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"reliant" - 13 õppematerjali

reliant on a talking computer for reading and a cane for navigating New York City, where she lives and works, Ms. Campbell, now 56, would have been thrilled to see something.

Linkin Park - Referaat

Linkin Park Linkin Park on alternatiivse rocki ja rap rocki/metali, algselt nu metali bänd, mis pärineb USA'st Los Angelesist. Praeguse seisuga kuuluvad bändi Chester Bennington - juhtlaulja, Rob Bourdon ­ trummid ja löökpillid, Brad Delson - kitarrist, David "Phoenix" Farrell ­ basskitarrist ja taustalaulja, Joe Hahn - elektroonilised instrumendid ja Mike...

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The Great Plague of London

The Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys's diary . The Great Plague of London (1665-1666) The Great Plague was a massive outbreak of disease in England that killed an estimated 100,000 people The plague arrived with a merchant carrying a parcel of cloth sent from London, although this is a disputed fact It was the last major outbreak of the plague in England...

British history (suurbritannia... - Keskkool
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Technology Home reading

nytimes.com20090927healthre search27eye.html? pagewanted=1&_r=1&ref=technology A Burst of Technology, Helping the Blind to See Blindness first began creeping up on Barbara Campbell when she was a teenager, and by her late 30s, her eye disease had stolen what was left of her sight. Reliant on a talking computer for reading and a cane for navigating New York City, where she lives and works, Ms. Campbell, now 56, would have been thrilled to see something. Anything. Now, as part of a striking experiment, she can. So far, she can detect burners on her stove when making a grilled cheese, her mirror frame, and whether her computer monitor is on. She is beginning an intensive three-year research project involving electrodes surgically im...

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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

4 USES OF ENERGY............................................................................................................. 4 2.1 Uses of energy in homes...............................................................................................5 2.2 Type...

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Aborigeenid (Inglise keeles)

Substance abuse has remained a chronic problem for indigenous communities ever since. The combination of disease, loss of land and direct violence culled the Aboriginal population by an estimated 90% between 1788 and 1900. The Australian Aborigines went through stages of being conquered through an 'invasion' and taking of their lands. Many adapted to the new lifestyle (when many became reliant on alcohol, tobacco and handouts of food and clothing). However the settlers were often contemptuous of the Aborigines and separated them from their society and the people became the fringe dwellers of society. Others were removed from their families and placed into institutions. From the late 1830s the remnants of the tribes in the settled areas were moved onto Reserves and Missions where they were 'managed' by Whitemen and were forbidden from t...

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French ceded nearly all of its colonies in North-America in 1763 after the Seven Years War. Canada is a parlamentary democracy and a constitutional Monarch with Queen Elizabeth the Second as a head of state. The federal comprises ten provinces and three territoties. Canada is a bilingueal and multicultural country. Both English and French are official languages at federal level. Canadas economy is heavily reliant upon its abuntant natural resources and upon trade with the USA. Canada is one of the world`s wealthiest nations with a high per capita income. It is a free market economy with much less government intervention than European nations. Canada is one of the few developed countries that is a net exporter of energy. Canada has deposits of natural gas and oil. Also it is world`s largest producer of zinc and uranium. Canada has world`s most liberal...

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Energiamajandus: Taastumatud energialiigid

Taastumatud energiavarad. Avaldatud Creative Commonsi litsentsi ,,Autorile viitamine + jagamine samadel tingimustel 3.0 Eesti (CC BY-SA 3.0)" alusel, vt Energiamajanduse mõiste Energiamajanduses tegeletakse: energiavarade hankimisega (primaarenergia) nafta ja gaasi ammutamine, söe, põlevkivi, turba,...

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I truly respect the qualities she possessed, even though they were not always admirable and considerate of others. The number one trait I liked about Jordan as a character was her independence and the fact that she was not reliant on men, which cannot be said about Daisy and Myrtle. All the female characters were in their twenties but Jordan was the only one who still had not got married nor had a child. She had her own ideals and goals, and she stood for them without hesitation. However, by the end of the novel, she did get engaged, which can be seen from a conversation between Nick and Jordan as Nick says that "there were several she could have married at a nod of h...

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readily adv. willingly; easily adj. ready Syn. freely v. ready n. readiness The workers readily complained about the food in the cafeteria. Her readiness to cooperate was an important factor in the investigation. reliably adv. in a trusted way adj. reliable Syn. dependably adj. reliant v. rely n. reliability n. reliance An appliance must perform its task reliably to be popular with consumers. Satellite photos show the smallest details with great reliability. reluctantly adv. unwillingly adj. reluctant Syn. hesitatingly n. reluctance Although not completely satisfied with the contract, the officials reluctantly agreed to sign it. The electrician was reluc...

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Palm oil

With plantations systematically destroying the rainforest, land that the local people depend on, communities are continuously finding themselves with no choice but to become plantation workers. Faced with poor and degrading working conditions, they often earn barely enough income to survive and support their families. Instead of being able to sustain themselves, indigenous communities become reliant on the success of the palm oil industry for their income and survival, leaving these villagers incredibly vulnerable to the world market price of palm oil which they have no control over. You may not realize it, but palm oil is everywhere. Demand for this inexpensive, versatile vegetable oil has skyrocketed in recent years, and it can be found in thousands of common consumer products, from cookies to toothpaste.While it may be cheap in economic...

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Introduction of SCM

And retailers would have fewer empty shelves if they shared the information they had about sales of a manufacturer's product in all their stores with the manufacturer. Relationship between ERP and SCM: Many SCM applications are reliant upon the kind of information that is stored in the most quantity inside ERP software. Theoretically you could assemble the information you need to feed the SCM applications from legacy systems (for most companies this means Excel spreadsheets spread out all over the place), but it can be nightmarish to try to get that information flowing on a fast, reliable basis from all the areas of the company. ERP is the battering...

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Reasons why human beings are unique

Felix Warneken of Harvard University in Cambridge, US, differentiates it like this. Children are "proactive", that is, they help even when presented with only very subtle cues. Chimpanzees though, need more encouragement. They are "reactive": they will hand over objects but only after some nudging. What happened in our evolution to make us reliant on each other? Something must have happened in our evolution, Tomasello says, to make humans increasingly reliant on each other. Our brains needed fuel to get bigger and so collaborative hunting may have played a key role in that. Our advanced teamwork may simply reflect our long history of working together to get food. Mind readers The fact that our nearest relatives share too simply shows that it is an ancient trait. It was already...

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Correlation between brand longevity and the diffusion of innovations theory

To reduce the risk, the difference with competition needs to be delivered to the customer. The brand has to be portrayed unique and therefore has to be perceived more valuable (as it is more expensive). The communicators of brands must here be cautious of consumers’ perspectives to address all uncertainties in the right way. The author stresses that ‘the diffusion of an innovation is mostly reliant on the social acceptance of a collective social system and only partly on the change agent’s or communication manager’s initial awareness–creation campaigns.’ Conclusion Brands have an ever-changing challenge od keeping the popularity. The key here is to be pro- active: to try to change the consumer’s way of thinking and tastes, instead of trying to understand their psychology after they already made a decision. The DOI theory is im...

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