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BC the Celts came to British isles hill figures, hill forts, stone circles ( Stonehenge ) RomanBritain (55BC 400AD) Julius Caesar, named the country Albion Hadrian's Wall, villas, roads, the town of Bath The AngloSaxon , Danish and Norman invasions Germanic tribes settled and stayed Anglia Christianity was brought, religion became important, churches were built 8th century = raids by the Vikings and the Danes 1016 1042 : Under Danish rule ( York was the capital ) 1042 : local AngloSaxons regain their rule 1066 : Normans arrive ( the Norman conquest ) Medieval Britain (106615th c.) the Battle of Hastings William the Conqueror a new AngloNorman...

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Prehistory, Saxon invasion and Celtic Kingdoms

The foundation stones The Island ­ Britain has a mild climate due to the Gulf Stream which brings warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico. The northern part of the island in average 5'C cooler and it's mountainous or hilly and that's why the south has been more populated.. Britain became an island only 5000 years BC after the Ice Age ended. Britain's prehistory ­ The first evidence of human life...

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Norman Conquest

Norman conquest of England Eleri Pärna Form 10 Kanepi Gymnasium 2011 Reasons English king Edward the confessor died, leaving no children. William the Duke of Normandy said that Edward had promised him to be the next king. But Harold (other relative)the AngloSaxon earl , was chosen...

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History of English literature

Anglo-saxon or early literature (499 - 1066) 2. Second or Norman or late Medieval period (1066 - 13/14 century) 3. Renaissance or Modern period (13-14 century ­ present) Anglo-Saxon period · All of the literature had its roots in folklore · Texts were orally transmitted, the anglosaxons had no written language · Two types of singers:...

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American Literature

S. national selffashioning, and history texts positioned the Founding Fathers as directors of a divinely mandated mission to spread American civilization around the globe. The contradiction lay in the fact that although the narrative indicated that it was America's duty to help other nations gain freedom from oppressive colonial powers, it also suggested that only people of AngloSaxon descent were capable of fully enacting modern civilization.Twain supported American intervention in Cuba because he believed that we had practiced our values by helping Cubans free themselves from Spain. At first he also supported intervention in the Philippines, but when he realized our intent was "to subjugate, not to redeem," the Filipinos, he changed his mind. He thought President McKinley's claim that it was America's duty to "ci...

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Outstanding figures in British literature

terature produced by British authors from the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and Isle of Man Includes early works written in Gaelic, Welsh, and Latin, works in Old, Middle, and Modern English, each of which represents a different period Full of great works British works in Latin Venerable Bede He lived between 673 and 735 AD The greatest of all the AngloSaxon scholars He's the earliest English historian, whose work has shed light on a period of English history that would have otherwise been unknown ,,The Father of English History" Wrote translated about 40 books on almost every area of knowledge, i.e. nature, astronomy, and poetry His best known work is "The Ecclesiastical History of the English People" Starting with the Roman invasion in the 5th century, he recorded the history of the...

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01.13 Naturalism · France, Emile Zola · Put down his theory in 1879: Le Roman Experimental, attempt to explain the development of human society throuch biological laws · Outlook is deterministic, pessimistic, fatalistic (fate or biology) · Man as an animal-clever than other beasts, still explainable within the framework · Man is not a free agent, is...

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