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Town Hall Square and Town Hall (0)

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Tallinn town hall

TALLINN TOWN HALL Tallinn Town Hall is the only surviving Gothic town hall in Northern Europe. Built in the heart of Tallinn, next to a marketplace, the Town Hall has witnessed trade and social activities for over 700 years. It has still remained the most important representational building in town. The building history of the Town Hall goes back to the 13th century, but it acquired its medieval appearance in 1402­04. It was as early as 1248 when King Eric IV Ploughpenny of Denmark granted the Lübeck Charter to Tallinn. Relying on that document a town council was elected from amongst merchants of the Hanse and started convening in the Town Hall. It is possible to state on the basis of research findings that a meeting place of the magistracy and a goods depot in the form of a small, fortified

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Tallinn Town Hall Square and Town Hall

Town Hall and Town Hall Square History The building history of the Town Hall goes back to the 13th century. In its present form it was completed in 1404. The management of the city worked in the Town Hall until 1970. Since 1975 the Town Hall functions as the ceremonial building of the city government, but it also serves as a concert hall and a museum. The tower The tower was constructed together with the Town Hall in 1402 ­ 1404. The original Gothic pyramidal spire was replaced by a Late- Renaissance spire in 1627. The height of the Town Hall from the bottom of the arcade to the top of the spire is 64 meters. The spire was destroyed in an aerial bombing on March 9, 1944. It was rebuilt in 1952. Tallinn Town Council used to have its own guards, who maintained order in town and watched for possible enemy troops or destructive fire from the tower. When


Tallinn Town Hall Square

The square in front of Tallinn's Town Hall functioned as a marketplace for centuries, dating back to times even before the Town Hall itself was built. Through the years this served as a place of celebrations as well as executions. Today the square remains a cultural focal point for the city. In summer, it's filled with outdoor cafés and is home to countless openair concerts, handicraft fairs and medieval markets. In winter, an annual Christmas Market enchants the crowds on the square, as does the town's Christmas tree (a tradition whose roots stretch back to 1441), which stays up for a month or more. Town Hall Square has also become the traditional centre of the Old Town Days festival, a modern version of a medieval carnival. Traditions from the Middle Ages are kept alive here, including parades, a knights' tournament, a parrotshooting contest and the election of the May Count.

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The Most Important Buildings in Lai Street in Tallinn

It is a two-room building, the so- called diele-dornse house, in which a vestibule ­ diele ­ is a bigger room at the street side and a smaller living-room ­ dornse ­ stands behind it in the depth of the yard. 6 The central room in the house's street side part was a large, high-ceilinged entrance hall with a small kitchen under a mantle chimney. This type of chimney was unique to medieval homes, with a bottom section that widened to create a square space that would define the outlines of the small kitchen beneath it. The house also had one heated living room and several unheated rooms, basement rooms, and rooms upstairs for the storage of goods. The entrance hall typically had a higher ceiling than the adjacent rooms, as well as a staircase leading to the upstairs rooms. Goods were usually hoisted to the upper floors directly from the street with the help of winches that would raise them to hatches visible on the front of the house.

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Tallinn Town Hall ehk Tallinna Raekoda

TALLINN TOWN HALL Britt Viks Haapsalu Gümnaasium 2011 HISTORY Tallinn Town Hall was very important building in the Tallinn Old Town. There were many events like : trading or killings. It was built in 13th century. In the past it was city goverment. It is the only gothic style building in the Northen Europe. NOW Now is the building concert hall and a musem, what is very valued. Every Estonian should know about Christmas in the Tallinn Town Hall. ( There is

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Art Museum of Estonia

Art Museum of Estonia Art Museum of Estonia was founded on November 17th, 1919, but it was not until 1921 that it got its first permanent building ­ the Kadriorg Palace, built in the 18th century. In 1929 the palace was expropriated from the Art Museum in order to rebuild it as the residence of the President of Estonia. The Art Museum of Estonia was housed in several different temporary spaces, until it moved back to the palace in 1946. In September, 1991 the Kadriorg Palace was closed, because it had totally deteriorated by then. At the end of the year the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia decided to guarantee the construction of a new building for the Art Museum of Estonia in Kadriorg. Untill then the Knighthood House at Toompea Hill served as the temporary main building of the Art Museum of Estonia. The exhibition there was opened on April 1, 1993. Art Museum of Estonia premanently closed down the exhibitions in that building in October 2005. At the end of the 1970s, in

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Christopher Vogler The Writers Journey

THE W R I T E R ' S JOURNEY M Y T H I C STRUCTURE FOR W R I T E R S THIRD EDITION CHRISTOPHER VOGLER S C R E E N W R I T I N G / W R I T I N G Christopher Vogler explores the powerful relationship between mythology and storytelling in his clear, concise style that's made i this book required reading for movie executives, screenwriters, playwrights, fiction and non-fiction writers, scholars, and fans of pop culture all over the world. Discover a set of useful myth-inspired storytelling paradigms like "The Hero's Journey," and step-by-step guidelines to plot and • character development. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell, The Writers Journey is a must for all writers interested

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(King's) Street, Pagari (Baker's) Street, Pikk (Long) Street, Lai (Broad) Street, Karja (Cattle) Street. There were some ancient streets in Tallinn which had obviously been named before the qonquest, marking the destination they finally led, like Harju and Viru Street. Foreigners usually had different names for such streets. The streets were paved since the beginning of the 14th century. Pikk Jalg was among the first to be paved. Town Hall Square got its cover in 1310. There were no streetlights. The houses had no numbers and were known by the owner's name. Churches The Cathedral of St. Mary the Virgin (the Dome Church) was consecrated in 1240. The church suffered in the fire of 1684 and was largely reconstructed. A Baroque tower was added in the 18th century and the dated weather-vane (1779) crowning the spire is the only original one on Toompea today.

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