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"weakly" - 13 õppematerjali



Loopealsed 2. Nõmmemetsad 3. Palumetsad 4. Laanemetsad 5. Salumetsad 6. Soovikumetsad 7. Rabastuvad metsad 8. Rohusoometsad 9. Samblasoometsad 10. Kõdusoometsad ALVAR FORESTS ­LOOPEALSED METSAD This groupof types includes forests of low productivity and with a peculiar xeromesophilous ground vegetation, which grow on a layer of limestone, gr...

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Videvik(kogu raamat Inglise keeles)

Actually, I was thinking I should take her home now. Do you think you could excuse her from class?" His voice was like melting honey. I could imagine how much more overwhelming his eyes would be. "Do you need to be excused, too, Edward?" Ms. Cope fluttered. Why couldn't I do that? "No, I have Mrs. Goff, she won't mind." "Okay, it's all taken care of. You feel better, Bella," she called to me. I nodded weakly , hamming it up just a bit. "Can you walk, or do you want me to carry you again?" With his back to the receptionist, his expression became sarcastic. "I'll walk." I stood carefully, and I was still fine. He held the door for me, his smile polite but his eyes mocking. I walked out into the cold, fine mist that had just begun to fall. It felt nice -- the first time I'd enjoyed the constant moisture falling out of the sky -- as it washed my face...

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Keelefilosoofia raamat

Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Language: a Contemporary Introduction introduces the student to the main issues and theories in twentieth and twenty-first-century phi- losophy of language, focusing specifically on linguistic phenomena. Topics are structured in four parts in the book. Part I, Reference and Referring, includes topics such as Russell's Theory of Descriptions, Donnellan's...

Filosoofia - Tartu Ülikool
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Sõnade derivatsioon e. tuletamine - Words derivation

Words derivation LÕPUD: Noun Verb Adjective Adverb Prefix & Sufix -ation -ise/-ize -ing -ly dis- -ence -en -ive ir- -ion en- -able im- -ance -ate -y...

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Psühholoogia bioloogiline-, kognitiivne- ja sotsiaalne vaade

Emotion starts with a process of cognitive appraisal to assess whether the situation is relevant for survival, well-being, goals or values. Emotions cause people social exchange and sharing, which serves as rehearsal of the memory. Memory researchers have studied the relation between confidence and accuracy inside and outside the laboratory, and for many types of events. Overall, confidence and accuracy are weakly related. People often swear by inaccurate memories. In general, distinctive and emotionally arousing events in our lives have a memory advantage. However, even for such events, a memory can feel like it happened just yesterday when, in truth, it is foggy. Sociocultural level of analysis Outline principles that define the sociocultural level of analysis. 1) Human beings are social animals and we have a basic need to belong. 2) C...

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Tumeaine Siim Pening 12 h PG Tumeaine on astronoomias ja kosmoloogias aine, mis avaldub gravitatsioonilises vastasmõjus nähtava ainega. Galaktikast suuremate struktuuride vaatluste põhjal oletatakse, et tumeaine moodustab umbes 80% Universumis leiduvast ainest. Tumeaine olemasolu postuleeris esimesena 1934. aastal Fritz Zwicky, et seletada galaktikate liikumist gal...

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Repeated formaldehyde exposure caused toxic effects only in the tissues of direct contact after inhalation, oral or dermal exposure characterised by local cytotoxic destruction and subsequent repair of the damage. The typical locations of lesions in experimental animals were the nose after inhalation, the stomach after oral administration and the skin after dermal application. Formaldehyde is weakly genotoxic and was able to induce gene mutations and chromosomal aberrations in mammalian cells. However, the genotoxic effects were limited to those cells, which are in direct contact with formaldehyde, and no effects could be observed in distant-site tissues. DNA-protein crosslinks are a sensitive measure of DNA modification by formaldehyde. In conclusion, formaldehyde is a directly acting locally effective mutagen. In epidemiological stud...

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exceptional This is a superior fossil of a trilobite. The restaurant's superiority was established shortly after it opened. wanton adj. done without thought or consideration adv. wantonly Syn. senseless Her wanton disregard of the rules was unexplainable. The jealous man was wantonly impolite to the winner. weak adj. not strong; incapable adv. weakly Syn. ineffective v. weaken n. weakness The weak light was inadequate for reading. Most people have at least one area of weakness. widespread adj. found everywhere Syn. extensive There is a widespread rumor that there will be no class next Thursday. The political influence of the developed countries of the world is widespread. wisdom...

Inglise keel - Keskkool
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A system called "the hermit metamorphosing letters" writes the text backwards. [Codebreakers 078.jpg] In the Europe of the Latin alphabet—from which modern cryptology would spring—cryptography flickered weakly . With the collapse of the Roman empire, Europe had plunged into the obscurity of the Dark Ages. Literacy had all but disappeared. Arts and sciences were forgotten, and cryptography was not excepted. Only during the Middle Ages occasional manuscripts, with an infrequent signature or gloss or "deo gratias" that a bored monk put into cipher to amuse himself, fitfully illuminate the cryptologic darkness, and, like a single candle guttering in a great me...

krüptograafia -
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Cialdini raamat

The children of her class were hosting an open house at school for their grandparents, and her job was to give a flower to each visitor entering the school grounds. The first man she approached with a flower growled at her, "Keep it." Not knowing what to do, she extended it toward him again, only to have him demand to know what he had to give in return. When she replied weakly , "Nothing. It's a gift," he fixed her with a dis- believing glare, insisting that he recognized "her game," and brushed on past. The girl was so stung by the experience that she could not approach anyone else and had to be removed from her assignment-one she had anticipated fondly. It is hard to know whom to blame more, the insensitive man or the exploiters who had abused his tendency to reciprocate a gift until his respon...

Psühholoogia -
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Eesti Geoloogia konspekt piltidena

100 m from the ground in 1990: 1-4 - concentration of nitrates in groundwater, mgl: 1 - <4; 2 - 4...20; 3 - 20...45; 4 - >45; 5 - boundary of the county. Compiled by L. Savitskaja. Raukas, A., Teedumäe, A. (eds). 1997. Geology and Mineral Resources of Estonia. Estonian Academy Publishers, Tallinn. 436 pp. Fig. 107. Degree of groundwater protection: 1 - unprotected; 2 - weakly protected; 3 - moderately protected; 4 - protected. Compiled by L. Savitskaja. Pleijel, H. 1993. Ökoloogia raamat. lk. 33 Lõhmus, E. 1984. Eesti metsakasvukohatüübid. Tekkelt e. geneesilt jagunevad pinnakatte setted: Liustikutekkelised e. glatsiaalsed (n. moreen) Liustikujõetekkelised e. glatsiofluviaalsed (liiv, kruus, veeristik) – vana nimega fluvioglatsiaalsed Jääjärvetekkelised e. limnoglatsiaalsed (n. savi, viir...

Eesti maastikud -
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Molekulaar- ja rakubioloogia

Joonisel on tähistatud plasmiidi funktsionaalsed osad ning numbriliselt on välja toodud kaugus mõttelisest plasmiidi alguspunktist. Esimene päev – rakkude transfekteerimine PEI (polyethyleneimines)-ga Attachment promoter Polyethyleneimines are used in the cell culture of weakly anchoring cells to increase attachment. PEI is a cationic polymer; the negatively charged outer surfaces of cells are attracted to dishes coated in PEI, facilitating stronger attachments between the cells and the plate. However, polyethylenimine expresses some toxicity if excess is left in solution. Transfection reagent Poly(ethylenimine) was the second polymeric transfection agent discovered, after poly-l-lysin...

Molekulaar- ja rakubioloogia... - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool
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Algoritmid ja andmestruktuurid: transfers

Output of non-deterministic algorithm may be different for different runs with the same input data Mittedetermineeritud algoritmi tulemus samade lähteandmete korral võib erinevatel lahenduskordadel olla erinev. Tõene Partial algorithm terminates for any set of input data. Osaline algoritm peatub mistahes sisendandmete korral. Väär Average time complexity of binary search is O(log n). Kahendotsimis...

Algoritmid ja andmestruktuurid - Tallinna Ülikool
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