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D. MRSA - or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - has been a problem in hospital and health care settings for years. But this highly drug-resistant bacterium has gained attention in recent years for its role in several deaths among otherwise healthy school-age athletes. Are MRSA infections on the rise? What a...

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USA topic

8 million people. The most less populate state is Wyoming where lives about 533 thousand people (That's almost half of Estonian population). 81% of people live in the cities or suburbs. In America lives about 221 million white people, Hispanic or Latino 44 million, African or African American 41 million, Asian 13 million, American Indian or Alaskan Native 2 million and Native Hawaiian 430 000 people. There are 2.1 children per woman. The national median age was 36.7 years. People under 20 years of age make up over a quarter of the U.S. population and people age 65 and over made up one- eighth. The United States has 51 metropolitan areas with a population of over 1,000,000 people each. The most densely populated state is New Jersey (452 people pe...

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There are coal-mines in the Cordillera Mountains, in the Kansas City region and in the east near Birmingham and Pittsburgh. Iron is mined near the Great Lakes and in the Pittsburgh, Birmingham and Philadelphia areas. In California and Texas there are rich oil-fields. There are also deposits of silver and gold Animal life In the Arctic regions of mountain and tundra are found ground squirrels, occasional bear and cold-water fish. Alaskan coastal waters are the habitat of a number of large mammals including walrus and seals. Caribous spend summers in the tundra but migrate into the conifer forest for winter. The moose ranges throughout the northern United States. In the eastern forests live elks, black bears, deer, foxes, raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico live large and more colourful birds such as pelicans and flamingos. Alligators can...

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English speaking countries

11 sheep per citizen . England Shortest war in 1896 Less than 38 minutes Scotland Scotland prints its own banknotes which are accepted all over the UK The Usa Alaskan purchase check Canada The largest Island in Canada is Baffin Island Australia Wave Rock http:www.ireland-information.comarticlestitanicandireland.htm http:www.ireland-information.comarticlestitanicandireland.htm http: http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiLlanfairpwllgwyngyll http: www.howderfamily.comblognorthernmost-and-southernmost-world-capitals http:militaryhistory.about.comodbattleswars1800spanglozanzibar.htm http:www.americaslibrary.govjbreconjb_recon_alaska_1.html http:www.americaslibrary.govjbreconjb_recon_alaska_1.html http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiWave_Rock...

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The smallest stresses can bring about their destruction. More people moving to the tundra to work in the mines and oil rigs have created towns and more roads. These obstacles have disrupted some animal's movements to traditional feeding and denning grounds. When they try to pass through a town they are often scared away or shot. With their feeding patterns disrupted, many polar bears have starved. The Alaskan oil pipeline was built across a caribou migration route. In some places the pipeline has been raised above the ground so the caribou can pass under it. Pesticides have been used to control the hordes of insects. Thousands of migrating birds come to the tundra because of the abundant insects. Through the food chain the pesticides reach many of the animals that live on the tundra. Pollution from mining and drilling for oil has polluted the air...

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Energy - põhjalik referaat energiast

The group has since grown to include 11 member countries. 1970 17 U.S. production of petroleum (crude oil and natural gas plant liquids) reached its highest level at 11.7 million barrels per day. Production in the Lower-48 States has been generally declining since 1970. Some of this decline has been offset by increased Alaskan production after 1978. 1993 forward For the first time the U.S. imported more oil and refined products from other countries than it produced. More and more imports have been needed because of growing petroleum demand and declining U.S. production 1906 Special theory of relativity written. Albert Einstein created a new era of physics when he unified mass, energy, magnetism, electricity, and light. One of the most significant events, if...

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Book report/review "The Snow Child"

He was responsible for the survival. They both completed each other. In my opinion the book was very enchanting and beautiful. The way the author describes Alaska, is very magical, because she has lived there her whole life. When I was reading the book I felt like I had been to Alaska, the writer really knows how to use the right adjectives to make the reader feel the cold and dark Alaskan winter. In my view, the book achieved its goal perfectly. The author knew exactly what kind of a message she wanted to bring to the reader and I believe that she succeeded. One specific point, which left me a bit confused was Fauna, the snow girl. I still can not understand how and why she woke up and became a real person. I guess this is the fact, which makes this book special, but I would have liked the book more if the author would hav...

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Mujal maailmas ei teatud nendest koertest aga suurt midagi enne 20. sajandi algust, mil sai hoo sisse aktiivne kaubandus Läänega. Esimesed huskyd importis Alaskale karusnaha kaupmees William Goosak. Need koerad ja mõned hilisemad impordid moodustavadki meie tänapäevase siberi husky geenibaasi. Edasi hakkasid 1909. aasta All Alaskan Sweepstake’s koerarakendite võistlustel silma paistnud väledad huskyd populaarsust koguma kohalike rakendisportlaste seas ning asuti töötama nende koerte eraldi tõuna tunnustamise nimel. Ameerika Kennelklubi (the American Kennel Club) tunnustas 1930. aastal esimese tõukoerte klubina siberi huskyt iseseisva koeratõuna ning esimene tõustandard avalikustati 1932. aastal. Tänaseks on siberi husky levinud kõikjal maailmas ja leiab...

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To avoid mixing up different mutations, the American Bobtail is never bred with either the Manx or the Japanese Bobtail. This is the official American Bobtail breed, however the trait has evidently occurred independently several times. The Sno-Bob is a colour variety of American Bobtail. It apparently resembles the Alaskan Bobcat being pale in colour with darker ear tips and darker bob-tail. In 1940, American zoologist Ida Mellen wrote "The American Domestic Bobtail Cat of the New England and Middle Atlantic States (called the Rabbit Cat) traces its ancestry to the Manx cat, but the distribution of tailless cats is wide, covering the Crimea and other parts of Russia, the Bismarck Archipelago, the Malayan Archipelago, Burma and Siam" However nothing more has be...

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Esitlus - Alaska

Alaska General information Area ­ 1,717,854 km² (1st) Capital ­ Juneau Population - 731,449 (47th) Native people Numerous tribes The Inuit people (eskimos) The Aleut people The Alutiiq people Colonisation Russians - 17th century Name origin Alaska (Russian) ­ Alakshak (Aleutan) Peninsula N...

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Toyota Hiluxi hinnakujundus xxx I Hiluxist Hilux on Toyota tarbesõiduk Toodetakse Lõuna-Aafrikas Hilux sai 2018.aastal 50.aastaseks ?v=QflAfUxD7G0 Lõuna-Aafrika tootmisest veoauto peale Veoauto pealt laevale vahepeatus Rootsis, Malmös Tarneahel Rootsist edasi laevaga E...

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