands out as a stable, sane person. Like Pedro Romero, he serves as a foil for Jake and his friends. Wilson-Harris - A British war veteran whom Jake and Bill befriend while fishing in Spain. The three men share a profound common bond, having all experienced the horrors of World War I, as well as the intimacy that soldiers develop. Harris, as Jake and Bill call him, is a kind, friendly person who greatly values the brief time he spends with Jake and Bill. Georgette - A beautiful but somewhat thick-witted prostitute whom Jake picks up and takes to dinner. Jake quickly grows bored of their superficial conversation and abandons her in a club to be with Brett. Belmonte - A bullfighter who fights on the same day a...

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E.M.Remarque "Läänerindel Muutuseta"

Kantorek places intense pressure on Paul and his classmates to fulfill their "patriotic duty" by enlisting in the army. Read an in-depth analysis of Kantorek. Corporal Himmelstoss - A noncommissioned training officer. Before the war, Himmelstoss was a postman. He is a petty, power-hungry little man who torments Paul and his friends during their training. After he experiences the horrors of trench warfare, however, he tries to make amends with them. Read an in-depth analysis of Corporal Himmelstoss. Franz Kemmerich - One of Paul's classmates and comrades in the war. After suffering a light wound, Kemmerich contracts gangrene, and his leg has to be amputated. His death, in Chapter Two, marks the reader's first encounter with the meaninglessness of death and the cheapness of life in the war. Joseph Behm - The first of Paul's cla...

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American Literature

The Enlightenment in America. The emergence of the notion of the American Dream. The great Enlighteners: Crèvecoeur, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin. The American Enlightenment is the intellectual thriving period in the United States in the midtolate 18th century (1715­1789), especially as it relates to American Revolution on the one hand and the European Enlightenment on th...

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Ameerika kirjandus alates I maailmasõjast kuni tänapäevani.

01.13 Naturalism · France, Emile Zola · Put down his theory in 1879: Le Roman Experimental, attempt to explain the development of human society throuch biological laws · Outlook is deterministic, pessimistic, fatalistic (fate or biology) · Man as an animal-clever than other beasts, still explainable within the framework · Man is not a free agent, is...

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A New Earth

By the end of the century, the number of people who died a violent death at the hand of their fellow humans would rise to more than one hundred million. They died not only through wars between nations, but also through mass exterminations and genocide, such as the murder of twenty million “class enemies, spies, and traitors” in the Soviet Union under Stalin or the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. They also died in countless smaller internal conflicts, such as the Spanish civil war or during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia when a quarter of that country’s population was murdered. We only need to watch the daily news on television to realize that the madness has not abated, that is continuing into the twenty-first century. Another aspect of the collective dysfunction of the human mind is the unprec...

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Selected articles) (Tallinn: Estonia Selts, 1997) 6. particular importance. It seems that puppet films both for children and adults were the most popular element in Estonian cinema production. At the turn of the decade a young generation of composers vigorously appeared in the domain of symphonic music. They proceeded in different directions. These young musicians ponder upon world problems: the horrors of war; the future of mankind; the place of Man in the universe; submerging into their own inner world and into the modern and humdrum city life. They are in search of inner peace and equilibrium in the bosom of nature, attempting to mark contemporary music with its natural origins. There are also echoes of the painful and seemingly hopeless near past. The common denominator in this search and discovering is the growing importance of the philos...

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William Shakespeare - Hamlet

LORD POLONIUS Mad for thy love? OPHELIA My lord, I do not know; But truly, I do fear it. LORD POLONIUS What said he? OPHELIA 52 He took me by the wrist and held me hard; Then goes he to the length of all his arm; And, with his other hand thus o'er his brow, He falls to such perusal of my face As he would draw it. Long stay'd he so; At last, a little sha...

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

Marsellus and Butch wake up, chained and gagged with S & M gear, in the still deeper cave of the dungeon beneath the store. Zed brings up a leather-clad creature, T h e Gimp, from a still deeper pit beneath the floor. W h e t h e r he is their retarded brother or a poor victim driven m a d by their torture, T h e Gimp suggests the horrors that await Marsellus and Butch. Marsellus is chosen to be the first victim of the evil brothers' sadistic attention, and is taken into a room once occupied by another victim, Russell. There is a sense in this adventure that others have gone before and have not won their round with death. 277 T H E W R I T E R ' S JOURNEY ~ T H I R D EDITION...

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EXAM - English literature 2

Too often some banality, but some lyrics are delicately moving. Edward Young: The Complaint: or, Night Thoughts on Life, Death and Immortality – melancholy meditations Robert Blair: the mood of Youngs and his major poems are predominantly sombre, reflective, melancholic, and moral. Both Central members of a loose groupng „The Graveyard Poets”. The Grave – a dramatic evocation of the horrors of corruption and of the solitude of death. Thomas Gray: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard – draws together feelings of the era. Sense of isolation, withrawal into inner self, poet as man of feeling meditating on obscurity and death, time and history, fame and passion. 32. The „Comedy of Manners” (Goldsmith, Sheridan) Witty form of dramatic comedy, depicts and often satirizes the manners and affectations (teesklus) of conte...

British literature -
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