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The English Patient

The main activity happens in 1930.-1940. Egipt and during the last days of World War II in one Italy nunnery which was changed after the war to sickbay. · Almásy is not English. He is Hungarian by birth. Almásy's manner is knowledgeable and reflective. Almásy is not a highly dynamic character, he is...

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A Modern Answer to the Commune

) They were passing the phone around the afternoon before the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, where a few of them were planning a trip, intending to protest, Ms. Markle said. Ms. Feigelson explained that they were being "super-selective," because an activist house, which is what she hopes theirs will be, she said, "can create tension." But were their hopes too high? Their criteria too stringent? Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and a relationship expert (she is the scientific adviser to, a spinoff of the dating site, took a gander at a few of the ads, including the ones written by Ms. Berger and Ms. Hazard and the gang in Philadelphia. The idealized, small-scale communities they described reminded her of the hunting and gathering bands of pre-history. So she was a bit concerned that their creators didn't seem t...

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Kultuuri mõistest ja määratlusest

loeng Sissejuhatus: kultuuri mõistest ja määratlustest Sissejuhatus kultuuriteooriatesse Sügissemester 2009/ 2010 Mis on ,,kultuur"? Mida mõeldakse, kui öeldakse ,,kultuur"? Kui me räägime kultuuri igapäevasest mõistest e sellest milline on laiemalt (mitte ainult teaduse vaatepunktist), siis võib siin eristada 2 üldlevinud arusaama. Esiteks, enamasti...

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Getting physical

Tallinn´s University Pedagogical College Department of Youth Work and Continuing Education Andra Pant NT-32 GETTING PHYSICAL Tallinn 2012 "D...

Intercultural communication - Tallinna Pedagoogiline Seminar
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Kultuuriteooria kõik materjalid

loeng Sissejuhatus: kultuuri mõistest ja määratlustest 1 1. loeng Sissejuhatus: kultuuri mõistest ja määratlustest Mis on kultuur? Erinevad kultuuri määratlemise viisid. ÜLESANNE: Igaüks kirjutab max 3 min jooksul mida tähendab minu jaoks kultuur e. kultuuri definitsiooni. · kultuuri uurimine erinevate teoreetiliste meetoditega · mida on võimalik nende meetoditega teada saada? · mis on kultuur? Mis on ,...

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) The polyalphabetic solution opened the doors to the cryptology of today. But the 95-page volume seems to have stirred almost no comment at the time. Kasiski himself lost interest in cryptology. He became an avid amateur anthropologist , joining the Natural Science Society of Danzig, unearthing prehistoric graves, and reporting on his work to learned journals. (One of his scholarly articles was cited in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.) Kasiski died on May 22, 1881, almost certainly without realizing that he had wrought a revolution in cryptology. That revolution began when Kasiski shrewdly noted a phenomenon: the conjunction of a repeated portion of the key with a...

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FCE Result Words and Phrases

v) activist (n) adaptation (n) addicted to (adj) addictive (adj) additional (adj) admire (v) admission (n) adoptive (adj) adrenalin (n) adulthood (n) aerial (n) aging (n) aisle (n) alarming (adj) alien (n) alike (adv) allegedly (adv) alley (n) alongside (adv) aloud (adv) alternate (adj) amateur (n) ambitious (adj) anaemic (adj) analysis (n) ancestor (n) ancient (adj) angel (n) ankle (n) announce (v) annual (adj) anthropologist (n) 1 anticipate (v) antisocial (adj) apart (adv) ape (n) apparatus (n) apparent (adj) appeal to (v) appetising (adj) applicable (adj) apprenticed to (adj) approach (v) approximately (adv) arch criminal (n) archaeological (adj) archbishop (n) architect (n) argumentative (adj) arrogant (adj) articulated lorry (n) artificial intelligence (n) ascent (n) aside from (prep) aspect (n) assembled (adj) ass...

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Suurbritannia ühiskond ja kultuur quiz 1 mõisted

It is a position that is neither earned nor chosen but assigned. [1][2] These rigid social designators remain fixed throughout an individual's life and are inseparable from the positive or negative stereotypes that are linked with one's ascribed statuses. 65. Achieved status- Achieved status is a concept developed by the anthropologist Ralph Linton denoting a social position that a person can acquire on the basis of merit; it is a position that is earned or chosen. It is the opposite of ascribed status. It reflects personal skills, abilities, and efforts. Examples of achieved status are being an Olympic athlete, being a criminal, or being a college professor. Status is important sociologically because it comes with a set of rights, obligations, behaviors, and duti...

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Tiit Lauk humanitaar

Peter Murdock on väitnud oma 1965. aastal ilmunud teoses “How Culture Changes”, et muu- tused sotsiaalses käitumises ja kultuuris lähtuvad tavaliselt tähendusrikastest muutustest ühiskonnas (Murdock 1965: 116). Tema jagab kultuurimuutused nelja astmesse: 1) inno- vatsioon; 2) sotsiaalne heakskiit; 3) valikuline elimineerimine; 4) integratsioon. Kultuuris on 9 American Anthropologist 1954, Vol. 56, 6, 974. 18 Murdocki järgi innovatsiooniks seestpoolt lähtuvad teisendus (variation), leiutis (invention) ja katsetamine (tentation). Kui innovatsioon tuleb väljastpoolt kultuuriruumi, on Murdocki järgi toimunud kultuurilaen. Neid probleeme on käsitlenud ka saksa etnomusikoloog Wolfgang Laade. Nagu märgib P. Jalkanen (1989: 11), toetub Laade teooria “Die Probleme der...

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