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"waitress" - 17 õppematerjali


Suuline eksam FREE TIME 1. Is music popular in your family? What music do you like? 2. What musical instruments have you got in your home? 3. Can you play any musical instruments? 4. Do you sing? 5. Have you sung at a song festival? 6. Has your school got a choir? 7. When do you last go t...

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Letter Of Complaint

Also the cabin was really dirty. It seemed like it had not been cleaned for a long time. I felt very uncomfortable staying there. What is more, I had to share my bathroom with other guests, which was really unpleasant and annoying. It surprised me because your advertisement said that you have private bathrooms. Furthermore, the food in the restaurant was horrible. It was cold and tasted awfully. I had to wait for two hours for...

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Formal letter

To start from the beginning, at first when we entered the restaurant there was no-one to serve us. Then, when we had waited for a long time a young girl came to us and asked us if we had a table booked, we answered that we did not and so we were given the menus and lead to available seatings. When we had decided what to have there was once again no-one to serve us and when the waitress finally showed up she could not answer our questions about the specifics of the menu. Finally we came to a conclusion that I would take the french fries, but without jalapeno, which I especially accentuated. After 15 minutes of more waiting the dishes arrived, but there was still jalapeno in my food. I was really disappointed and took the dish back, saying it was not what I ordered. The waitress looked a me poshly and did not even apolog...

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English Grammar Book 1

Masculine Feminine actor actress brother sister emperor empress father mother gentl...

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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage I choose Nicolas Cage, because i think of him as a great moviactor. He is my favorite actor in America. Nicholas Cage was born in 7. jan 1964, in California. His real name is Nicholas Kim Coppola. Stage name, Nicolas Cage, taken from comic book character Luke Cage. Cage changed his name early in his career to make his own reputation, su...

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Kureishi This book takes place in London and its surroundings. Publiced in 2001 · Gabriel ­ the main character (boy whose twin-brother was dead, Gabriel's ,,gift" was his ability to share with others what he felt and lived through by painting and drawing · Gabriel's mother Christine ­ in the good old days designed trendy clot...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

"You don't feel dizzy, sick, cold... ?" "Should I?" He chuckled at my puzzled tone. "Well, I'm actually waiting for you to go into shock." His face twisted up into that perfect crooked smile. "I don't think that will happen," I said after I could breathe again. "I've always been very good at repressing unpleasant things." "Just the same, I'll feel better when you have some sugar and food in you." Right on cue, the waitress appeared with our drinks and a basket of breadsticks. She stood with her back to me as she placed them on the table. "Are you ready to order?" she asked Edward. "Bella?" he asked. She turned unwillingly toward me. I picked the first thing I saw on the menu. "Um... I'll have the mushroom ravioli." "And you?" She turned back to him with a smile. "Nothing for me," he said. Of course not. "Let me know if you change your mind." The coy smile w...

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ENGLISH IN MY LIFE kirjand 10 kl.

ENGLISH IN MY LIFE The British, defeated Bonaparte at the battle of Waterloo and peace settled across Europe after many years of war, the defeat of France saw the rise of Britain upon the world stage and the beginnings of the wholesale export of the English language across the globe, in the last century Britain an America again defeated tyranny in Europe the...

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Inglise keele testide vastused - test 17, 18 ja 19

ÜLESANNE 1) My goalis to finish school with good marks. 2) Everybody was surprised because Ann performed so confidently. 3) Expeditions are a good oppurtunity to meet people with similar interests. 4) My sister has done a lot of voluntary work at our youth club. 5) Do you fancy going to a football match? 6) Parents should pass on their experience to the next generation. 7) Mary dec...

Inglise keel - Põhikool
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Inglise keele struktuur

Be ready to explain the terms (lecture 1): language, linguistics, synchronic approach to language, diachronic approach to language, linguistic competence, linguistic performance, what is grammar?, prescriptive grammar vs. descriptive grammar; phonology, phonetics, phone, allophone, phoneme; morphology, morphemes (types of morphemes), morphs, allomorphs, types of affixes, derivational affixes, i...

Inglise keel - Tartu Ülikool
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Dead until dark

She lives with her grandmother Adele and she has an older brother Jason. She meets a vampire, Bill Compton. In this world vampires are a reality. They have also invented synthetic blood, which makes it unnecessary to feed on humans. And vampire blood is an addictive and illegal drug. Sookie falls in love with Bill. A lot of murders occur in Bon Temps. Bill and her brother are main suspects...

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

"When necessary." A quick stab of jealousy made me stiffen. I glared at him, even though I was mad at myself for caring either way. "What does that mean? When you're on the prowl?" Gideon's mouth curved into a genuine smile that hit me hard. "When expensive decisions need to be made. I own this club, Eva." Of course he did. Jeez. A pretty waitress set two pinkish-colored iced drinks in square tumblers on the table. She looked at Gideon and gave him a flirtatious smile. "Here you go, Mr. Cross. Two Stoli Elites and cranberry. Can I get you anything else?" "That'll be all for now. Thanks." I could totally see that she wanted to get on the preapproved list and I bristled at that; then I was distracted by what we'd been served. It was my beverage of choice when clubbing and what...

Inglise teaduskeel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Test u 17 inglise keeles

ÜLESANNE 1) My goalis to finish school with good marks. 2) Everybody was surprised because Ann performed so confidently. 3) Expeditions are a good oppurtunity to meet people with similar interests. 4) My sister has done a lot of voluntary work at our youth club. 5) Do you fancy going to a football match? 6) Parents should pass on their experience to the next generation. 7) Mary decided to challan...

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The 4-Hour Body - An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman - Timothy Ferriss

PRAISE FOR The 4-Hour Workweek "This is a whole new ball game. Highly recommended." --Dr. Stewart D. Friedman, adviser to Jack Welch and former director of the Work/Life Integration Program at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania "It's about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue manifesto for the...

Inglise keel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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A Disaster in Mellowtown

I caught another witness John Burke, who is a retired teacher walking with his granddaughter Cindy Burke. Mr. Burke told that he did not saw this accident well, but he thinks that it was truck driver fault. Next I found witnesses in front of cafe. There were a bank manager, who was waiting for his coffee, Philip Scott, a waiter Francois Rimbaud and Mavis Biggles, who is a waitress in that cafe. They told me that first some crates on the top fell down and then truck driver hit brakes and made an accident. Philip Scott added that chickens might be diseased and that people could catch the infection, but Mavis Biggles did not agree with that idea, because truck driver was on the way to market to sell all his birds. I left these two there to argue and found another witness Lee Post, a letter carrier, was really in shoc...

Inglise keel - Kutsekool
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A New Earth

The manager opened the door, “Just leave. Just leave.” The man zoomed out in his electric wheelchair, leaving everyone stunned. One minute later he returned. His pain-body wasn't finished yet. It needed more. He pushed open the door with his wheelchair, shouting obscenities. A waitress tried to stop him from coming in. He put his chair in fast-forward and pinned her against the wall. Other guests jumped up and tried to pull him away. Shouting, screaming, pandemonium. A little later a policeman arrived, the man became quiet, was asked to leave and not return. The waitress fortunately was not hurt, except for bruises on her legs. When it was all over, the manager came to my table and asked me, half joking but perhaps feeling int...

Psühholoogia -
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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

P S Y C H O L O G I C A L F U N C T I O N : NEUROSES These Guardians may represent the ordinary obstacles we all face in the world around us: bad weather, bad luck, prejudice, oppression, or hostile people like the waitress who refuses to grant Jack Nicholson's simple request in Five Easy Pieces. But on a deeper psychological level they stand for our internal demons: the neuroses, emotional scars, vices, dependencies, and self-limitations that hold back our growth and progress. It seems that every time you try to make a major change in your life, these inner demons rise up to their full force, not necessarily to stop you, but to test if you are really de...

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