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"euthanasia" - 12 õppematerjali



Giving people access to assistance in dying is one of them. The issue is too sensitive to come to a smple conclusion. The basic question is : should a person who is terminally ill and who feels that their life is not worth living, who is repeatedly asking for euthanasia and who is of sound mind be given assistance in dying so that they could do it in a dignified manner rather...

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Should Mercy-killing Be Punished?

It is argued, when mercy-killing should and when it should not be punished. On the one hand, mercy-killing should be punished when it is carried out by people who do not have a license for euthanasia . Not everyone is capable of deciding over someone's life. For example, even doctors do not always know if a patient is really dying. On the other hand, mercy-killing should not be punished when it has a permission of a court. This way all aspects would be taken under advisement by many people, considering the advisory opinion. In conclusion, mercy-killing should not be punished only if it is thought through by many specialists who fi...

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Eutanaasia legaalsus

Eutanaasia peab/ei pea olema seadusega lubatud Esiteks küsiks kohe kas keegi teab mis on eutanaasia? Stedmani meditsiinilises sõnaraamatus on öeldud, et eutanaasia on "vaikne, valutu surm" ning "ravimatut või valuderohket haigust põdeva isiku tahtlik surmamine kunstlike vahenditega" Meditsiinis on olemas üks süngevõitu, kuid patsiendi jaoks mõnikord siiski vältimatu olukord kui t...

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xxx Gümnaasium Eutanaasia Referaat Xxx ja xxx 10 H klass Jüri 2008 SISUKORD 1. Eutanaasia 3 2. Eutanaasia tõlgendused 5 3. Elu lõpp ja inimese postisioon ühiskonnas 6 Kokkuvõte 1. Eutanaasia Eutanaasia - on lihtne ja kiire ning humaanne viis aidata neid kes abi vajavad selles valdkonnas. Samuti on...

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His successor as head of the Christian Democratic Party was Ruud Lubbers, who formed a new coalition in November 1982 and remained in power until 1994. During this period the island of Aruba reached an agreement with the government of the Netherlands separating the island from the Netherlands Antilles. In 1993 the Netherlands became the first governmental body to regulate euthanasia or mercy killing. In the May 1994 elections, the Labor Party emerged victorious and assumed control of the Dutch government for the first time since 1977. (3) In early 1995, the Dutch battled serious flooding. Rivers throughout north-western Europe overflowed their banks as a result of heavy rainfall and melting snow. The Netherlands declared a state of emergency and about 250,000 people were evacuated. Damages and evacuation expenses were...

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LÄÄNE-VIRU RAKENDUSKÕRGKOOL Ettevõtluse ja majandusarvestuse õppetool EUTANAASIA POOLT JA VASTU Essee Õppejõud: Reino Veielainen Mõdriku 2009 Oma essee teemaks valisin eutanaasia, sellega seonduvalt toon välja termini ja ühe inglise filosoofi mõiste. Termin eutanaasia tuleb kreeka keelest, kus selle algtähendu...

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Eutanaasia referaat

Gümnaasium Eutanaasia Referaat Evald-Endel Juurikas 12a klass Eutanaasia : Eutanaasia ehk "halastussurm" on lootusetult haige p...

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Sissejuhatus inglise õiguskeelde

02.09 INGLISE KEEL Palju aega läheb. 10 nädalat aint. One of the ESP courses. What we are going to do, what is needed: · What we do - 1 test, on words. · 2 Essays, that means that we have to look into academic writing · Homereading ­ we read a case from European Court of Justice thingy. · Oral thing. · 90% you have to attend · Have to prepare fo...

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Thiopental - naatriumitiopentaal

SODIUM THIOPENTAL Definition: ultra short acting barbiturate Classification: IV anesthetic-hypnotic Physical chemical properties : -Yellow powder with a sulphuric smell and a bitter taste -highly lipid soluble compound -combined with sodium carbonate, becomes water soluble 9 October 2012 SODIUM THIOPENTAL Anesthesia Medically induced coma Euthanasia Lethal injection Truth serum Psychiatry 9 October 2012 SODIUM THIOPENTAL Presented as powder, dissolved in water to required concentration Usual IV dose is 3-5 mgkg Results in loss of consciousness Effect is rapid: 30-60 seconds after administration 9 October 2012 SODIUM THIOPENTAL Wit...

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This type of killing is legal in some countries, but should it be punished instead? Although, it is still a type of killing, it is for a good cause. There are people who suffer and want to rather die than to endure agonies, euthanasia is an answer for them. Thus, mercy killing is very humane and reasonable thing to do and does not deserve punish...

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Mercy kill as a way out

or die in peace, many usually prefer the second choice. Some prefer to die with dignity and if mercy killing would be punished they simply would have the freedom of choose. On the other hand mercy kill...

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EU internal Market law. Mid term evaluation assignment

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder assembled an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers, in consequence of which the prohibitive Law act was adopted that the following breeds: pit bull terriers, bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers are restricted for breeding, importexport. The owners, who already had dogs, were asked to take them abroad. Some animals were sent for training, some resulted in the euthanasia of dogs. The owners of the remaining dogs on the territory of the country were obliged to sterilize them and pay taxes. In France, it was forbidden to breed and import dogs of these breeds after the death of eight children in Marseilles. They were all bitten by a young pit bull terrier, who escaped from the owner. England banned the breeding of " dogs- fighters " in 1991. Later New Zealand, France, Israel, Australia, Italy, Spain, De...

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