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"whipping" - 10 õppematerjali


A film review

The film talks about the violence in schools what is a very actual theme in Estonia. There comes a new student Kaspar to a city school and quickly becomes popular because he is communicative and talented. He also gets a popular girl-friend, but it all doesn't like to the class leader Anders. There is also a whipping boy Joosep. Kaspar is going to protect him what changes a new classmate to a foeman of Anders. Developing the film uncovers schools violence, relations with parents, pedagogues apathy, punishment and retribution. For me, the film was really galvanic and thought-provoking. In real Estonia it is not that cruel as it is in film, but it may be possible in somewhere American schools. I think the film is too uncharitable and is not educative for ev...

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The Cataclysmic Death of Stars

But because the star has so much spin, some of the infalling material resists the tug of the newborn black hole. A swirling disk of material forms around the hole--a maelstrom deep within the doomed star. "Rotation is the name of the game," says Woosley. Without spin, there would be no disk. And without a disk, there'd be no burst. Friction heats the disk, whipping around the black hole thousands of times a second, to 40 billion degrees (22 billion degrees Celsius), while new material keeps cascading in. Moments after the black hole forms, jets of superheated gas blowtorch outward. Each jet may draw its energy directly from the friction in the disk, or from the newborn black hole, via the magnetic fields that link it to its surroundings. Like the original star, the black hole spins frenetically, whi...

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Nimetage kurnpüüniseid 2. Kuidas toimub püük kaldanoodaga 3. Milliseid kalu püütakse Eestis põhjanoodaga 4. Iseloomustage tõstevõrguga püüki 5. Milleks on seinnoodal haarad 6. Kuidas orienteerub laev seinnoodapüügil kalaparve ja tuule suhtes 7. Mis asi on jõuplokk 8. Milliseid kalaparve käitumise iseärasusi tuleb seinnoodapüügil arvestada 9. Miks on seinnooda vertikaalne ra...

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Keelefilosoofia raamat

We sometimes even seem to count them: "This word has four different meanings." So it is not unnatural to turn first to entity theories. There are at least two different kinds of entities that meanings might be taken to be. First, one could take the entities to be mental items. Theories of that kind are sometimes called ideational theories. Ideational theories The whipping boy here is usually John Locke (16901955), since Locke seems to have held that the meanings of linguistic expressions are ideas in the mind. On this sort of view, what it is for a string of marks or noises to be mean- ingful is for the string to express, or somehow significantly correspond to, a content-bearing mental state that the speaker is in, an idea, an image, or perhaps a thought or a belief. What is characteristic of ideational theor...

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Dey Bared to You RuLit Net

Gideon didn't wax his chest like Cary did, but he groomed with the same care he showed to the rest of his body. He was pure primal male, the embodiment of everything I coveted, fantasized about, and wished for. "I've died and gone to heaven," I said, staring unabashedly. "You're still dressed." He attacked my clothes, whipping my loosened top off before I took a full breath. My pants were wrestled down and I kicked my shoes off in such a hurry that I lost my balance and fell on the bed. I barely caught my breath before he was on me. We rolled across the mattress in a tangle. Everywhere he touched me left trails of fire behind. The clean, hardworking scent of his skin was an aphrodisiac and intoxicant at once, spurring my desire for him until I felt like I w...

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American Literature

Would it not have been better to have his sin revealed? Then when Hester and Pear stand with him Pear asks "Wilt thou stand here with mother and me, tomorrow noontide?"(Pearl 105)The minister is given another chance to redeem himself, but he cowers yet again! Dimmesdale is selfish, he tries to atone in private, by whipping himself and fasting. This accomplishes nothing, he knows in his heart that no punishment in private will get him forgiveness from the lord. Yet he continues his practices of private punishment, so he temporarily feels better about himself. Another occurrence of hypocrisy was when Hester finally revealed the true identity of Rodger Chillingworth. Dimmesdale was overcome with anger, how could Arthur have been mad? Hester had finally conqu...

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Powerpoint Metallica'st

lt What I've known And quickly he's subdued Never shined through in what I've shown Through constant pain disgrace Never be The young boy learns their rules Never see Won't see what might have been With time the child draws in What I've felt This whipping boy done wrong What I've known Deprived of all his thoughts Never shined through in what I've shown The young man struggles on and on he's known Never free Never me A vow unto his own So I dub thee unforgiven That never from this day His will they'll take away What I've felt...

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William Shakespeare - Hamlet

LORD POLONIUS My lord, I will use them according to their desert. HAMLET 79 God's bodykins, man, much better: use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping ? Use them after your own honour and dignity: the less they deserve, the more merit is in your bounty. Take them in. LORD POLONIUS Come, sirs. HAMLET Follow him, friends: we'll hear a play to-morrow. Exit POLONIUS with all the Players but the First Dost thou hear me, old friend; can you play the Murder of Gonzago? First Player Ay, my lord. HAMLET We'll ha't to-morrow night. You could, for a need, study a speech of some...

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Suurbritannia ühiskond ja kultuur quiz 2 mõisted

Whips are the party's "enforcers", who typically offer inducements and threaten party members to ensure that they participate according to the official party policy. A whip's role is also to ensure that the elected representatives of their party are in attendance when important votes are taken. The usage comes from the hunting term "whipping in", i.e. preventing hounds from wandering away from the pack. A three-line whip In the UK a three-line whip is an instruction given to Members of Parliament by the leaders of theirparty telling them they must votein the way that the party wantsthem to on a particular subject. Withdrawal of the whip It means that the person who has had the whip withdrawn has the ties that links them to a political party severed. They are eff...

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Sooline defineerimine

Statistika põhjal me teame väita, et inimesed, kellel on meessoole spetsiifilised 4 „Gender Ex Machina“, Youtube,  v=O5UVuZmxOvE (07.12.2015) 5 „Performativity“, Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology, http:www.lhn.uni- hamburg.dearticleperformativity (22.04.2014) 6 „Whipping Girl“, Blogspot,  serano-on-judith-butler.html (11.09.2015) suguelundid on tavaliselt pikemat kasvu. Säärased näited, mis loovad kattuvaid alasid kahe kurvi vahele, on omased inimestele, kes tunnevad et on sündinud õigesse kehasse. Milleks see mudel aga hea on, on selgitamaks miks on maailmas inimesi, kes ei tunne end oma kehas mugavalt, teisisõnu on transseksuaalsed. Inimesed, kes essentsialist...

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