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The Queens of England

There was opposition to his involvement in English affairs. One expression of this was the serious rebellion under the leadership of Sir Thomas Wyatt (the Younger) to depose Mary and put her half-sister, Elizabeth, later Elizabeth I, on the throne. Philip was an uncompromising Roman Catholic and unpopular in England. At his order, Mary joined in a war against France, with the result that Calais, the last relic of the English conquests won during the Hundred Years' War with France, was lost in 1558. Its loss upset her deeply: "When I am dead and opened, you shall find Calais lying in my heart", she is reported to have said. Mary is characterized as "Bloody Mary" because of the large number of religious persecutions that took place during her reign; almost 300 people were condemned to death as a result of trials for heresy. These actions, however,...

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Estonia topic

Introduction Estonia, officially the Republic of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti or Eesti Vabariik) is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Finland across the Gulf of Finland, to the west by Sweden across the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia (343 km), and to the east by the Russian Federation (338,6 km). The territory of Estonia covers 45,227 km² and is inf...

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English literature

He offered it to Jesus who used it in the Last Supper. It was thought to have magical powers. After the cruxification it stayed in the hands of Joseph, Jews cast and water for a year. This time the Roma emperor heard the story of Christ's passion and decided to bring some holy relic to cure his son. Went to dungeon, where Joseph was well and strong. Amazed he set him free. Departed with his sister her husband for a distant land, where the Holy Grail supplied all their needs until one of them committed a sin. Moses (sat on the place of Juda). The later history is variously related. Carried by Joseph to Glastonbury, where it long remained visible and vanished only when men became too sinful. Titurel- virtuous, chos...

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Arvutikomplekt M12 Kristiina Leppik Lauaarvuti: Ordi Jump LX 199 Monitor: BenQ GW2250M 119 Hiir: Speedlink Relic 12.99 Klaviatuur: A4-Tech KAS15E 12.99 Tarkvara: MS Windows Vista Buisness GGK 59.99 Kontoritarkvara: MS Office 2010 Home & Student EST, PKC 119 Printer: Epson...

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Tsehhov daam koeraga Chekov Lady and the Lapdog

8. Discuss the representation of women in the story. Could we define the Queen of Spades as a fatal woman? What gives her the real power over people? 9. Give some examples of Pushkin's laconic style as manifested in the story. The Queen This last pair of feet brings us to the last card of this magic tale, to the bel- dam of the story, the queen of spades. The old Countess Anna Fedotovna, a truly extravagant relic of the eighteenth century, belongs among the most remarkable of Pushkin's creations. Her real life model was Princess Nataliia Petrovna Golitsyna, whom Pushkin knew personally (see figure 2). The princess served as a lady-in-waiting to five generations of Russian em- perors and was ninety-two years old at the time Pushkin wrote his tale. She was an avid gambler, and because of her failing eyesight, a deck of large-format cards was kept for h...

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History of Estonian cinema and film culture

Cinema in Estonia The story of moving pictures ­ 1896 First cinema ­ 1906 Estonian's first film-maker ­ Johannes Pääsuke Johannes Pääsuke - Born 30 March 1892 - Estonian photographer and filmmaker - Founded his studio Estonia-Film - 40 films in his career - ,,Karujaht Pärnumaal" (1914) - Died in a train accident in 1918 Estonian films Fil...

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About Peter I House Museum

About Peter I House Museum Emperor Peter I (1672-1725) expanded the borders of the Russian Empire in the course of the Northern War and managed to annex the whole Estonian territory by the year 1710. Therefore the protection of the new border areas became the priority of the ruler and he paid a lot of attention to the reconstruction of ports in Tallinn and Paldiski and...

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1 In addition, cinema artists had to find indirect allegorical ways for achieving their intentions. The feature film Hullumeelsus (Insanity, 1968, directed by Kaljo Kiisk), unveils a drama in a mental institution during World War II. The same principle of allegory has been applied to the adventure film Viimne reliikvia (The Last Relic , 1969, directed by Grigori Kromanov, 1926-1984). This film is the most popular work among Estonian films, and has been shown in 60 countries. During the second half of the Sixties, the sharp-eyed psychological view of the world was deepening. Such a way of observation, thinking and reflection penetrate the whole decade, like a red thread that connects the decade with the present time. The abundance of fantasy and playfulness in the p...

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Similar mutation have occurred spontaneously in the USA. There are also purported Bobcat hybrids that have inherited the short tail from the wild parent. According to leading feline geneticists, the genes governing tail conformation are located on a mutation hotspot. According to an earlir anatomist, Sir Richard Owen, and to Professor H N Moseley, the kink in the Siamese's tail (a mild form of the bobtailed trait) was the relic of a prehensile tail, possibly inherited from civet ancestors (though neither civets nor genets had prehensile tails)! Others asserted that the kink was due to intercrossing the Siamese with the "common strain" however Lilian J Veley wrote in 1926 that this could be discounted since there was no other cat known in Siam, "common" or otherwise that had ever possessed an original kink, making it a folly to try to eradicate the trait. Presumably Ms...

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VILJANDI KUTSEÕPPEKESKUS Harri Valge VIIMNE RELIIKVIA Kokkuvõte Juhendaja: R. Raigla Vana-Võidu 2014 Sisukord Sissejuhatus........................................................................................................... 3 TEGELASED Filmis ''Viimne Reliikvia.......................................................................4 Tegijad...

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