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"whipped" - 15 õppematerjali


Fridrick douglass

In 1833, Capt. Auld took Douglass back from his brother after a dispute ("as a means of punishing Hugh", Douglass says). Dissatisfied with him, Thomas Auld then sent Douglass to work for Edward Covey, a poor farmer who had a reputation as a "slave-breaker," where Douglass was whipped regularly. 3 Sixteen-year-old Frederick was indeed nearly broken psychologically by his ordeal under Covey, but finally rebelled against the beatings and fought back. Covey lost out on a confrontation with Frederick and never tried to beat him again. This incident was kept under wraps possibly because Covey was afraid the news of Frederick's victory wou...

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Stilistika loeng

420 2 AP Ends with an exam; lasts only for 1 semester. At the exam you get 2 questions and an exercise (50 sentences: establish the device used, recognize it, and name it). Care about the pronunciation of the terms....

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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History of London 2

Public hangings were common in London, and were popular public events. The death sentence could be passed for picking pockets, stealing bread or cutting down a tree. Minor crime was punished by being sent to prisons, sometimes transported abroad for theft, whipped in public. 13: What was the second bridge to be built over the Thames and when was it built? In 1750 Westminster Bridge was opened, and, for the first time in history, London Bridge, in a sense, had a rival. 14: How much did the population of London grow from 1800 to 1900? Its population expanded from 1 million in 1800 to 6.7 million a century later. 15: What was London's rank in the world during the 19th century? London was the large...

British history (suurbritannia... - Keskkool
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Inglise keele stilistika II

POLYSYNDETON POLYSYNDETON means intentional repetition of a conjunction in close succession in order to slow down the utterance (becomes monotonous). The two conjunctions are normally "and" which suggest energetic activity or the conjunction "or" stresses equal importance any numerated things listed. NT: And the coachman, and the horses rattled and jangled and whipped and cursed and swore and tumbled on together.NT: ? TAUTOLOGY TAUTOLOGY is such a construction that makes information redundant and this is objectionable in literary speech. GRAMMATICAL TAUTOLOGY means that in one sentence a double subject or a double predicate or both are used. NT: My brother, he slept 40 days, without waking up....

Stilistika (inglise) - Tallinna Ülikool
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Ingl.keele lugemine "The Black Beauty"

Luckily everything went good and nobody got hurt. When they arrived to the Birtwick then everything went like always. The Black Beauty did work and got groomed. Then one day the master led him to Earls Hall where were many stables. It was a new place. There were very kind grooms and good food. But then one day Rauben Smith took him and rode to the city with him and when they rode back that man was drunk. Smith was very angry and he whipped the horse and then his iron shoe came off. Beauty was very hurt and he fell. That man died. The horse had hurting marks on his leg and Lord Westland sold him to a cabman. The Black Beauty was very happy with this family, but then he was called as Jack. That family was poor but very kind. Then after five years of working this cabman had new work and that family went to the country and they had to sell the horse. He was sad. Mr. Thoroughgoo...

Inglise kirjandus - Keskkool
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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

" He turned his anguished eyes to the road, his words flowing almost too fast for me to understand. "I don't want to hear that you feel that way." His voice was low but urgent. His words cut me. "It's wrong. It's not safe. I'm dangerous, Bella -- please, grasp that." "No." I tried very hard not to look like a sulky child. "I'm serious," he growled. "So am I. I told you, it doesn't matter what you are. It's too late." His voice whipped out, low and harsh. "Never say that." I bit my lip and was glad he couldn't know how much that hurt. I stared out at the road. We must be close now. He was driving much too fast. "What are you thinking?" he asked, his voice still raw. I just shook my head, not sure if I could speak. I could feel his gaze on my face, but I kept my eyes forward. "Are you crying?" He sounded appalled. I hadn't realized the moisture in my eyes had brimmed over. I...

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Hispaania keel kirjapilt + audio allalaadimise lingid 53lk

Basic Phrases ¡Buenos días! ¡Buenas tardes! ¡Buenas noches! bway-nohs dee-ahs bway-nahs tard-ays bway-nahs noh-chays Hello! / Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! / Good night! ¡Hola! / ¡Chao! Adiós. Por favor. oh-lah / chow ah-dee-ohs...

Hispaania keel - Keskkool
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Erinevate riikide rahvustoidud

The Black Forest: cake is one of the most popular German national foods. Cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream and chocolate shavings. A Schnitzel in German is a slice of pork or veal haunch. Dish made with boneless meat thinned with a mallet (escalope-style preparation), coated in bread crumbs and fried. Only if it is made of veal and coated in bread crumbs is it called Wiener Schnitzel; a pork version is called Schnitzel Wiener Art (Viennese type schn...

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The Great Wave off Kanagawa

[2] From the 17th century the technique began to be used for the illustration of poems and romances.[2] It was this period that really saw the rise of the style known as ukiyo-e. Description This impression is of the yoko-e type, in landscape, and was produced to the ban size, 25 centimetres high by 37 wide . The landscape consists of three elements: the sea whipped up by a storm, three boats and a mountain. The composition is complemented by the signature which stands out in the upper left-hand corner. The mountain The mountain that is seen at the bottom is Mount Fuji, with a snowcapped peak. Fuji is the central figure in the work (representation of famous places) Thirty six views of Mount Fuji, which give a portrait of the mountain seen from various angles. In Japan Mt. Fuji is considered sacred and is a...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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Peasant ate a lot porridge. Peasant grow provisions themselves. Estonian ate a lot rye bread. Holiday meals In Estonia are lots of holidays. On every holiday eat differently. Christmas Estonian eat a lot at christmas. Examples: Potatoes and sauerkraut Blood sausages Gingerbreads Shrove Tuesday On shrove Tuesday are two main foods: Buns with whipped cream Pea soup Easter On Easter dye eggs and then knocked them broken. After that people eat the eggs. Fish Estonian eat a lot fish. We dry, cure and fry fish. Estonian eat also salted fish. Spice sprats are symbol of Tallinn. Modern food Nowadays Estonian eat much foreign food: Sushi Pasta Wraps Different salads Foreign fruits Fast food People...

inglise teaduskeel - Põhikool
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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

I jerked to a halt, my gaze riveted to the man who was even more striking than I'd remembered. I had never seen hair that purely black. It was glossy and slightly long, the ends drifting over his collar. That sexy length was the crowning touch of bad boy hotness over the successful businessman, like whipped cream topping on a hot fudge brownie sundae. As my mother would say, only rogues and raiders had hair like that. My hands clenched against the urge to touch it, to see if it felt like the rich silk it resembled. The doors began to close. He took an easy step forward and pressed a button on the panel to hold them open. "There's plenty of room for both of us, Eva." The sound of that smoky, implacable voice broke me out of my mo...

Inglise teaduskeel - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Revision Questions 2013

Northern Ireland was filled with English protestants and over time they have become the majority. 24. Which water bodies surround the British Isles? There're the Atlantic Ocean, the Northern Sea, English Channel 25. Name some differences between Shrove Tuesday in England and in Estonia. They eat pancakes and bacon, we eat pea soup and buns with whipped cream. Since it's winter time for us, we have sledding competitions. For them it's a bit later and since England doesn't really have much snow, they have other activities. 26. Write about the Scots' struggle for independence in the 14th century. England wanted to add Scotland to themselves, so the Scots had to fight them. William Wallace ("Braveheart") and king Robert the Bruce fought them off. In 1328 England acknowledged Scotland's independ...

Inglise keel -
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William Shakespeare - Hamlet

O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumbshows and noise: I would have such a fellow whipped for o'erdoing Termagant; it out-herods Herod: pray you, avoid it. First Player I warrant your honour. HAMLET Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special o'erstep not the modesty of nature: for any thing so overdone is from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as 'twere, the mi...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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A classic, updated to be a little healthier. Don't worry, there's no lack of flavor in this corn-syrup-free f As American as… never mind. Made from local apples, and coated with our special sugar glaze. Thick sliced peaches in a buttery crust. Tastes like a Georgia summer day. Large, ripe cherries and a delicate crust. Perfect with a dollop of whipped cream. This pie will turn your lips purple, but we guarentee you won't mind. Sweet and tart. The classic pie-in-the-face pie, but we think throwing it would be a waste. Sweet and creamy. No longer will you have to choose between banana pudding and pie: this pie has it all. A new take on Southern classic. Serve warm. Sort of like a milkshake, but with a crust. Dreamily satisfying. Like a peanut butter cup with a crust. Yum! A summer f...

Infotöötlus - Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor
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Sissejuhatus sotsiaalpoliitikasse

Sissejuhatus sotsiaalpoliitikasse Policy-Polis Agura-market-Polircs- poliitikud tulid kokku ja arutasid probleemide üle linnas Social politics- discusting the problems Talgud on vana versioon sotsiaalpoliitikast Distribution mechanism Oikos Reciprocity Redistribution Market Polanyi stresses that there...

Sotsioloogia - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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